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When Colombians celebrate
Valentine’s Day ?
Beautiful Valentine's love text messages to send by Messenger

In most countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year. However, in Colombia it is celebrated on the third Saturday in September.
This is a very special date because it helps appreciate our friends and because it is the perfect occasion to express all our love for that special person.
Around this day Colombians usually gather in public places to celebrate having a love or friends to share with.
A very popular game is “secret friend” in which all friends get together days before Valentine’s Day to write their names on small pieces of paper. People randomly pick one of those pieces with the name of the person they must give a present to on Valentine’s Day.
Indeed this is one of the most awaited days by Colombians. In this article there are some love and friendship messages for you to send to your friends on such a special day.

Sweet and touching Valentine’s I love you text messages for girlfriend

:: “Feeling the warmth of your body, kissing you passionately and knowing we love each other is all I need at all. I love you”.
Category :Happy valentine’s Day texts messages

:: “Your love is worth more than anything there is. My love for you is infinite and true. I am happy to have you with me”.
Category :Happy valentine’s Day texts messages

:: “Your friendship has helped me in the most difficult times, and when the storm was over we enjoyed happy times together. Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friend”.
Category :Happy valentine’s Day texts messages

:: “Your sweet gaze reflects your pure love for me. Being your boyfriend is better than winning the lottery. Your love is my jackpot”.
Category :Happy valentine’s Day texts messages

:: “My heart is happy just to see you. Walking and holding hands is like taking a walk in heaven. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling”.
Category :Happy valentine’s Day texts messages

Romantic Valentine’s phrases that melt hearts

:: “We are meant for each other. You are the reason I wake up every morning willing to face the world. I have always dreamed of you. Happy Valentine’s Day”.
Category :Phrases for valentine’s Day

:: “You are the best friend of all. Every time I need you, you help me without asking for anything in return; and when something upsets me, you understand me. Happy Valentine’s Day”.
Category :Phrases for valentine’s Day

:: “It does not matter how long we have been together. It matters we are happy now. I am sure that if we are still together, our future will be full with love”.
Category :Phrases for valentine’s Day

:: “You are the most beautiful rose in the garden. When I first met you I knew you would be the woman of my life. We are very much in love, and whoever says the contrary has never known love”.
Category :Phrases for valentine’s Day

:: “On Valentine’s Day today I want to give my heart out to you and ask you to keep it deep inside you. Happy Valentine’s Day”.
Category :Phrases for valentine’s Day

We hope these Valentine’s Day in Colombia messages pleased you. We wish a happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers and friends.

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