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birthday messages
for boyfriend

Top birthday love messages for boyfriend.#BirthdayLoveMessages,#BirthdayMessagesForHim
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Love finds thousands of ways to express itself, especially on those significant dates for you and your partner that lead to tender messages of congratulations to share with him.

Here you have a magnificent opportunity to make your girl fall in love and through romantic happy birthday greetings, you can reach her heart even better.

If you are looking for some special words to share with your girl on her day, here you will find them in the following beautiful happy birthday phrases to dedicate to your boyfriend.

Romantic birthday messages
for your boyfriend (BF)

:: “What a great joy is the one that fills my heart because the love of my life is turning one more year. Congratulations, my dear!”.

:: “Each one of the candles on your cake will be full of magic and they will fulfill a very special wish, I wish you the best with all my love. Happy Birthday, my life!”.

:: “The happiest of all your birthdays is waiting for you, in addition to a nice gift that I will give you with all my heart. Congratulations, my darling!”.

:: “Happy Birthday, my Prince! In addition to wishing you all the happiness on this planet, I want to say thank you for being part of my life. I love you”.

:: “I would like to be by your side at this very moment to fill you with kisses and hugs and wish you many congratulations on this great day. Happy Birthday!”.Send best happy birthday greetings for boyfriend by whatsapp.#BirthdayLoveMessages,#BirthdayMessagesForHim

What can I write
in a birthday card
for boyfriend?

May your partner not doubt all the love you feel for him or her on his or her birthday. Remember that it is the ideal occasion to make them feel extremely special and nothing can help you more than sending them the most original happy birthday wish.

We know that it is not always easy to know where to start, so do not worry and start reviewing the extensive list that we have compiled for you. This list is made up of the most original and love-filled messages you could have conceived.

Try to give them your personal touch to make your wishes even more special that your partner will love. Choose as many as you want, remembering that they are completely original and free of charge.

:: “My happiness is so great since you woke up the love in my heart and since you came into my life everything is happiness. Happy Birthday sweetheart!”.

:: “It is difficult for me to find the exact words that define how I feel about you, therefore, I will only tell you that I wish you a very Happy Birthday with all my love”.

:: “Thousands of congratulations to you, my beautiful little angel, who from heaven came to my life with the magic of love. May all your wishes come true!”

:: “Let’s toast to this beautiful love story that never ceases to give us joy and celebrate because you have one more year of experience. Happy Birthday, darling!”.

:: “This is one of the days that awake the most joy within my heart because your birthday is celebrated and I have the opportunity to congratulate you. Many kisses!”.

Happy birthday my love
best greetings

Make your boyfriend feel the most special guy in the world with these beautiful love messages to wish him a happy birthday.

He will really appreciate you taking a minute to choose the one that shows him how you feel about him best, so pick them carefully. They are completely free of charge so do not hesitate to take more than one and personalizing them to make them your own.

:: “In the whole universe there is no one like you, my beautiful Prince, with a heart of gold full of the cutest feelings. I wish you many congratulations on your birthday!”.

:: “Since today is your birthday I am going to tell you what I like most about you, it is your heart that is full of the purest love. Congratulations!”

:: “Today is a sunny day, but soon a shower of kisses and hugs will fall on you because it is your birthday and I want you to have a great time. Congratulations my life!”.

:: “Fate united our ways, our hearts decided to love each other and we will be together forever. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, my life!”.

:: “Thank you for having rescued me from the world of loneliness and sadness and having filled my days with the most beautiful colors. With all my lovewish you the best on your birthday!”.Sweet cute happy birthday love text messages for him.#BirthdayLoveMessages,#BirthdayMessagesForHim

How do you send
birthday love wishes
on iPhone?

Win a little more of your girl’s heart with these cute happy birthday texts and be sure to share nice love words with your girlfriend because it is one of the keys to having a strong and lasting relationship.

:: “I love you with all the strength of my heart and with my best wishes I want to congratulate you because today is your birthday. Have a very happy time, sweetheart!”.

:: “Today I will pamper you more than ever because I want your wishes to come true and that you can perceive the immense love that I feel for you. Happy Birthday my life!”.

:: “The entire planet smiles because the most beautiful woman is on her birthday. Congratulations queen of my heart!”.

:: “It all started as an illusion, but it became the most beautiful of realities: we love each other and we are very happy together. Have a wonderful Birthday darling!”.

:: “Happy Birthday, my life! In this world there is no one like you, you are simply perfect and my heart melts with love for you at every moment”.

:: “This holiday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your existence and the ideal occasion to wish you a Happy Birthday with all my love”.

:: “Receive with joy the gift that life is giving you, one more year to be together and enjoy this beautiful love. Happy Birthday my pretty Prince!”.Find sweetest happy birthday wishes for Facebook.#BirthdayLoveMessages,#BirthdayMessagesForHim

I love you
romantic birthday wishes
for boyfriend

You have waited a long time for this day to come to thank your boyfriend for being part of your life and from your heart to dedicate romantic happy birthday phrases to express your love.

Your mind is full of beautiful words and ideas and your heart is full of cute feelings that you can combine to share beautiful happy birthday dedications with your boyfriend.

In this section you can find some magnificent ideas with which you can dedicate cute love words to congratulate your boyfriend on his birthday.

:: “Thank you for each beautiful day that you have shared with me, for the demonstrations of your love and especially thanks for having arrived my life. Happy Birthday my heart!”.

:: “You are the angel who cares for me with all the forces of the love, you are the man of my life and I wish you thousands of congratulations on your birthday”.

