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When a couple ends their relationship it is a very painful and situation, even more if both of them are people very close to us.

If anyone you know has ended their relationship, sometimes you still think they continue loving their ex, you can advise them to think about the decision they have just taken.

Post a message on your Facebook wall or Twitter for those couples who have just chosen to put an end to their love story to read. These phrases can help them realize that the relationship may end.

Download quotes for reconciling with your loved one :

– “Love does not finish in an instant, if you really love someone, recover their love and return to his arms.”
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– “If all the people in a relationship who fight with their partner decide to end their relationship because of a small fight, then everyone would alone, do not let pride overcome you and go back to your love.”
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– “Do not let more time pass without talking to that special someone, give in sometimes and accept that you too make mistakes.”
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– “It’s not fair that because of a small discussion everything gets ruined, talking always help solve any problem.”
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– “When we are angry we should not make decisions because rabies does not help us to keep our thoughts clear. If you ended up things with your partner under these circumstances, the best is to settle your differences. “
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

– “If you really love someone that should be enough to never be separated, sometimes it is unavoidable to get upset, but when love is great everything can be overcome.”
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

– “None of us are free of making mistakes in a relationship, however we have to know how to recognize them and fix them with love.”
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

– “Two people who love each other should not be upset, two people who love each other have to be happy forever.”
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

– “You and him feel sad for ending up you relationship, however you can be happy, just give yourselves into love and be happy.”
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

– “Do not waste time crying and try to get back to the person you love, if you still love each other it is no good to put an end to the relationship.”
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

– “If love is great nothing can finish with it, you two have to fix this discussion because you love each other and we can all notice that.”
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

– “Your future is in your hands, but I do not think you want to spend the rest of your lives regretting being proud and not having returned to the person you love.”
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

– “You can be separated from the love of your life, but you can never stop loving him. Do not try to deceive yourself because you know you still love him.”
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

– “When we are angry we can hurt our partner, but if he loves us all problems can be solved. Pride only spoils love, find your former partner and ask him for forgiveness, if he loves you he will understand. “
Category :reconciliation messages for couples

We hope that these phrases for couples to be reconciled help you make that special someone think twice about deciding to end your relationship.

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