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Lovely forgive me messages
for cards

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Sometimes we do not measure the consequences of our actions and we can end up hurting who we love the most, but if this happens we can share sincere messages to apologize for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the preferred means for couples around the world to communicate and that is why it is important to send cute apology words to your girlfriend after a mistake you could have.

We will help you find those words that you need so much, what you should do is choose between the following beautiful I’m sorry phrases for WhatsApp.

Love phrases to ask my girlfriend
to give me another chance

Mistakes are part of our lives and we are not perfect human beings, so the time might come when we mess up and must apologize for our errors. When we are in a relationship this takes a whole new dimension, so it is essential to choose the right words to do so.Here you will find love phrases to ask your girlfriend to give you another chance; use them wisely.

:: “I know that you were expecting me to do better and I really regret letting you down, so can I please have another chance? I love you!”.

:: “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I would hate myself if the things I said could ruin what we have. Forgive me”.

:: “Would you please consider giving me another shot? I am not perfect, but I am willing to do better. I really love you”.

:: “I am sorry for the way I acted, I was not thinking straight. I created a mess and now all I want to do is fix it if you would let me. Love you”.

:: “There is many things I wish I had done differently but now it is too late to change the past. Let me make sure that our future is different, please say yes”.

Find cute I’m sorry text messages
and I love you

:: “My attitude with you was not the best and I offended you in the worst way, so I am very sorry. I hope you can forgive me, I promise I will do my best to compensate you”.

:: “I understand that you need some time to think about things, but I ask you to consider forgiving me because I am truly sorry and my heart cries out to you for your forgiveness”.

:: “Your indifference is a punishment that my heart cannot bear; you don’t know how much it hurts to see you and not being able to speak to you. I ask your forgiveness please!”.

:: “I wish we could leave behind everything that happened, but not before asking you for forgiveness. I’m really sorry”.

:: “It was me who should take care of you so that nobody would hurt you, but it turns out that I was the one who did it to you. I have failed you, but I still love you and I apologize”.
Download best cute lovely sorry messages for Her.#SorryTextMessages,#SorryPhrasesForHer

Words to apologize
to my girlfriend
for my attitude

:: “I was wrong, I hurt you and now you have my heart in your hands, that’s why I ask you not to punish me so hard. I love you and miss you so much”.

:: “I would love to see inside your heart to know what you think of what happened, but I will open mine and tell you that I am very sorry for what I told you. I apologize!”.

:: “I made you a jealous scene, distrust you, I hurt you and you have no idea how sorry I am for that. Hopefully one day you can give me your forgiveness”.

:: “I feel very ashamed of what happened and I would not be able to see you in the eyes. I just want to say that I am very sorry and that I really regret it”.

:: “We haven’t said anything since we discussed and I don’t want to continue like this, I want to take the first step and ask for your forgiveness. I miss you so much!”.
Sweetest sorry Whatsapp text msg for girlfriend.#SorryTextMessages,#SorryPhrasesForHer

Sorry Whatsapp text messages
to my love

:: “I miss you a lot and every time I see you and find a grudge in your eyes, my heart breaks into pieces. Tell me what I have to do so you could forgive me”.

:: “I have suffered a lot with your indifference to the point of being sure that if you forgive me I will not be do something like that again. I love you and I don’t want to lose you for anything!”.

:: “Lately we have distanced ourselves a lot and our hearts are suffering. Why don’t we give ourselves the chance to come back and be happy again?”.

:: “My heart is falling apart without your love and I think I deserve it for the damage I did to you, but I offer you a thousand apologies. I want to earn your forgiveness!”.

:: “Just as I struggled to conquer your heart, now I will strive to earn your forgiveness. I love you and I need you by my side forever!”.
Apologies Messenger text messages for girlfriend.#SorryTextMessages,#SorryPhrasesForHer

How do I apologize
to my girlfriend
for hurting her?

:: “I miss absolutely everything about you and I think I can no longer bear the punishment of your absence. Forgive me, for nothing in the world would I dare to fail you again”.

:: “I’ve tried everything, but you still don’t forgive me. Why don’t you tell me what I have to do to earn your forgiveness? I am willing to do everything for your love”.

:: “I am to blame for this situation that we are going through, I hurt your heart and I would like to have the opportunity to help you heal it with a true love. Would you forgive me please?”

