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How do I express my disappointment
to my boyfriend?
Disappointment quotes and sayings

Searching for disappointment messages for him ? , How do you express disappointment to your boyfriend? .What to say to someone who has disappointed you? ,What to say to the man who broke your heart?.

We have all been through heartbreak at some point in our lives. It is normal for us to feel disappointed when someone we love does not act as expected. When we fall in love both use to make many promises but sometimes they can’t be reached.

If we realize that our boyfriend or girlfriend has been deceiving us, it feels much pain; we wonder why we had to go through that and to believe that we never fall in love with someone else.

Are you going through a disappointment and want to tell your friends using Facebook? In this section we bring you a list of disillusionment messages for posting on Facebook. Make it known to your loved ones what you are living and relieve your sadness.

Disappointment messages for him

:: “You broke my heart into 1000 pieces and has shattered my dreams and despite all this, I do not feel guilty for having given my love but it was unacceptable, for having been fooled by your empty words”
Category :Disappointment text messages for Him

:: “The time to tell us “god bye” comes when love is out of stock, I already know that you do not feel love for me and the best we can do is to take different ways from each other”.
Category :Disappointment text messages for Him

:: “I cannot deny that I spent beautiful moments with you but what you did not have a name, thanks to you I lost hope in true love”.
Category :Disappointment text messages for Him

:: “My dream was that you and I were together for the rest of our lives but after learning what you did and confirm with my own eyes, what I want to do is forget about your existence”.
Category :Disappointment text messages for Him

:: “With your treacherous attitude has left a deep wound in my heart that will not close so easy, so the best thing you can do is disappear from my life, I do not want to or hurt me any longer”
Category :Disappointment text messages for Him

How do you write
a sad message
to your boyfriend

:: “I had fond memories of you but after everything that happened those memories only bring me angry and frustration”.
Category :Disappointment quotes for Him

:: “you and me, together we had achieved many great things, but you threw it all away, you threw away our relationship to go with another”.
Category :Disappointment quotes for Him

:: “When I was with you I thought I was the only one in your life but in the end I discovered that there was but one more of your toys”.
Category :Disappointment quotes for Him

:: “I could forgive but remember you broke our love in 1000 pieces and if you try to arm them will never be the same”.
Category :Disappointment quotes for Him

:: “I do not remember how many times I said I wanted your honesty, but for you I was just part of a game that you use to have fun regardless of the damage it causes to others. You become a complete disappointment to me”.
Category :Disappointment quotes for Him

How do I make him worry about losing me?

:: “My tears flow for all the lies and farces which you used to earn my love; I was just an object that you used me to your liking and then rejected without saying anything”.
Category :disappointment messages for Facebook

:: “We lived a quiet and beautiful dream together but you, with your betrayal have become the worst of all nightmares”.
Category :Sad love messages for boyfriend

:: “My love for you was so great that I always refused to believe that you were by my side for pure interest, the worst of all was that I lost so many years with you”.
Category :Sad love messages for boyfriend

These messages can relieve the sadness of a disappointment you carry inside after finishing with your relationship.

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