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Love messages
that melt heartsBest romantic whatsapp texts for Her

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Falling in love is the best stage of life because it is a beautiful and inexplicable feeling that comes from deep within us, giving us much happiness and pleasure because it makes us forget all the problems we may have.

When you are really in love, you do not care about the physical or the material matters, only the feelings are important and how is the person inside, giving him the respect he deserves and giving him the support he needs.Beautiful love text messages to send by Messenger

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:: “When I looked at you I knew that your heart and your feelings were for me, I didn’t hesitate a second and I was not wrong, but you’re better than I expected, with you in my life, now everything makes sense”.
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:: “My purest feelings emerged from the day I met you, I never thought to love you so much and that you was going to be my partner for all these years, I thank you infinitely for everything, I adore you”.
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:: “My princess today I want to dedicate my best wishes and all my love, for being as you are, a beautiful person inside and out, you know that you will always be very special to me, I love you”.
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:: “Do not let your pride take you away from that person you love, forget, forgive and leave resentment aside, because you never know what can happen in life and then you can regret it”.
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Platonic love messages
for Instagram cards

:: “I want to thank you, because you woke me up and you do not know how much I would like to go out with you”.
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:: “Watching you pass by the window is like watching the sun rise in the morning, because you have a pure aura that illuminates everything around you. You are the most beautiful dream I have ever had come true”.
Category: Platonic love messages

:: “I have been slowly falling in love with you, your smile, your eyes, your crazy desire to live life. You are beautiful and I am surrendered at your feet”.
Category: Platonic love messages

:: “It is hard to stop thinking about you, how you blush when you smile, how you sing in the mornings. I have fallen in love with you, and I want you to know it”.
Category: Platonic love messages

:: “I would like to take you by the hand, walk the roads of life by your side and promise you eternal love. Give me a sign, anything, something that will make me see that you feel the same way too”.
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Most romantic quotes &
cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: “The days are very long since you’re not with me, I only have the comfort of my dreams to see you by my side, in your eyes I saw the light of my path and in your charisma the peace I needed, I miss you” .
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:: “Let me enter your heart and fill it with all my sincere love, you are my strength and my desire to get ahead, let’s live and build a new story together, that has no end, I love you”.
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:: “The best story of my life was by your side, I will never forget everything we spent together, those days we spent hours talking and laughing without stopping, I hope to see you someday, I love you”.
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:: “I see the days go by and with them the beautiful moments that happened to your side, I cannot help but appreciate so much understanding and love that you give me, you will always be my great love, my life”.
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Best ‘I love you’ quotes about
soulmates for Him & Her

:: “I am very proud of myself because I could soften that hard heart you had, my persistence and love for you, they finally made you accepted me, I adore you”.
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:: “In my heart only your name is engraved and in my mind, those kisses, hugs and all the affection that you gave me, I look forward to your return so that the love you give me returns to me”.
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:: “Your past and mine were very sad, but together we managed to get ahead and be strong, I thank you for all that, because without you we would not have achieved all the success we have, I admire you too much”.
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:: “One day you promised me eternal love and you fulfilled your promise because many years have passed and we are still together and in love as the first day, I no longer doubt that our love will be eternal”.
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Deep love Facebook quotes to express
how you really feel

:: “I cannot stop thinking about the day I met you, because only with your eyes you conquered my heart; I want us to reconnect very soon to create a beautiful relationship by your side”.
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:: “You split my heart in pieces from the moment you left me, you went and you will always be the princess of my best story, I hope with all my heart you everything would be good for you, I will adore you forever”.
Category: Deep Love Facebook phrases

:: “Today I want to dedicate my most sincere affections, my best wishes and all the love I feel for you, I cannot hide it anymore, I just hope my love is returned, I love you”.
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:: “Only with a kiss I fell in love with you, I do not lose the hope of finding you and see you again so that you would know all the love that I can give you”.
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Being in love is a great and beautiful feeling that is felt by another person, because falling in love gives all of you, if you love someone, never think about abandoning everything to the first problem, leave the grudges aside and think clearly.Sweet & romantic messages for girlfriend for WhatsApp

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