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Any person has the right to be wrong, some do it unconsciously and others because they cannot control their impulses. A mistake can have negative consequences in our relationship and it may even cause a break up in the romance.

Who has not ever be wrong at least once and then had to apologize? I think most of us, sadly cannot turn back time and it is not easy to erase that mistake. Although it is too late, because our family was affected by our actions and decided to move away, that does not mean we cannot ask our partner to give us a second chance. Everyone has the right to be wrong and therefore to ask for a second chance to learn from their mistakes and be able to vindicate with our partner.

You probably will not find the right words to say what you are feeling in a situation like this, this it is why it is a good idea to write a letter instead. In it, you must explain all your feeling in every word you write and show your deep regret and mention the love you still feel in your heart.

If you are not good at writing letters or you just cannot find the right words, do not despair. In this article we show you a sample letter to ask for a second chance to help you get inspired when writing your own.

Free letter sample to ask for a second chance:

“Hello my love, how are you doing? Hopefully you are thinking about me even a little, because I have not stopped thinking about you all this time. You are the sun that lights my days and gives me the energy to live, and now I sit in the dark if I am not with you. I need your love, your joy and love to smile again.

I admit I was wrong and that it probably was not the first time. My continual mistakes got accumulated in your heart. I am aware of that, and I feel so guilty, which is why I write this letter. I love you and you know it was not my intention to hurt you. I hate to see you shedding tears, because your joy is what I love about you, I accept my mistake and I ask you to please forgive me my darling.

I was never the perfect boyfriend and maybe you think you can find someone better. That is why I am doing everything I possibly can to mature and become an exemplary person every day and the right man for you. I want us to continue our love and I want to show you that I can improve, and give you back all those details that you deserve.

Now that we are apart, my life has gone downhill, I no longer have the person who cheered up y days. I lost the most precious thing I had in my life, my desire to laugh and to be happy, for you took that from me, my beautiful.

The good times we spent together, filled with joy and sometimes sorrow, our adventures and our details, I feel nostalgic just thinking about it, that happy stage in my life does will not happen again. Everything reminds me of you, all the music, walking down the street, every park, I imagine you wherever I go.

What will my life be without you? Where will this great love that I have for you go? I have no strength to face life, no desire to be happy if I am not by your side.

I hope you manage to forgive me for all my mistakes, I hope you can give me a second chance to prove that I have matured and I can make you happy again. I swear I will entirely devote myself to you and only you will be the center of my universe.

Think about it and I will be waiting for your answer with an open heart. I hope we can return to share a life together and you will allow me to return to this love that has always made me very happy. I love you so much.”

We are confident that this model of a letter will help you get inspired and like that be able to get a second chance with the one you love.

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