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From the moment we fell in love we always look for ways to express or manifest our feelings to this charming little person who charmed us with love. Sometimes romantic music illuminates our imagination so that we can write love poems or greetings. That person becomes the center of our universe, to us that person is as we always dreamed of, it is the ideal person for us.
Because only some words of love are not enough to tell how great is our love for them, it is easier to write a love letter to your partner and give one of the finest details that will make our relationship grow.
If you are not skilled enough to write letters, but you still want to surprise your partner, on the lines below we show you a model of a love letter that will help you write your own. You just need to add your own details to it, your own personal touch and give it to the love of your life.
Hello my love, I hope you are well and that you are thinking of me. I already miss you even though we have been moments ago.
My feelings for you are growing with each passing day, much faster than you think. What I feel for you is something that makes me vibrate when you are around, it is like a fire that lights my heart every time you look at me.
I confess that I have been thinking of you for several days now. With each passing day, I see you everywhere and even when I sleep you show up in my dreams, repeatedly. Know that all the music I hear reminds me of you and every day I wake up all I want to do is meet with you again.
I do not know if you miss me as much as I love you, I suppose you do. I am sure you are getting very happy as me because we ate going to meet again soon. May your eyes shine like mine when contemplating your beauty and may your heart accelerates as mine when my lips feel your lips around.
I thank you because you have made me very happy in record time, for having transformed my life, for having taught me to value our time. For when we are together time falls short and when we are far it goes by too slow.
Always keep that beautiful smile. Do not let your enthusiasm for life fade away, as it is what I like about you, and what makes me happy every day. I swear that you will be very happy with me and that every day that I am around you, I will take good care of making you always happy. I just want to express how much you are worth to me and the great love that I feel for you.
Words will never be enough to describe what I feel for you. At least I can rest easy, because you are the owner of my heart, because without you my life would have no meaning. Never before I fell so in love with a person, and today you are the one I want to share my life and my happiness every day.
Hopefully this letter has been of your liking, so you can share it with your partner. Always remember that every detail is paramount and that a love letter is always a joy for the love of your life.
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