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There are times your girlfriend may be angry and irritating because she feels in a bad day or because you made a mistake.

If you’re a smart guy you will try to please her, make her laugh until she finally forget everything. That’s why today we have prepared for you a few sentences to try to please her and to calm the storm.

If you can’t say these personally, you can dedicate them on a cute note or through a text message.

Download best love phrases for my girlfriend :

– “You look cute when you’re mad, but you look much prettier when you kiss me. Stop looking at me like that, better tell me you love me only. “
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– “I did not mean to upset you, my love, don’t be upset any longer. Better enjoy every minute of this day, let me show you my love. “
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– “Why are you in that mood, my heart? Do not be this way, today is our day, we must now take advantage of all the time we can spend together. “
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– “I know today was a rough day for both but it’s time to stop sulking and enjoy each other. Come here my love, let me feel your warmth. “
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– “Today is the best day because I can be with you. I do not want to see you like this, better give me a smile and a kiss, my love. “
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– “Sorry if I could not pick you yesterday, I came too late to find you. I do not want you to resent so I will reward you. Do not look at me in that way please that even upset I want to kiss you. “
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– “Before you claim I want to explain that was not my intention to hurt you. It was just a joke, I did not mean to bother you so for you to apologize me I will reward you. “
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– “When you get mad like this and you do not want to talk to me, I feel we are increasingly parted. I can’t go like this any longer; I’m dying for one of your kisses. “
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– “I do not want to argue over little things, I love you and I don’t want to keep away from you. Come baby, I just want to make you happy. “
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– “When we’re apart, I realize that all those minor fights make us lose valuable time together. I no longer want to spend time without you. Forget everything and be happy. “
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– “I regret not having answered your post yesterday. My battery ran out, I was not ignoring you. You know I love you and my greatest happiness is to love you. “
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– “I want to remind you that I love you and would never do anything to upset you. Do not go mad at me and let me kiss you. “
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– “If I do not have you close to me, I feel lost. Do not go away from me because sighs are getting over. Do not be mad any longer please, I miss you too. “
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– “I want to make every minute count with you, but if you’re upset I can not show you how much I love you. Put that cranky mood aside and we will walk hand in hand. “
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– “Shall we dance? Eat? Walk? Tell me what you want and we will do it. I will do anything to see you happy. “
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– “I know you are upset, I know it’s my fault, but do not be so hard on me. I love you and I will do whatever it takes to see you smile again. “
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We hope these quotes can help you put your girlfriend in a better mood and enjoy a good time at her side.

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