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Nice phrases of a Father
on his daughter’s wedding

What can i write in my daughters wedding card?Being the father of a woman is one of the greatest joys in life. Daughters tend to be more attached to their father. When they are small they see in their father the ideal man and to them they will always be their little ones.
When a child grows up and decides to get married, the father has many mixed feelings. On one hand he is sad because he has to accept that she’s grown up, but on the other hand they feel joy in knowing that her daughter will join the man who loves her.
In this article we present a few phrases of a father for his daughter’s marriage.

Download best phrases of a father on his daughter’s wedding :

:: “My dear, I am very happy for this big step you’re taking, I know you will love each other and unite your lives to create a happy home”.
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:: “The dream of my life was to see you at the altar, now you are with a man who loves you and respects you and you will be one from now on. May you be very happy”.
Category : Wedding day quotes for the Bride
:: “You are married to the man who won your heart, you have taken a big step but I will always see you as my child. I will be there for you for whatever you want. Many congratulations on your marriage”.
Category : Wedding day quotes for the Bride
:: “I see you in your wedding gowns and I cannot believe you are about to get married; dear daughter, I will always love you and I will continue to love you, I wish you all the best in the world because you deserve it. Be happy with your husband”.
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Beautiful messagenger messages for a wedding

Wedding wishes:Examples of what to write in a wedding card :

:: “When I took you from the arm to enter the church, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. You understand each other and respect each other, and the best of all is that you love each other a lot. May happiness fill your homes”.
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:: “Many congratulations my princess, all my life I dreamed with this event but I never thought it would be so soon. You are a good woman and you deserve all the happiness in the world”.
Category : Wedding day sweet wordings
:: “You have joined your life with your Prince Charming, I want you to be very happy and that your new home may be a place of love. Congratulations on your wedding”.
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Cute wedding Wishes and blessings for cards
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:: “It seems only a little time ago when you came to our home and now you are already leaving us to form your own family. Be happy my dear, and may your marriage last forever”.
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:: “You are a wonderful daughter and I know you will make a great wife. I am happy to be your Dad. All the best to you and your husband in this new stage of their lives”.
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:: “It’s not easy to accept that you have grown, now you are a woman, however I feel blessed because you are happy with the man you love and you have joined your lives with Gods blessing. May happiness and love never run out”.
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We hope you liked these emotive words from a Father on the marriage of his daughter.

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Wedding day quotes for the Bride
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