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We all want to have friends and find love. We can have friends in our neighborhood, at work, at school, at college or anywhere we share experiences with a group of people. Those experiences will bring up friendships. On the other side, love is the most pure and beautiful feeling of all. It can come up anytime, anywhere, and it know no social barriers or classes.

You can fall in love when you least expect it and your heart will still be happy. In social networks like Facebook and Twitter, most users send love and friendship messages to their contacts to make them think how wonderful it is to have friends and someone to love. Do you want to send messages about love and friendship to your friends?

Read this article and you will find some messages that will make your friends happy about having friends or finding love.

Free love and friendship messages to send :

– “The answer to solitude is having good friends to enjoy with, to trust and to have fun with.”
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– “I never thought love could change me. I used to think of me only. But now everything I do, even the smallest one, I do it thinking of you.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “I used to think friend were only meant to have fun with. Now I know good friends are for now and forever.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “I did everything to attract your attention; I did everything to make you notice me. Now that I am with you I know it was worth it. Your love is everything I ever wanted.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “I used to stand outside your house every day just waiting for you to come out, see you and say hello to you. Now that you have accepted my love, I burst with happiness.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “Before I had friends my love was boring. Now that I have friends, I do not have enough time to enjoy.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “Take people as they are. Do not look at their faults and appreciate their virtues. That is the only way you will learn the meaning of friendship.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “There has been love since the world was created, but my love for you has never been seen anywhere in the universe before. You are my love. You are for me.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “If you want to be really happy, do not be influenced by a bad experience. Give yourself another chance with love. Tell her you love her.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “When someone helps you without asking for anything in return, feel fortunate because you have found a good friend you can trust.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “To love someone you only need to open your heart and let your feelings come out.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

– “When I hear a love song, I feel happy inside. I am in love.”
Category :Love and friendship messages

We hope you liked these love and friendship messages. If you want to be happy, you only need to value friendship and believe in love.

Send your originals love phrases ,friendship text messages , love quotes and will be published , others friends will thank you.

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