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Searching for best romantic text messages for lovers ? Today, thanks to social networks like Facebook, you can spend several romantic messages to your couple or the girl or boy you like.

If you find it hard to write one, here are some text messages that can inspire you to win that special someone. Remember that any time is given to show your loved one or loved, how much it means to you:

Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: Although you do not know how to get to heaven, I have the words to reach your heart.
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:: I love you with all my heart, but never say I miss you, never say that I need you, because despite the distance you are there for encouraging me always.
Category : Romantic facebook quotes

::  Since we were kids we played and we share so much together, but one day we kissed and everything changed, now I’m in love with you and do not want to leave your side ever.
Category : Romantic facebook quotes

::  I have a magic ball to know what will happen in the future, but the important thing is that we love each other and we expect a promising future.
Category : Romantic facebook quotes

::  The most interesting bedtime is to have the opportunity to go to bed and dream of you, and most beautiful to wake up to know that you are real.
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Sweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend

Best ‘I love you’ wordings about soulmates for Him & Her

::  I give all my love and I give you my heart, actually you can do whatever you want with it, stomp it, abuse it, throw it down, but you must be very careful because you live in it.
Category : I love you wordings

:: If you ever want to get back with me, feel free to get me because I will always be waiting for you.
Category : I love you wordings

::  If a star vanishes whenever I remember you, I am totally sure the night will be in complete darkness. I miss you to much !.
Category : I love you wordings

:: Love is a strange feeling that is hard to describe, a feeling that cannot be defined because it would be that love could be limited, which escapes from reality.
Category : I love you wordings

:: The day I get to forget about you will be the day that the sea water is gone, the stars of the sky and the birds will never sing at dawn. I love you.
Category : I love you wordings

:: Every time I’m with you time flies away because of how much I enjoy being with you. I like you too.
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Pure love messages & romantic quotes

Romantic phrases for lovers that melt hearts

:: All this love and affection I have for you today and I cannot keep hiding anymore, I just want you to know everything I feel for you, I like you and want to be your boyfriend.
Category : Romantic phrases for lovers

:: Your love is like a blessing for me, it makes me be good, I like it, I love it, it makes me feel special and above all, it makes me to return the faith in love pure and true.
Category : Romantic phrases for lovers

:: I’d rather have a minute with you that a full life without your love and affection, because you’re the one who makes my heart beat a mile per minute.
Category : Romantic phrases for lovers

:: I do not want you to promise me the moon or something like you will bring the stars from the sky, it is just enough for me that you are by my side in a beautiful starry night.
Category : Romantic phrases for lovers

:: It is impossible not to notice a person in just one minute, you spend an hour to start to like him a little, a full day to take interest on him and an entire lifetime to forget his face.
Category : Romantic phrases for lovers

:: When we decided to separate from each other, the two of us end up losing a lot of things, because I lost the most beloved person for me and you lost the person who loves you the most.

Although it seems that you lost again, because I can love another person, however, you will not find anyone to love you like I did.
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