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Although there are some people who are concerned about the passage of time, we cannot deny that celebrating one more year of life is a great blessing and if we can be next to our loved ones, is a gift like no other.

Every time the birthday of one of our friends or relatives comes, we have the opportunity to express our love and share our sincere congratulations, so we cannot miss these special dates.

Kindly review the phrases that we bring you this time and choose the one you like the most so you can congratulate that loved one who is celebrating his birthday. It will be the simplest and most direct way of expressing your feelings.



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– “Not only are you part of my family, but also one of my best friends. My dear cousin, enjoy a very Happy Birthday! “
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– “Life has not given me siblings, but fortunately it has sent me a very good friend who has become family. I wish you a Happy Birthday!”
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-“Happy Birthday! There is definitely no gift as big as the one you deserve. Congratulations on your day brother!”
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– “We have shared together countless happy moments and the best of all is that we will have many more. Thousands of congratulations on your Birthday! “
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– “I wish it had not crossed your mind, not for a single moment, that I had forgotten such an important date. Even if it’s a bit late, I wish you a very Happy Birthday! “
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– “I hope you can excuse me for not having remembered your birthday, I want you to know that I love you very much and that I wish you thousands of congratulations.”

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– “You deserve a life full of success, love and great joy because every day you work very hard for what you want. Happy Birthday!”
Category :Birthday greetings

– “Do not feel bad for being years in these conditions, I know that soon you will recover your health and you will have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Congratulations!”
Category :Birthday greetings

– “Many things changed the day on which you were born and not only changed the life of your family, but also the lives of all of us. I wish you a Happy Birthday! “
Category :Birthday greetings

“You’ve been so good to me that sometimes I think you’re my guardian angel. My beautiful friend, I wish you a very Happy Birthday! “
Category :Birthday greetings

– “Do you remember those days of our childhood in which we played all day? I miss that a lot, but thank God I still have you by my side. Happy Birthday!”
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We hope that you liked all these examples of birthday greetings and that you could choose one in particular to share in this special birthday.

Come and visit us whenever you want, we hope to surprise you with many new phrases.

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Time does not just happen, it brings us some ailments, but it also leaves us great memories and the company of new friends, in addition to our relatives, that is why every birthday is an occasion to celebrate our life.

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Surely you get a lot of birthday notifications every time you log into social networks and you do not always have the time to prepare a birthday message. That is why we prepared this section.

Feel free to choose any of the following phrases and share them with your friends on their birthday, by the medium you prefer, keep in mind that this would be a very special gift.



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– “Thank you for being my adventure partner and above all for being with me in the good and the bad times. Thousands of congratulations on your birthday! “
Category :Birthday greetings

– “Happy Birthday! I do not know anyone who is as good as you, so feel proud to always do the right thing and get ready to receive many blessings. “
Category :Birthday greetings

– “Time has passed very quickly and we already have our own families, but I will never forget you. Enjoy a very Happy Birthday! “
Category :Birthday greetings

– “This is one of the days I always put on my calendar at the beginning of the year, so I never forget your birthday. Congratulations!”
Category :Birthday greetings

– “I am always very busy, but I will always find a moment to congratulate you on your birthday as you are my best friend. Congratulations!”
Category :Birthday greetings

– “My dear aunt, you have a place in my heart that you have earned with each one of your demonstrations of affection. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! “
Category :Birthday greetings

– “I’m so happy that the distance is no longer an impediment to send you a very special greeting on your birthday. May God fill your life with blessings! “
Category :Birthday greetings

– “When I think of you I cannot help remembering so many beautiful moments shared. I hope that life is treating you very well and that you can enjoy a very Happy Birthday! “
Category :Birthday greetings

– “I am very happy to send you this message on your birthday. I appreciate you very much and thank you for everything you have done for me. Congratulations!”
Category :Birthday greetings

– “A delicious cake is waiting for you, so when you blow out the candles and we are all applauding you, remember how lucky you are. Happy Birthday!”
Category :Birthday greetings

– “The day on which you were born many things changed in our lives as happiness and love became much more abundant in our family. Happy Birthday, my son! “
Category :Birthday greetings

– “It seems as years haven’t passed, you always look so radiant and full of energy. I wish you a very Happy Birthday! “
Category :Birthday greetings

The year is full of many special occasions and you will need many phrases to congratulate and delight all your loved ones, so continue to visit our page because here you will always find many more beautiful phrases.

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