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Get sweet birthday
love messages 

Find sweet birthday love whishes for your girlfriend
Searching for best birthday love messages ? . If you want to express your love to your girlfriend, what better than the day she is on her birthday because you can dedicate romantic greetings to congratulate the woman of your life.

Certainly in your heart you have many feelings that you want to express and it will be very easy for you to achieve it with original happy birthday phrases for your girlfriend.

Let love flow, give yourself one more opportunity to reach your girl’s heart and surprise her with some beautiful happy birthday dedications that will fascinate her.

Find short birthday love messages
for my girlfriend

:: “Congratulations on your day, my love! Let’s celebrate the fortune of being together and being able to start another year of your life that will come full of exciting adventures”.

:: “This great treasure we have together and we enjoy every day, it is our love and it will always belong to us. Happy Birthday!”

:: “May this day be filled with many beautiful gifts, but above all with much affection and the immense love I feel for you. I wish you the best on your birthday!”

:: “Thousands of congratulations to the woman of my life! It’s a great fortune to accompany you to celebrate your birthday and together contemplate the great future that awaits us”.

:: “You completely conquered my heart, I fell in love with you and I would do anything for you. I love you and I want to wish you the happiest of your birthdays”.
find best love birthday wishes for your girlfriend

Download birthday love picture &
messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “I never imagined that in this world there would be a woman as sweet and tender as you, that’s why you deserve the best of me. Have a Happy Birthday!

:: “You have a sweet and gentle heart, and also you are strong and brave, you are the perfect girlfriend for me and with all my love I wish you many congratulations on your birthday”.

:: “Congratulations, my treasure! It is incredible how you manage to make me feel the most special person in the world every time we are together. I really love you!”

:: “I love the way you make me feel when we are together, that is why I want you to be the happiest girl in the world on this day since it’s your birthday. Congratulations!”

:: “It is incredible how day after day our love continues to grow just as our happiness does, that is why our destiny is to love each other. Happy Birthday my dear!”.
Sweet & romantic love birthday wishes for her

Sweet and touching I love you
birthday Whatsapp text messages

:: “Every moment I think of you, regardless of the distance, because in my heart you planted the purest and most sincere love. I wish you a Happy Birthday, my sunshine!”.

:: “I would love to be a poet to dedicate many beautiful verses of love to you, but I send you these words with all my heart to wish you Happy Birthday, my queen”.

:: “My love, today you celebrate one more year of life and I wish that all possible happiness fills every space of your soul. Congratulations!”

:: “Happy Birthday sweetie! May this and every day you enjoy wonderful moments with those who love you”.

:: “I feel that the tears are going to flow down my cheeks, but they are not of sadness but of happiness because it’s your birthday and I want the best for you. Congratulations my dear!”.

:: “I feel better than ever, my heart is full of love and joy and the reason is you, my heaven. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!”.
download best romantic happy birthday wishes for her

Birthday love cards
with romantic quotes for WhatsApp

:: “Every day I feel that my heart beats more strongly, I am deeply in love with you, so let’s celebrate together this wonderful day. Happy Birthday!”

:: “The brightest of the stars in my sky was born on a day like today, it is you, and that is why I want to wish you many congratulations and send you thousands of kisses”.

:: “The passing of the years feels very good for you and makes my love for you become bigger, so let’s be happy and celebrate this great day. Have a wonderful Birthday!”

:: “If you saw my eyes, at this moment, you could see that they shine like the stars in the sky and it is because I love you and I am happy to celebrate your birthday with you. Congratulations!”.

:: “I wish these words could caress your face and kiss your lips to make this the happiest of your birthdays. Congratulations my love!”

:: “On a day like today I look inside my heart and with joy I realize that I love you like never before; I have so much to give you and make you happy. Enjoy a nice birthday!”.

Only you can give the most spectacular gift to your girlfriend on this day through these cute romantic birthday texts.

Each day conquer your better half a little more by sending precious love messages to your girlfriend.send romantic birthday poems for her by Whatsapp

Pretty birthday love
quotes for Messenger

Your girlfriend will surely love to celebrate another year of life with the people she loves the most, especially you, and receive beautiful happy birthday dedications.

This is a fabulous occasion to express your love and make your girlfriend feel very happy expressing your feelings through cute birthday messages for her.

Do not worry if it is not easy for you to find the right words, with our help you will be able to share romantic birthday greetings for your girlfriend.

Download best birthday love messages
from the heart

:: “With each day that passes on the calendar, the love I feel for you grows, that is why on this day I wish you a Happy Birthday and many more years of happiness to be together”.

:: “My heart explodes with joy at being able to celebrate your birthday with you because it is a dream that has come true. I wish you many congratulations and successes, my love!”.

:: “Happy Birthday to the most spectacular woman in the whole world, the one that has my heart completely crazy with love”.

:: “From a distance I send you these words, with all my love and many kisses, to wish you the happiest birthday you have ever had. I adore and miss you so much!”.

