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Nice letters
for my cousin’s birthday

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If you have the good fortune to have a good relationship with your cousin, then be sure to greet her on the day of her birthday, for having spent one more year together.
Dedicate a message where you say how much you love her. On that note you should mention what you most appreciate and / or anecdotes that you both have lived together.
In this article we present two examples of nice messages to greet your cousin on her birthday. You can send this message through Facebook or Twitter, or write it by hand if you want it to be more personal and special.

Example 1 of a letter for my cousin’s birthday

From: Vanesa
To: Romina
Dear Romina:
On this day you are meeting another year of life, I write this message because you are a very special cousin. Since we were little we have always been close and have always been like a sister.
Each of the experiences we have lived together has helped us to further strengthen our beautiful relationship.
We have some differences, but that has not been any problem. I really esteem you my dear cousin, by your side I always get great steps. You’re a very sweet girl who always spread me your joy.
I love your sense of humor and your way of dealing with confidence issues. I want to thank you because I know I can always count on you and you have never let my confidence down.
You have a great inner and outer beauty, so I know that someday will appear the charming prince you are looking for.
I wish you all the best today that you are fulfilling another year of life and want to ask God to bless you so all your dreams can come true. Have a nice day and many happy years.

Example 2 of a letter for my cousin’s birthday

From: Camila
To: Natalia
Dear Natalia:
Today you are meeting another year of life and for that reason I send this message. Luckily I get along great with all my cousins, but you know you’re my favorite.
For you I feel a great appreciation because you have been by my side in the most important moments of my life.
Thank you so much for the great support you have always shown me, I would not have been able to solve my problems without you so I celebrate all my success with you.
You and I are very close, not only physically, but also in our way of being. I’ll never tire of thanking the Lord for having you in his grace. I have fun when I’m with you.
Sometimes our parents are surprised by the crazy things we do together, but they know that we are just hanging out and that makes us very happy. I love you like my sister.
I would like to end this post wishing you all the best on this special day when you are meeting another year of life, I hope all your dreams can be carried in reality.
May God pour out many blessings in your life, congratulations for your birthday.

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