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Each couple has their way of demonstrating the love they feel for each other, some of them do it with small details, others shout out their love to everyone and some others use nice messages to remember how much they love each other.

The important thing is that your partner knows your feelings, and that these feelings are sincere and come from the depths of your heart.

Some people find the right words easily, but if you belong to the group that does not, do not worry here you will find some messages that you can use to express your love sincerely.Download cute love sentences and images

Messenger love messages
for Him

:: “You are the sweetest of all temptations, the only one I can fall into because it takes me straight to heaven. I love you more each day!”
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:: “I love you so much that I feel like I could bring down all the stars in the sky together and even the moon to please your wishes.”
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:: “You have told me that your heart is completely mine, but I do not plan to do nothing, every day I will continue to conquer you, I promise you.”
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:: “The purest and most divine love is found within your heart, it is the most precious and delicious of all the fruits that takes me to paradise with just a bite.”
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from the heart

:: “Every time I close my eyes, as if by magic it is your face I see. I cannot stop thinking about you and I do not want to either. I miss you, my life”.
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:: “I remember as if it were yesterday all those walks, those eternal walks on the beach, your smile, the waves, your gaze, the wind. I want you to come back, my love”.
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:: “When you left, you took a part of me with you, because I am not complete if I am not with you. I cannot wait for our meeting; I miss you so much”.
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:: “I am going to show you the sincerity of my feelings for you and I am going to conquer you even more so that your love is mine forever.”
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Whatsapp romantic words
for Her

:: “I think of you, even when I do not say it, even when you do not suspect it, I think of you, my love. I already want you to come back to give you an endless hug”.
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:: “I knew the distance would not be easy for us to handle, but I never thought it would be so hard. I miss you so much and I cannot wait to give you a big hug”.
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:: “Your kisses are the honey that my lips prefer, and now that you are so far away, I can only dream and long to kiss them again soon. I miss you so much”.
Category: Romantic words for Her

:: “For me you are the perfect woman, the most beautiful and intelligent in this world. I thank life for you to get in my way because I am very happy with you. You are the best, I love you very much, my life”.
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Messenger love messages
for Girlfriend

:: “Although many people criticize the way we show our love, I do not care because I know we love each other with our whole heart and because our love is sincere. At your side nothing is impossible, you rejoice every moment of my life”.
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:: “I love you as you are my life, you are the perfect woman for me, next to you I feel the most fortunate person in the whole world”.
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:: “What I love the most is your way of being, you always stay true to who you are no matter what happens, I ask you to please never change even if others tell you to do it, because I love you and you are perfect for me sweetheart.”
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:: “Our love is strong, I know because despite everything we spend together, the differences we have, the fights and the cocky and capricious that we get sometimes, nothing has been able to separate us and I know that we will be together until get old. I love you honey“.
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Sweet and touching
Whatsapp love words

:: “At your side every day I live a new adventure, with you there is no way to spend a boring day.

I love the energy and good attitude that you have for each day and I fall in love with you even more everyday. Besides, your kisses tell me that you love me as I do love you”.
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:: “I know that I will spend the rest of my life at your side my love, you are the first man to whom I have given my soul and I feel that you love me as much or more as I love you, my life would not be the same If I spend a day without seeing you honey “.
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:: “With our imperfections we accept and love each other, we enjoy our love and endure our bad times, our bad mood and everything else. I know that together we can do many things my love, and that we will always be together, honey”.
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:: “Your way of being, your joy and energy with which you live every day makes me fall in love with you even more.

The freedom with which you handle your life inspires me to continue loving you and taking care of you as always. You are the perfect woman, my love“.
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:: “You are a great man, the perfect man for me, I know you have flaws but who does not have them, I also have them, and many, but you still love me anyways.

I would like to spend the rest of my life by your side, my love, I love you “.
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:: “Thanks to you my life is full of happiness and wonderful moments. Thanks to you I feel the most loved person in this world, I promise to always stay here for loving you and making you happy. I love you with all my heart, honey“.
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We hope that with some of these messages you can tell the love of your life how much you love him or her and how important he / she is for you.

We also remind you that it is always a good time to send your partner a nice message of love to brighten your day and make him / her feel special and loved, you do not need to wait for a special date.Download i miss you love text messages

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