Valentines day

Valentine’s Day: Love date or shopping day ?

Valentine’s Day, depending on the interest of the person, it constitutes a celebration  or business day .

February 14th, coincidence or not, it is one of the fewest dates celebrated all over the world. If, the day of the love or lovers or, modernly called, day of friendship and  love, is a celebration with world-wide echo, repecursion that, according to some, must for being a unique date for million retailers, around the globe, to obtain substantial gains.

In the present article, it would be spoken of the meaning, origin and traditions associated with Valentine’s day; after all, expressing love and affection, deserves a special day, doesn’t it?

According to some stories, not absolutely confirmed, like so many other passages of history, Valentine’s day ows its existence to the actions of a catholic priest, known as Valentino, in the days of the Roman empire.

This version, says that before the prohibition of the Christina rituals in all the Roman empire, Valentino never hid his religio, reason for which he was jailed. Once in jail, Valentino kept a friendship with the daughter (blind of birth) of the jailer, with whom he felt in love later. It is said that a miracle made by Valentino was giving Julia, the jarilers daughter, her sight back.

A second version explains why Valentino is the love saint. It says that he was a priest that secretely married lovers, even in spite of the prohibition of the emperor Claudius II, who thought that the marriage diminished the value and courage of his soldiers, so he tried to keep the ferocity and efficiency of his army. This is the reason for the execution of Valentino and the martyrdom that turned him into the love saint.

Despite what really happened, Saint Valentine is an image associated to couples and retailers have surely known how to take adantage of this, turning the celebration into a great occasion to increase their sales, specially in articles that serve to demonstrate to love and deep affection, like flowers, postcards, chocolates and others. Thus, February the 14th is the day that combines love and consumption perfectly.

According to a recent survey, about 30 % of the consulted singles were thinking on celebrating that day,  two of each ten single women recognize that the 14 of February is a propitious occasion to initiate new relationships. Also, it must be said that in this survey, within the people who do not celebrate this occasion, 63 percent of them said that it is a superfluous and merely commercial celebration.

Finally, it was in the United States where the massive celebration of this date begun, approximately at the beginning of XVIII century. The advances in the press technologies stimulated the shipment of greetings in Valentine’s Day. Towards 1840, Esther Howland began selling the first postcards that today are extremely common. Valentine’s day: accepted, rejected or simply ignored, is a date of much significance for millions of people in all the orb; spending much money or having a simple detail, but of much importance for that one person who matters to us.

In summary, the day of the love has become one of the dates of greater economic significance in the world, so much, that t ended up adding the heading of friendship for those who does not count with a lover to celebrate it.

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