:: “Happy Birthday, my heaven, and may you fulfill many more years! I will be with you celebrating, with all my love, more beautiful moments like this”.

:: “It is not easy to find a way to express to you the immense joy and deep love that my heart feels at this moment, but I want to wish you Happy Birthday, my life”.

:: “It is a pleasure for me to be able to accompany you in this new year of your life and help you fulfill your dreams because I love you. Thousands of congratulations on your birthday!”.Cute birthday letters for your boyfriend.#BirthdayLoveMessages,#BirthdayMessagesForHim

What to write to your boyfriend
to make him cry on his birthday?

On our partner’s birthday, we not only celebrate the passage of time, but it is also a wonderful occasion to celebrate the joy we have shared together.

What better way to express our emotions than through messages full of affection? Here I leave you some for you to dedicate to the love of your life, you will see that he or she will absolutely love them!

:: “I thank God, life and you for all the happiness that your love has given me. With much joy in my heart I wish you a Happy Birthday, my dear”.

:: “You are the man of my life, my dreams come true by you being in my life. With all my love I wish you many congratulations on your birthday!”.

:: “That not only today, but every day, life smiles at you, May your dreams are fulfilled and may our love never stops growing. Happy Birthday sweetheart!”.

:: “I am very proud of all your achievements, I feel immensely lucky for the love you give me and that is why on this day I wish you the happiest of all your birthdays”.

:: “I am very excited to be able to accompany you on this day to thank you for all the beautiful things that life has given you. My love, have a Happy Birthday!”.

Heart touching
birthday wishes
for a special person

:: “Congratulations, my dear! I promise that I will be with you, pampering you and making you happy with my love, throughout this year that life gives you”.

:: “I have been waiting for this day for a long time to celebrate your birthday with you and show you how much I love you. Congratulations!”.

:: “Congratulations on your birthday! I will be by your side supporting you at all times and giving you all my love so that you feel like the happiest man in the world”.

:: “I always dreamed of celebrating the birthday of the person I loved and today that dream that will come true. Congratulations, honey!”.

:: “From my heart you are the owner and from my life you are my reason for existing, that’s why I want to wish you a Happy Birthday from the bottom of my soul”.Download super sweet happy birthday my love greetings.#BirthdayLoveMessages,#BirthdayMessagesForHim

How do you say
happy birthday
in a romantic way?

Words encompass many feelings. Through them, we can express appreciation, gratitude, and especially love. So, how about surprising your partner on his birthday with a beautiful love message? Have no doubt that it will be a sweet and meaningful gift that will be priceless in her heart.

:: “You managed to completely conquer my heart and you continue to do it every day because you are the most wonderful of all men. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.

:: “A day like today you came to this world and since you are part of my life everything has been better. With many kisses and hugs, I wish you the best on your birthday”.

:: “May God bless you, my love, and may you have many congratulations on your birthday. I wish you with the best with all the love that I carry in my heart for you”.

:: “I want to take this opportunity to declare to you the immense love that I feel for you and to thank you for all the affection that you give me. Happy Birthday, my beautiful treasure!”.

:: “Even in the distance my heart beats strongly for you because I love you, that is why on this day I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, my life”.

:: “This may seem like a common day for most people, but for me it is one of the most special because the love of my life is one year older. Congratulations!”

:: “The more time passes, the stronger my love for you and the greater my desire to be by your side for all eternity are. Happy Birthday darling!”.

Love letter for
your boyfriend’s birthday

Most people find it difficult to express their feelings for their loved ones, for them it is a sacrifice to write their loved ones a letter, even more when it is the birthday of this person, and it is important to express what they feel and how wonderful it is that person for them.

All women like men who express what they feel, shout it to everyone, and who give them gifts like: romantic dinners or flowers, to generate envy among other women.

When they do not receive gifts in important dates like their anniversary or birthday, it bothers them and may even lead to the breakdown of the relationship. But what women do when we celebrate something important is just tell us “happy day sweetie”, they do not try to give us a gift, a hug or something else.

We must teach women that we also need them to show us their feelings and what would be better than a letter, in which they congratulate us for our birthday, since the words are gone with the wind, write a letter with the heart to the man you love and demonstrate your courage of showing your feelings. Below is a sample letter.

Lima, xx September 20xx

Dear Paul:

Today it’s your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday and I would like to express all the love I have for you, I bless the day I met you, without you my life would be a wasteland full of shadows without light and without hope in life.

I thank your parents and God for bringing you into the world, in this day I want to express my joy and the love I feel for you, there is no more sublime gift that expressing my feelings for you, my loved one.

For me there was no effort to write this letter to tell you Happy Birthday, every day I wake up thinking about you and when I sleep alone and remember you, it makes me smile and sleep in peace.

Undress my feelings for you does not make me weak, on the contrary it helps strengthen our love. I hope you like this letter and would increase your happiness on your birthday I hope to spend the day together to show you how big my love for you is.

This letter is just a small preview of your gift; you will receive the rest tonight. Love you darling, big kiss for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
I send you a very huge kiss

Your love, kisses and hugs,


PD. Tonight I will give you in person all the kisses and hugs.

The letter is the best expression to show what you feel for that special someone, writing it is easy, you just have to let it flow. Writing a love letter to your boyfriend’s birthday does not have to be cheesy, just put in writing what you feel for him in a free and honest way, good luck!

Make the most of this occasion to fall in love with the man of your life through these new happy birthday messages for your boyfriend, in addition to sharing great moments with him. Come back soon for more tender love texts to share.Find sweetest happy birthday my love images.#BirthdayLoveMessages,#BirthdayMessagesForHim

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