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What is webroot antivirus ?

Webroot is one of the most respected companies in the antivirus market, offering security products for computers ad for great companies and PYMES all over the world. Its products receive a great amount of prices from many companies and, thanks to them, their number of clients has exponentially grown in an international level.

This company was created back in the year 1997; since them, the company remains providing the best security assistance to companies and their actives against the multiple threats that have appeared due to the internet. Their headquarters are located in Boulder, Colorado. It is a private company and has 300 employees distributed all over the world; it counts with the support of some companies that lead in the antivirus field, such as Accel Partners and Mayfield, Technology Crossover Ventures.

This company is dedicated to eliminate any informatics virus and usually their work fields are operative systems such as Windows, which is the most used one and, therefore, the most attacked one. One of the last infection cases was from Conficker; it is important to know that having a well protected and updated system does not mean to invest a lot, what does matter is the information loss that was stored in the hard drive.

The group that forms the Webroot company is organized by several experts, who are recognized in the area of software security, such as Peter Watkins, who is worldwide known as one of the best security experts in the informatics media; his long career of more than 20 years in hardware and software support duty and in the development, design and providing new devices and new technologies. Frederick Ball, with more than 20 years contributing with his experience, is the one in charge of the process of transformation in the global reach of organizations. Gerhard Eschelbeck is another contributor and he is considered among the best ones in the net security field and, also, in weak spots, he counts with several congresses in which he has exposed about his investigations about net security, including CSI, RSA and Black Hat, such as the United States of America Congress and in other important conferences.

There is a wide range of security programs, because several of these are specialized in eliminating certain malicious codes, from viruses to cookies. One of them is the Webroot Internet Security Essentials, which offers protection against spy programs, informatics pirates, who steal private data or that content viruses. The Spy Sweeper, as it name indicates it, is specialized in the elimination of any spy software and any type of malware that steals information from hard drives.

The Webroot Antivirus is a much completer software, which offers protection against every kind of viruses, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, worms, rootkits. It can also recover some data losses or avoid the stealing of personal data, such as passwords, bank account, credit cards, and counts with e – mail protection. It can work in a second scale, without using many resources and it is compatible with Windows Vista SP1 64 bits.

This software comes with an antispyware, so you must not deduce for its name that it only has capacity for virus elimination. There is an extra program such as Webroot Windows waher, which is able to eliminate all the information that is accumulated in the Internet navigation, such as cookies, or it can also be used to clean up programs that have been executed in the computer.

According to the range of business, there is also software that is specialized for support and protection for big crowds, these programs are based in the former one, but with slight differences, such as the Webroot Antispyware Corporate Edition, which has a unique protection support for Lan and Wan nets, although this extra security does not imply the usage of more memory resources, which means that you could keep working normally. The Webroot E – mail Security Saas is in charde of eliminating useless files that are all over the net, such as enclosed files; and it manages your security in e – mails.

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