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Happy Valentine’s Day

:: “I want to dedicate my days and nights to love you, to make you feel how special you are to me. I love you very much and I wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day”.
Category : Happy Valentine’s Day messages

:: “What do you think about doing something special tonight to celebrate Valentine’s Day together? I want to surprise you and do something nice. I love you”.
Category : Happy Valentine’s Day messages

:: “How is the love of my life? I want you to know that I am thinking about you nonstop and I wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day”.
Category : Happy Valentine’s Day messages

:: “I want to send you a big kiss and all the love in the world on this special day we get to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together. Love you!”.
Category : Happy Valentine’s Day messages

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Cute love messages for Him
to send by Messenger

:: “I have the feeling that there is no perfect word to convey the gratitude and love I feel for you”.
Category : Messenger love messages

:: “Your gentle caresses and kind smile captivate me even after all this time. Thank you for these beautiful years by your side”.
Category : Messenger love messages

:: “I would like to think that our paths crossed as part of a contraption of fate, so I can only thank life”.
Category : Messenger love messages

:: “Try as I might, I can’t conceive of a world without you, my love. That’s because you are everything to me. Thank you for your love!”.
Category : Messenger love messages

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Best romantic text messages
for Girlfriend

:: “Your hugs are the remedy to get me out of my mind and to transport me to a better world”.
Category : Romantic text messages for GF

:: “When you are not with me, I feel incomplete and with a great emptiness within me”.
Category : Romantic text messages for GF

:: “My heart is yours, my love. What we have is my priority, and what I treasure most in this life. I love you”.
Category : Romantic text messages for GF

:: “Sharing my days with you has made me see that absolute happiness is possible. I am an open book for you, and I adore you with all my strength”.
Category : Romantic text messages for GF

:: “I love you and your affection is a nectar I can’t get enough of. I want you to know that I will always be there for you”.
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Romantic WhatsApp phrases
that saying I love You

:: “Not everything in life is easy, but choosing you every day gives me the strength to move forward. I love you very much”.
Category : Romantic Whatsapp phrases

:: “I hope you never let yourself be defeated, because you have shown me that with effort everything can be done. There is no one better than you”.
Category : Romantic Whatsapp phrases

:: “Since I have you by my side, I am a better person. I want you to know that I always have you in my heart”.
Category : Romantic Whatsapp phrases

:: “We have lived many things together and all these experiences have made us become what we are: a solid couple, full of love and respect”.
Category : Romantic Whatsapp phrases
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Sweet “I Love you”
phrases for Him

:: “I’m ready for anything with you. Our love has the strength to conquer even the most powerful of evils”.
Category : Romantic love phrases

:: “As long as we have each other, no one can stand against us. You and I to the end, my love”.
Category : Romantic love phrases

:: “Let’s be positive to attract good things, always learning from our mistakes and aiming for more”.
Category : Romantic love phrases

:: “My love, let’s leave the bad memories behind. It is time to be strong and to go for more”.
Category : Romantic love phrases

:: “Falling in love with you was the best thing that ever happened to me and I know that together we will reach our goals and be happier than anyone else”.
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Romantic letters
for Girlfriend

:: “There are days in which all goes wrong since the beginning, and nothing you do goes as it should. Suddenly, I speak with you, and just by hearing your voice I know that everything will be Ok. It makes me very happy to have you by my side and see how your love cheers me up.”

:: “Life has ups and downs, but when the person next to you has a lot of patience and love to give, then there is nothing that cannot be solved.

I feel I am a very lucky person and having you makes me feel like I have simply won the lottery. I love you, cute hubby.”

:: “How was I supposed to not fall in love with you if you have the most beautiful eyes in the world? You are the craziest, maniacal and beautiful person I ever met in my life and I am just happy every day because I know we are together and that I get the pleasure of seeing you before anything else when I wake up in the morning.

Thank you for your unconditional love, your wonderful support and your contagious happiness. I adore you, my love.”

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Download “I love you” phrases
for Instagram cards

:: “I always have you in mind, you are the breath of life that I look for every day. Your caresses, your breath, everything that comes from you pleases me because your love is beautiful”.
Category : I love you phrases for cards

:: “My favorite moment of the day is the one I share with you, because between your caresses, kisses and even in silence, our hearts meet in a single heartbeat”.
Category : I love you phrases for cards

:: “The phrase “I love you” has many meanings but there is one that is special to me. It says that I belong to you and symbolizes that everything I have is for you”.
Category : I love you phrases for cards

:: “To discover love is to explore yourself, to be aware of all that you would be capable of doing. I recognize that I love you as I have never loved anyone before”.
Category : I love you phrases for cards

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