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Nice birthday  texts
for friends
Find sweet birthday love whishes for your girlfriend

A very special day is the birthday of each one of us, so when that date arrives, all our friends and family dedicate us beautiful Happy Birthday text messages.
It is very important that we also have that kind of nice details with the people we love so get ready to share Happy Birthday messages with all of them.
We are here to make things easier for you, to help you find the right words by sharing original birthday dedications that you can use freely.

Download cute birthday love wordings for friends

:: “Receive a big hug, full of much affection, gratitude and best wishes . Have a great birthday dear friend.
:: “There is nothing more rewarding than celebrating another year of life with those you love most. Congratulations!”.
:: “The cutest gift you will receive today will be the company and the attention of your friends and family. Congratulations on this special day!”.
:: “A birthday is a new beginning, it is the origin of a cycle in your life and the opportunity to achieve everything you want. I wish you thousands of congratulations!”.
:: “Don’t worry about the passing of the years because you’re not really getting older but you’re getting better. Have a very Happy Birthday!”Get beautiful short birthday text messages and cards

Pretty birthday phrases download to share by Messenger

:: “A very special person I know was born on this day and that’s why I’m so happy. Receive a huge hug and my congratulations on your day”.
:: “What a perfect opportunity to say thank you for everything you mean in my life and to wish you many successes, prosperity, love and happiness. Happy Birthday!”
:: “Keep in your heart the best that the past has left you, live your present intensely and do not worry about the future because it will bring you great things. I wish a lot of happiness!”
:: “Life is a constant celebration, so another year is a reason more than enough to enjoy. Happy Birthday dear friend!”
:: “Thousands of congratulations to a very special person in my life, to someone who has shown me that everything is possible. I wish you a Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart!”.download best romantic happy birthday wishes for her

Sweet and touching birthday Whatsapp text messages

:: “Try to always keep that huge smile that not only illuminates your heart but the lives of those around you. I wish you many congratulations on your birthday!”.
:: “I feel enormous gratitude to God and to life because we can enjoy your company for another year. Happy Birthday!”
:: “Enjoy your life with intensity, do not postpone the realization of your dreams and fight for what you want. I wish you many congratulations on this special day and always!”.
:: “Have lots of fun on this day, receive the affection of all your friends and family and May all your wishes be fulfilled one by one. Happy Birthday!”
:: “This day is perfect to make a stop on your way, forget your problems and celebrate with your loved ones. I wish you a wonderful birthday!”.Sweet & romantic love birthday wishes for her

Best Birthday cards & quotes for WhatsApp

:: “With your company, the path of life is an adventure that has no end. With all my heart I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”.
:: “A very special birthday for an even more special person, because you deserve a shower of blessings in your life. Congratulations!”
:: “I would love to be able to hug you and congratulate you in person for your birthday, but from here I send you many hugs and my good wishes. Have a great birthday!”.
:: “You taught me to love life and that is why for me it is a joy to be able to give you back a little of how much you have given me. Enjoy a very Happy Birthday!”.
:: “I hope you like this gift that I offer you , together with my prayers to God so that the blessings never cease in your life. Happy Birthday!”

Get Whatsapp birthday text messages free download

:: “A friendship like yours is unique, supremely special and unrepeatable, that’s why I keep it as one of my greatest treasures. Thousands of congratulations on your day!”.
:: “People like you are the ones that this world needs to be a better place for everyone. May God bless you and may you have thousands of congratulations on your birthday”.
:: “You have many desires to realize and you deserve them to be fulfilled because of your good deeds. Receive a big hug and congratulations on your birthday!”.
:: “I wish that the happiness that fills your heart on this day can accompany you every day until your next birthday. Congratulations!”
:: “Just like fine wine, you grow better with the years.Happy Birthday !”

Download birthday picture & messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “Happy Birthday ! to someone who is forever young”.
:: “Happy Birthday ! on this beautiful day We wish you the best, without any delay,Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end Here’s a hug and kiss, we’re ready to send”.
:: “Somebody up there Loves you Somebody down here cares for you.Happy Birthday !”
:: “A prayer: to bless ur day.A wish: to lighten ur moments.A cheer: to perfect ur day.Happy Birthday !”
:: “Happy Birthday ! greeting Comes right from the heart.You know I’ll always love you,And we will never ever part”.send romantic birthday poems for her by Whatsapp

Find short birthday whishes for your girlfriend

:: “Wishing you many more good and prosperous years.Happy Birthday !”
:: “I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.Happy Birthday !”
:: “Hope your birthday is just the beginning of a year full of happiness!”
:: “May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams”.
:: “Happy Birthday ! and many happy returns of the day”.

Send best short birthday messages and images by mobile

:: “A greeting on your birthday for a very happy day and then a year that brings the best Of everything your way.Happy Birthday !”
:: “May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love .Happy Birthday !”
:: “Roses are red. Violets are blue.Stop complaining.. I am older than you!! Happy Birthday !”
:: “Here’s to another year of experience.Happy Birthday !”
:: “You’re not getting older, just more distinguished. Happy Birthday !”

Download best short birthday greetings from the heart

:: “Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring. Happy Birthday !”
:: “This special Birthday greeting is being sent your way, With many happy wishes for a truly perfect day”.
:: “Age is all but a number. Happy Birthday !”
:: “Hope your birthday is just the beginning of a year full of happiness”.
:: “Over the Hill! Be sure to enjoy this year as much as possible, because next year when another birthday comes, you’ll be better and older than ever!!! Happy Birthday !”happy birthday to my love Whatsapp romantic messages

Get beautiful short birthday text messages and cards

:: “May your special day be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours. Happy Birthday !”
:: “You’re older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow. Happy Birthday ! my love”.
:: “Have a wonderful day and fabulous year. Happy Birthday !
:: “Don’t count your years for we all know you’re one year older than last year. Happy Birthday ! My love !”
:: “Hope you have the greatest Birthday ever! Happy Birthday ! My friend !”
Make your cute Happy Birthday dedications always stay fresh and original and keep answering all the notifications you receive on social networks. Always keep on hand the most beautiful birthday phrases to dedicate. Until next time!download birthday love whishes for your girlfriend

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