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I’m sorry for hurting you
love cards for Her

Lovely sorry messages for boyfriend.#IamSorryLoveMessages,#SorryLovePhrases,#SorryLoveCards
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We all make mistakes and we will continue to do so because we are not perfect, but we must always have the willingness to share beautiful phrases to ask for forgiveness.

In love it happens the same, for that reason if your girlfriend is angry with you it is time to send cute forgiveness messages.

Those sincere words to apologize to your girl must leave from the bottom of your heart and must be accompanied by a real change, so she will love you more than ever.

Sweet I am sorry my love
messages for Her

:: “I thought that with my lies I would not harm you and save our relationship, but I deceived myself. I’m so sorry and I would like to start over from scratch”.

:: “I behaved like a coward, I hid many things and hurt your heart for fear of losing you, but I’m sorry. If you forgive me, you can rest assured that this will never happen again”.

:: “You deserve to be treated like a Queen, but I hurt you with my words, so I want to apologize and I promise you a real change”.

:: “I don’t understand what happened to me, I don’t know why I yelled at you, but I really regret it because I love you and I’m willing to change. Forgive me please!”.

:: “I want you to tell me something, if after all that we have loved each other and all the things that we have lived, it is not worthwhile to forgive me. I promise it won’t happen again”.Sweetes sorry Messenger text messages for girlfriend.#IamSorryLoveMessages,#SorryLovePhrases,#SorryLoveCards

Amazing forgiveness messages
to your loved one

:: “We have fought so hard for our love that it would be very sad to break up without even giving us one more chance. I promise that I will make you very happy”.

:: “I’m so sorry I didn’t appear for our date, I wish there was something I can do to compensate you and forgive me”.

:: “You are still in the first place of my heart, do not hesitate for a moment and do not doubt that I will continue fighting for our love. I will not rest until I win your forgiveness”.

:: “I believe in forgiveness, I know that we make mistakes and that we are not perfect, for that and for the love I feel for you I will be a better man to make you happy”.

:: “We have such a beautiful relationship that I’m so ashamed to have hurt you so much. Forgive me and let me repair my mistakes”.Download lovely sorry messages for him.#IamSorryLoveMessages,#SorryLovePhrases,#SorryLoveCards

I love you I am very sorry
WhatsApp messages

:: “I know that I have told you that I love you and I still feel the same for you, but I hurt you and I am desperate to get your forgiveness. I promise you that I will change and that I will be better”.

:: “For nothing in this world I would risk losing your love, it is the most precious thing I have and that is why I am so sorry. Give me one more chance, it’s all I ask”.

:: “Not only did I break your heart, I also caused you a lot of pain, but I can realize that our love is still strong. Can you forgive me please? It won’t happen again”.

:: “It is worth fighting for our relationship, no matter that we have made mistakes, our happy moments are proof of all the good that awaits us. Let’s reconcile!”.

:: “I am very jealous, I accept it, but I have also worked hard to change it and I know that you have seen the change in me. Forgive me for everything please!”.Download sorry text messages for WhatsApp.#IamSorryLoveMessages,#SorryLovePhrases,#SorryLoveCards

Romantic sorry messages
for your partner

:: “I know that within your heart there is compassion, in addition to a great love for which you have fought and will continue to do so, I love you too and that is why I want to ask your forgiveness”.

:: “I know that I made mistakes and that you are absolutely right by not wanting to see me again, but my heart is full of love for you and will not rest until you forgive me”.

:: “I wish I could travel to the past to correct all my mistakes and be able to enjoy your love and your company now, but it is just a fantasy. I’m so sorry for what happened, please forgive me”.

:: “I accept that I was wrong, but you have condemned me harshly, you want to tear from my heart the love you have given me for so long and I ask for your mercy and forgiveness”.

:: “There is no greater punishment than losing you, I refuse to accept that our love would become a memory because what I feel for you is more alive than ever. Forgive me please!”.

:: “I cannot believe that it is not worth fighting for this relationship and that our love does not deserve a chance. Happiness is waiting for us, we just have to forgive ourselves. What do you say please?”.

