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I wish with all my heart that this February 14th you would celebrate it with your partners and friends, this wonderful day surrounded by love, peace and happiness; value your loved ones and do not lose beautiful friendships.
It is a utopia, but the day of love, should be eternal and that everyone has that feeling so sublime and beautiful 365 days a year, well, we would live in a better world, and we would help each other all the time offering the best of each one.
I hope that the phrases you will see below, will help you to communicate with those you love on this special day, and show them your love by sharing these beautiful phrases through social networks or by any means you wish.

The best free Valentine’s Day sms:

:: “Close your eyes and I will show you how much I love you, because when you open them you will see all my love for you in a single and unique moment. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
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:: “Tomorrow I will miss you like never because you will be gone for 3 months, but it will seem like an eternity, our love is on the right track, we will meet again. I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day! ”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “I am so happy that there is not so much happiness in my heart, because we will spend the most beautiful Valentine’s Day together. You do not know how much I love you!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “Usually the first love marks your life, they say, but I think that when you are more mature you find the true and only love, that’s why I found you. Happy Valentine’s Day my heaven! ”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “I already want it to be February 14th to be with you and walk through this beautiful city, which awaits us with many surprises. Happy Valentine’s Day for everyone! ”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “Since I met you my life changed completely, I’ve spent the most beautiful days by your side and I hope it’s until we’re old. Happy Valentine’s Day my love! ”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “This day, February 14th there are many people who lost the love of their lives and do not feel like celebrating, but remember that it is also the day of friendship and surely have a good friend with whom you can celebrate. Congratulations!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “I hope my great friend that on February 14th, you are surrounded by your beautiful family and the great friends we have in common, taking advantage of this cute day. Congratulations!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “I would like everyone to keep in their hearts the most beautiful memories for this day of the lovers, and this will be a magical and unforgettable moment. Happy Valentine’s Day for everyone! ”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “May this February 14th, be full of love and happiness for all, illuminate their hearts and shelter much peace and love to share with others. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “This day of the lovers, enjoy it to the fullest with your love and show him how much you love him, as only you know how to do it. Be happy!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
I would like everyone to have someone to love, because sharing this beautiful feeling is the most beautiful thing that can happen to people, and when they have this experience, they are more charming.

Send cute Valentine’s Day messages

Love, sublime feeling that seizes us since we are born, God made us in his image and likeness to love us all the time. Long live love!
We have to thank to all our loved ones who are always there for us in the good and bad times, what joy, to have this beautiful day to celebrate the love and friendship with all those who are by our side.
Do not hesitate to enter our blog, so that you share your greetings with those you love at every occasion and important moment of our lives. How beautiful is love!

Download free Valentine’s Day phrases:

:: “On this special day, share this beautiful moment with your partner and your family in love and harmony and show them how much you love them. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “Immense and majestic feeling, the love that awakens in my heart, grows every day for you, and my heart beats at the precise moment that I see you. Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life! ”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “What a wonder knowing and being able to love another person, it is the biggest prize in this life, when you have the opportunity and you have someone to prove it to you. Happy Valentine’s Day for everyone!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “Celebrate the day of friendship or Valentine’s Day, it is a beautiful party because people show the best of them to friends and partners. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “We are aware of how beautiful love is, because it is a pure feeling and does not keep up appearances; we share it with our loved ones as long as possible. Happy Friendship Day!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “Let’s get rid of false masks and appearances, let’s be carried away by our instinct and be faithful to our feeling of love for our neighbor. Congratulations on this day!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “Dear friend, I wish you all the happiness of the world, on this special day, February 14TH is not only your birthday, but you married with the love of your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “I will love you forever and I know we are connected by this beautiful feeling of love, I hope many people can experience this beautiful moment. Congratulations to all the lovers! ”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “How sweet and tender it is to love someone, and especially when it is for the first time, what a magical and incredible experience, everything is more beautiful when you love. Congratulations to all the lovers!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “When I look at your eyes, I see the greatness of this world and the majesty of God over men, to create such beautiful people as you, I am very fortunate to have you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
:: “I hope you enjoy this beautiful day as much as I do, now that we meet again, we will never separate, I promise. Happy Day love my life! ”
Category: Valentine’s Day messages
What a wonderful feeling is to be in love and be able to share your life with another person, with whom you make a life and create a family. This is the most beautiful thing that can happen to human beings, care for and protect their partners and families.

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