:: “This will be the first time that we will celebrate your birthday together and I want you to feel my love in each of the details that I have for you. I wish you have thousands of congratulations!”.
happy birthday to my love Whatsapp romantic messages

Send best birthday love messages
and images by mobile

:: “This love at first sight showed us that happiness is within our reach and that by being together we can achieve everything. Darling, I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.

:: “Today is your big day, that’s why I want to wish you a Happy Birthday with all the strength of my heart and I also promise to love you for all eternity”.

:: “In the whole world there is no person more important to me than you, you are the source of my happiness and my reason for existing, that is why this day is so special. Happy Birthday!”

:: “The best part of my life is you, who fill my heart with joy, magic and love. I wish you a very happy birthday and may heaven give me the opportunity to be with you all my life”.

:: “When I saw you for the first time, I was amazed because I couldn’t believe so much beauty and goodness in one person. My pretty princess, I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.

Find sweet birthday love messages
for your girlfriend

:: “I want God to give me the happiness of being able to celebrate many more of your birthdays at your side to give you a love that is gets bigger each day. Congratulations!”

:: “When you open the gift I have for you, I want you to see, reflected in it, the great love I feel for you. I wish you thousands of congratulations on your day!”.

:: “Your love is an oasis in the middle of the desert of daily life; it is the place where I want to be today, tomorrow and always. Receive my best wishes for a Happy Birthday”.

:: “In addition to giving you a nice gift and wishing you a Happy Birthday, I want to thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for me. Congratulations, my love!”.

:: “Happy Birthday, my queen! I want to be with you every day of our lives to help you meet all your goals because what I want most is your happiness”.
find nice birthday love sayings for my girlfriend

Best Whatsapp birthday
love text

:: “The moments become more special when we are together and today they will be much more because it is your birthday. With a huge kiss I will wish you thousands of congratulations!”.

:: “Happy Birthday, love of my life! All the moments we have shared together have made our love the greatest treasure”.

:: “May this new year be full of great opportunities, dreams to come true and many magical moments to share our love. Happy Birthday!”

:: “I want you to enjoy this day like never before and make you feel like the most special woman in the whole world. From the bottom of my heart I wish you a Happy Birthday!”.

:: “As simple as it may seem, this gift contains all my love and the immense affection that I feel for you, it is also accompanied by many kisses and hugs. Happy Birthday!”

:: “Happy Birthday, my dear! I wish I could find a way to thank you for so much love you give me; meanwhile I will give you the best of my heart”.

Combine your love with a nice gift and some nice words of congratulations for your girlfriend and you will make her feel happier than ever. We invite you to visit our page so that sharing wonderful love texts with your girlfriend remains your best option.

Sweet birthday’s birthday love letter
for my girlfriend

Your girlfriend’s birthday is an important date in which you can show her how much you love her and tell her how happy you are by her side.

Aside from a cute gift, a good alternative would give to give her a nice letter expressing your joy for spending with her another year in her life and the love that she inspires you. Girls like this kind of details as they appear tender.

To help you, we have prepared two models of cards for this occasion. Copy them or get inspired by them to make your own. Give the card to her with your gift and see that she will feel excited.

How can I write a birthday letter
to my girlfriend?

Happy birthday beautiful!
I am very happy to celebrate this special day with you. And I appreciate knowing you. You are an amazing girl and I love you like I never thought I could. I love seeing you happy, to see you smile and I will do my best to make you happy forever.

I hope that this year is one of the best for you. I will do everything to make it so. You are very important in my life, you are the one who gives joy to my days.

I would love to give you everything you want, I would like to be like the genie in the story to fulfil all your desires because you deserve it. Despite not being able to do that, I want you to know that the gift I give you I give it to you with all my heart.

Know that I love you and that I give you the gift of my love not only today but every day because my love is unconditional, unlimited I want to give it to you all the days of my life.
Today you just worry about being happy. I love you.

How to write a birthday letter
in a romantic Way

I hope this day is unforgettable for you. All the ones who love you will be by your side, especially me because I love you too much. I want to spend all day with you and make you the happiest girl in the world.

This day is your day and I want to make it memorable for you.
Since I met you I have been very happy and I can only thank and ask God to give you many more years of life. I want to join you, support you in everything, love you, pamper you and grow with you my love. I hope that what we dream comes true when you blow out the candles on your cake.

Whatever happens, my love for you will still be special. I will keep watching you and keep hoping year after year that you have a great birthday.
You are the girl I always dreamed about and who I will always love. I wish you a happy birthday my love.

How do you write a birthday
love letter?

Happy birthday love,
There are no words that can express how much I love you and how happy I am to see you celebrate another birthday. Every year with you is special and I love knowing that you are the owner of my heart.

I promise to continue making you happy every day and keep on loving you till the end of my days. May you receive on this day many gifts and many signs of affection.

Other gift I have prepared for you, as always, is my heart and all the love that I have for you.

Never forget that I love you and that I give it all for you. For seeing you happy I give what I have and what I do not have. Happy Birthday my love, I love you.

We hope that these three models of letters have been helpful to you. Be inspired by them and create a single output card from your heart for this special day in your girlfriend’s life who is expecting many samples of your love.

download birthday whishes for your girlfriend
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