If your girl still feels love for you, she will forgive you after receiving these cute I’m sorry words, but if she does not do it, do not despair, keep trying and do not stop showing her your feelings through wonderful love phrases to dedicate.Apologies Messenger text messages for girlfriend.#IamSorryLoveMessages,#SorryLovePhrases,#SorryLoveCards

Romantic sorry messages
for your love

Relationship problems are more common than you imagine, but when there is love it is possible to resume the relationship, you only need a few sincere text messages to apologize to your girlfriend.

It is important that your girlfriend is willing to forgive you, but you must also be willing to be forgiven, so express your feelings through original apology phrases for your girl.

You and she will have some differences, but love can overcome everything. The time has come to share cute messages to reconcile with your girlfriend.

I’m sorry for hurting you
text messages for her & him

:: “I know that I promised to make you happy, but I have done nothing but hurt you and I feel that I have failed you. My love, I only ask you for an opportunity to show you that my love is true”.

:: “I have no justification for what I did, I really made a mistake, but the love I feel for you is stronger than ever and I wish you could forgive me”.

:: “I will not rest until I can obtain your forgiveness, tell me what I have to do because I am willing to do everything for you”.

:: “You may need some time, but don’t forget that I love you and that despite my mistakes I will improve to make you as happy as you deserve”.

:: “The greatest punishment you can give me is your indifference, but that is more than what my heart can endure. Please forgive me”.Find cute I'm sorry text messages and I love you.#IamSorryLoveMessages,#SorryLovePhrases,#SorryLoveCards

I’m sorry quotes to apologize
to your partner

:: “If necessary I will ask forgiveness a thousand times, but I will not rest until you can forgive me. I love you and I need you by my side because you are my happiness and I want to be yours forever”.

:: “I am very impulsive and that’s why I made many mistakes, but I apologize. I love you with all the sincerity of my heart”.

:: “With my words I hurt you and I gave you every reason to be angry with me, but please give our love one more chance”.

:: “I broke my promise and hurt your tender heart. I am willing to correct my mistakes and compensate you because you deserve the best and I want to be that for you. Forgive me!”.

:: “I have learned from my mistakes that have put our relationship at risk, but I am willing to fight for your love. Please forgive me, I ask you from my heart!”.

I am sorry messages for her
to melt her anger

:: “My nights are full of sadness, tears are shed on my pillow and it’s my entire fault. I am very sorry for hurting you and I apologize for it”.

:: “I send these flowers to you as a sign of my regret, but unlike them, the love I feel for you will never wilt. Please darling, forgive me!”.

:: “If necessary I will ask forgiveness on my knees, but please give our love one more chance. I promise you will not regret it”.

:: “I became obsessed with my jealousy and imagined things that never happened, but this love I have for you is authentic and sincere. I apologize, sweetie!”.

:: “I feel very ashamed for everything that happened. I give you every reason to get angry, but I beg for your forgiveness and ask you for an opportunity to rescue our love”.

Heart touching
sorry messages for girlfriend

:: “Since I hurt your heart I have not been able to sleep peacefully, I am very sorry and only your forgiveness will bring peace to my soul”.

:: “We may not have done things well, but our love deserves that we fight for it. What do you think if we start from scratch?”.

:: “Think of all the beautiful moments we have shared together and all those that are to come. Our love deserves that we forgive each other”.

:: “You are a wonderful woman and if I lose you I will have lost my great chance in love and I will never be happy. Please forgive me, give me a last opportunity”.

:: “I want to change and I want you to trust me because you have shown me sincere love and true fidelity. I apologize, please give me one more chance sweetie”.

Find cute I am sorry
love messages for Her

:: “That pain in my heart is not going to go away until you forgive me because I am truly sorry. Give me another opportunity please, let’s rescue this love”.

:: “Our love is the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to me and it would hurt me deeply to lose it. I am willing to do everything to receive your forgiveness”.

:: “You have my heart in your hands. I know I hurt you a lot, but I love you and I want to make you happy and show you the sincerity of my feelings”.

We hope that upon receiving these romantic forgiveness phrases, your girlfriend will be moved and can give you a new opportunity. Remember that it is very important that you always dedicate beautiful love phrases to your better half.Sweet forgive me my love Whatsapp text messages.#IamSorryLoveMessages,#SorryLovePhrases,#SorryLoveCards

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