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Cute love texts for
my pregnant girlfriend

A loving message from a husband to his pregnant wife

Searching for best sweet love text messages ? If your girlfriend has given you the news that she is pregnant, what she needs to know most is that she can have all your support and help at this time.

The best thing to do is to send her a special text in which you show her that you feel very happy about this new being that is forming inside of her and that you will be with her at all times.

On the next few lines we offer you several texts that you can use to dedicate to your loved one with all your love, so choose the one with which you feel most identified with and share it through social networks or via text message.

A loving message from a husband to his pregnant girlfriend

– “I never thought I would be so happy my love, from the day you gave me the news of your pregnancy I have not stopped smiling.”
Category: Sweet love texts messages for a pregnant girlfriend

– “My darling, as of today I have another reason to fight for. I will do everything I can to make you and our baby proud of me. “
Category: Sweet love texts messages for a pregnant girlfriend

Download best sweet pregnancy quotes and congratulations messages to girlfriend– “To think that soon I will become a Dad has me very excited. I thank my princess for giving me such a nice gift that is coming from heaven. “
Category: Sweet love texts messages for a pregnant girlfriend

– “The Lord has sent us an angel who is now forming in your belly. My happiness will be complete when She’ll be right here in my arms and I can see her face. “
Category: Sweet love texts messages for a pregnant girlfriend

– “My princess, you are going to be the best Mother of all because you are a very loving and patient woman. It is going to be so beautiful to have our own family. “
Category: Sweet love texts messages for a pregnant girlfriend

Cute pregnancy announcement quotes for facebook Congratulations on pregnancy,wishes and messages

– “Get ready to cry for joy because when our baby is born everything will be beautiful. I always imagined this moment but I never thought I would feel so happy. “
Category: Congratulations on pregncy

– “Our baby is in your tummy and I am eagerly awaiting the day of her birth and now that you are pregnant will pamper you twice.”
Category: Congratulations on pregncy

– “There is no way to explain the joy the news of your pregnancy gave me. I love you very much and I will strive to give the best to you and to our baby. “
Category: Congratulations on pregncy

– “When we started this relationship, I told you I wanted to be with you forever and it will be like that because we are a family now.”
Category: Congratulations on pregncy

Congratulations on your pregnancy my love Beautiful pregnancy quotes & sayings with images

– “Our baby will be a very happy child because together we will give him so much love and since now that he is in your tummy, he will feel the immense love we have for him.”
Category: Romantic pregnacy quotes & sayings

– “It is so wonderful to know that the fruit of our love is growing inside of you. My darling, you have nothing to worry about, I will always be with you and the three of us will be very happy. “
Category: Romantic pregnacy quotes & sayings

– “My love, the little baby that is on its way has stolen my heart. You are my Queen and she is my princess. I love you with all my strength. “
Category: Romantic pregnacy quotes & sayings

Sweet Whatsapp pregnancy wishes to my girlfriend Sweet pregnancy wishes and congratulations messages to girlfriend

– “Rest assured that our baby will receive much love because my biggest dream was to become a father and it has come true.”
Category: Pregnacy wishes & congratulations messages

– “I am so excited and thankful to life for how lucky I am; I have a lovely girlfriend and we will soon be parents of a beautiful baby.”
Category: Pregnacy wishes & congratulations messages

– “A baby is a gift from heaven and it will come thanks to our love. Together we will strive to be good parents and so we will give the best to our son. “
Category: Pregnacy wishes & congratulations messages

As soon as your girlfriend reads any of the texts you decide to send her, she will feel calmer and happier because she will be able to live by your side the miracle of parenthood and share all your love.

We hope you come back again for more texts suitable for all occasions.

Loving words for your pregnant wife
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