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Valentine’s day messages
that melt heartsDownload Valentine's Day messages to send by Whatsapp

Searching for Valentine’s Day messages ? . Valentine’s Day is coming and chocolates and flowers are the order of the day, however it is not easy to write beautiful romantic phrases to dedicate on Valentine’s Day.

You don’t have to worry, you don’t need to be a poet to share beautiful love messages with your girlfriend; we are here to help you have a very special detail with her.

Below you will find some great ideas to send tender romantic dedications for Valentine’s Day to your girlfriend. They are completely free and you can use them freely.

Most romantic Valentine’s Day messages
& cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day! When I least expected it, love reached my heart and in the form of a beautiful, tender and intelligent woman. I love you so much!”

:: “My heart is completely yours from the first time I saw you and although it was not easy to conquer your love, I had never been so happy. Have a nice Valentine’s Day! ”

:: “You fascinate me just the way you are, just thinking about you I feel that my heart melts with love. My dear, we will celebrate a beautiful and Happy Valentine’s Day! ”

:: “I want to make this the most special of all the Valentine’s Day we have lived because I want to show you that today I love you more than ever. Congratulations darling!”

:: “You managed to change my life with the magic of your love, you banished the sadness and loneliness of my heart and made me the happiest man in the world. With all my love I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! ”Cute & romantic Valentine's day texts to send by Whatsapp

Sweet Valentine’s Day messages
I love you text messages for Girlfriend

:: “Something as wonderful as falling in love with you has never happened to me because at your side I discovered what love really means. Happy Valentine’s Day, queen of my heart! ”

:: “Since we were born the seed of this love lived in our hearts and sprouted at that precise moment in which we met. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

:: “I love to share my days with you, I love finding new ways to show you my love and I just like you to smile at life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my pretty princess! ”

:: “Thank you for reaching my life at the right time when I needed you most; I really love you with all my heart and I want to wish you thousands of congratulations on Valentine’s Day. ”

:: “My world was gray and sad until you came with the light of your love to fill it with beautiful colors and endless joy. With all my love I wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day! ”Download I miss you Valentine's Whatsapp love text messages

Touching Valentine’s Day messages
to send by Messenger

:: “I am so happy by your side that sometimes I wonder if I will not be dreaming. My love, thanks for bringing the magic of your love into my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

:: “Your love marked a before and after in my life, before there was only sadness and loneliness and now there is only love and happiness. Have a nice Valentine’s Day! ”

:: “I want us to remember this Valentine’s as the most beautiful we have ever lived. Congratulations, my queen! ”

:: “Thank you for showing me that true love exists, that if we are both together there is nothing that can stop us and that we can love each other forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

:: “At night I do nothing but think about you and in the day I do nothing but daydream about you because this love I feel for you is pure and true. Congratulations darling!”romantic Valentine's happy Valentine's love messages to make her fall in love

Pure happy Valentine’s love messages &
romantic Valentine’s quotes

:: “You have dissipated every trace of loneliness in my life and taught me what it means to love. Happy Valentine’s Day, May God allow me to be forever with you! ”

:: “I am not a pirate, but in your heart I found a treasure that has no comparison. Congratulations on this Valentine’s Day, my pretty girl! ”

:: “My mission in this life is to love you and take care of your heart. My beloved, Happy Valentine’s Day, may our love remain the priority for both of us. ”

:: “If so much love is a dream, then never wake me up. Happy Valentine’s Day, my beautiful girlfriend! ”

:: “Congratulations on this Valentine’s Day! There are no flowers, no matter how beautiful they are, or poems, no matter how romantic they may be, that can express everything I feel for you. I adore you!”

You will melt your girl with love with the romantic texts for Valentine’s Day with which you surprise her. Women are fascinated by romanticism, so why don’t send beautiful love verses for your girlfriend each day? Here you will always find the best phrases.romantic Valentine's & charming text messages for girlfriend

Sweet & romantic
Valentine’s text messages

It is love that makes your world full of colors and your life of happiness, so you want to dedicate beautiful romantic words to your girlfriend at all times and in all places.

The most special day of the year for couples is approaching and you have a unique opportunity to express your love by sending love text messages for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

We will help you to share beautiful Valentine’s messages with your girlfriend, so it would be something very simple for you and your words will be full of originality and wonderful feelings.

Best ‘I love you’ quotes
for Him & Her

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day! How wonderful it is to share my life with an amazing woman like you who fills my days with magic. ”

:: “With you I live unforgettable experiences and everything is better. I adore you and wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day! ”

:: “It seems like a dream to be by your side and to have won your heart. You are the best girlfriend in the world, Happy Valentine’s Day! ”

:: “Congratulations on this Valentine’s Day, sweetie! May this love fill our lives with joy so that we are united forever. ”

:: “I want to take advantage of this Valentine’s Day, from very early, to show you all my love, at every moment, and so you will know that you have the first place in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!”romantic Valentine's phrases you should say to your love

Deep Valentine’s love quotes
to express how you really feel

:: “May this day be exclusively to celebrate our love, to give us the most beautiful details and daydream about our future. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day! I am the luckiest man in this world since you are by my side and since I have your love. I adore you and I will love you every day of my life! ”

:: “Time passes quickly and a new Valentine’s Day visits us finding our love greatest than ever. Thank you for being the love of my life and many congratulations! ”

:: “Our relationship is so special that every day of our lives is like Valentine’s Day, but let’s celebrate this day with more joy than ever and with all our love. Congratulations!”

:: “It’s amazing how our love grows more and more and as every day of our lives we discover new things that make us happy. I love you and wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day! ”

Best romantic Valentine’s
WhatsApp messages for boyfriend

:: “The seed of your love was born in my heart and now it is bigger than ever, so much that I feel that without you I cannot live. On this Valentine’s Day I wish you thousands of congratulations! ”

:: “My beautiful princess, I am fascinated by letting myself be enveloped by your love because it transports me to a world of fantasy and happiness that becomes reality. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

:: “Our love is beautiful and true because as time goes by it gets even bigger. Darling, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! ”

:: “During our relationship, we have laughed and cried together, we have had good and bad times and I thank you for this special love. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart!”

:: “Every day is a wonderful experience thanks to the beautiful details you have with me, your tenderness, intelligence and the joy you radiate. I wish you thousands of congratulations on Valentine’s Day, my queen! ”

Download love thoughts
to share by Instagram

:: “Our relationship is a beautiful adventure that leaves us with wonderful memories that make us happier every day and that brings us closer to the realization of our dreams. I love you and wish you a cute Valentine’s Day! ”

:: “You have always been the woman of my dreams and my fortune is so great that now I have you by my side and I receive all your love, for all that I say thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

:: “Our love is so great that although sometimes we have misunderstandings and discussions we reconcile and love each other even more intensely. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

:: “Even from a distance this bond that unites us becomes stronger than ever and our hearts continue to beat as one. My love, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! ”

:: “This will be our first Valentine’s Day and it fills me with great joy and emotion to celebrate it with you because you are the love of my life. I wish a lot of happiness!”

:: “There is nothing I cannot do for you and for this love so great that fills my heart, that is why every day of my life I will dedicate it to give you joy.
:: “Every day that passes my love for you becomes bigger as well as the happiness I experience being with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling! ”

What a nice detail it will be to dedicate beautiful love texts for Valentine’s Day to your girlfriend, she will fall in love with you even more.

Do not forget to send cute love thoughts to your partner; it is a very simple and original way to strengthen the relationship between you two.Free download Valentine's day love cards to share by Facebook
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