:: “Remember that moment in which I made you cry, shed my soul in pieces. I apologize again, I love you so much”.

:: “I feel the worst man in the whole world for having made you cry, for having broken your heart and disappointed your confidence. It will be very difficult to win your forgiveness but I will.”.Best Whatsapp I'm sorry my love text messages for Her.#SorryTextMessages,#SorryPhrasesForHer

How to apologize
to my boyfriend sincerely?

:: “I come before you with my heart in my hand, with total regret and with the desire to give everything to be worthy of your forgiveness. I’m really sorry!”.

:: “I don’t know what happened to me because I am not like that. Sweetie, in the name of all our happy moments I ask you to forgive me please”.

:: “We promised that we would take care of our relationship, but I failed you and although I don’t deserve it I ask your forgiveness because I love you and wish a second chance”.

:: “I made you have a bad time and I understand that you don’t want to see me, but please read these words because I want to apologize and tell you that I still love you and that I will forever do it”.

:: “My actions have consequences and now we both have a broken heart because of me. I ask you to give me the opportunity to fix things and forgive me.”.

What to say to your girlfriend
to apologize?

:: “Forgiving is not easy, but it is worth trying because we have a love like no other. I apologize darling!”

:: “I want to take the first step and apologize to you, I don’t want to argue anymore, I just want to be able to take you in my arms again and tell you how much I love you”.

:: “The passage of time helps us better understand what happened and teaches us that our love is more important than anything else. Forgive me for everything that happened!”.

:: “I was very weak in the face of temptation and I fell, I broke your heart and betrayed your trust, but when I look inside my heart I only see love for you. Please give me your forgiveness!”.

:: “I miss those days when everything was fine between us and I deeply regret what I did to you. Hopefully one day you can forgive me!”.
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Forgive me my love
WhatsApp messages

:: “I know that I cannot change the past, but I can change our present and that is why I ask your forgiveness with all my heart”.

:: “There is nothing more important to me than our love and I am no longer interested in discussing who is right, I just want you back by my side. Forgive me please!”

:: “You may not want to hear what I have to say, but I hope you want to read these words. My love, I want to apologize, I’m so sorry!”.

:: “Let’s not let our discussions put our love at risk, you and I have the right to be happy and for that we must forgive our mistakes”.

:: “I am not proud of what I did, but I am not ashamed to apologize because I want to continue fighting for our love”.

Sweet & romantic i am sorry messages for girlfriend.#SorryTextMessages,#SorryPhrasesForHer

Download sweetest
forgive me my love wordings

:: “I don’t want to let more time go by without telling you how sorry I am. I am willing to do everything for your forgiveness. I adore you”.

:: “Maybe it no longer have any meaning for you when I tell you that I love you, but I can’t hide the truth, I still love you and I will do forever. Forgive me, I am really sorry!”.

:: “I will strive every day to make you fall in love again, but before that I will strive to earn your forgiveness, you are my life and without you I cannot continue, I am very sorry”.

:: “Every day I don’t see you or hear from you, causes me great pain in my heart, so much so that you can’t imagine how sorry I am”.

:: “I know it will be very difficult to win your trust again, but for you I will do everything necessary to recover your love and you would believe in me again. To begin I ask you to forgive me, you will not regret it”.I'm sorry for hurting you text messages for her & him.#SorryTextMessages,#SorryPhrasesForHer

Please forgive me, my dear
text messages

:: “Even if I have to apologize hundreds of times I am willing to do it in the name of our love. I’m so sorry for what happened”.

:: “I made a very big mistake and you have every right in the world to get me out of your life, but please give me your forgiveness so that my heart can rest”.

:: “It is not easy to forgive and less when you remember again and again what happened, so please, I ask you to also think about the happy moments we lived together and reconsider your decision”.

:: “I know it’s not the first time you forgive me for this, but I didn’t do it with intention, I’m really sorry I hurt you and I offer you my most sincere apologies”.

:: “I miss you more than ever and I do nothing but remember every moment of love and happiness you gave me. Darling, why don’t you forgive me so we would move on with our love?”.

After your girlfriend receives one of these sincere apology texts for WhatsApp you will have the doors of her heart open once again.

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