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Searching for sweet love text messages ?  Sometimes our romantic side goes out with the custom or the obligations that we have in our work, but if you are aware of it, do not stand idly and dedicate a beautiful love phrase to your sweet half.

We know that not everyone has that facility and for this on this website you will find many articles with love themes so that you download a romantic thought for your partner.

Then it will take only a few minutes to read and decide on your favorite love thought.

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:: “We have the capacity to love ourselves so, for that reason our imperfect love makes us very happy”.

:: “My beloved, you have stolen my soul and my heart, I forgive you if you let me give you much more than a kiss.”

:: “Your love is the source of inspiration behind everything I set out to do in this life.”

:: “I must have in heaven someone who loves me very much to have sent me the most beautiful angel.”

:: “Kiss me, hug me, love me, as many times as you want to do it because I never get tired of being passionate about you.”Deep love quotes to express how you really feel

Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: “Love, I would never ask you to stay by my side against your will, I am happy that you remain with me freely because you only follow what your heart dictates to you.”

:: “Having someone like you by my side make it easy to find a way to tell you every day in a different way how much I love you.”

:: “My heaven, since destiny put us on the same day and place now let’s trace our path together.”

:: “Although sometimes it is inevitable to discuss with you it will not be a reason to change you for someone else.”

:: “I value your love for me, you know me as I am and despite that you decide to stay by my side.”Free download love cards with romantic quotes for Whatsapp

Romantic phrases that melt hearts

:: “From the moment you kissed me, I knew you were the missing piece to complete my life.”

:: “You are the only person I think about, I miss you if you are not by my side and I would never run away from this love I feel for you.”

:: “I don’t care if you’re not a blue prince, the important thing is that you are the love of my life that is willing to fight by my side for our happiness.”

:: “We are happy because we do not seek perfection in our relationship, we just need our feelings to be true.”

:: “Darling, I confess that when you kissed me for the first time I had already imagined the taste of your sweet kisses.”Sweet & romantic messages for girlfriend for Whatsapp

Sweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend

:: “My love for you is special, I just have to thank God for knowing that there is someone as special and wonderful as you.”

:: “Being in love with you is the easiest way to understand how beautiful life is.”

:: “I love you, I will always take care of our love because I want this feeling that I carry within me so deep to endure.”

:: “Being away from you has taught me how great the love I feel for you can be and I consider myself privileged to know that you miss me like I do.”

:: “Love, infinite thanks for these beautiful moments we have been through, I am sure that new emotions await us to continue sharing them together.”Best text messages to make her fall in love with you

Beautiful love text messages to send by Messenger

:: “Our love will not fully comply with the law of life, because it was born, it grew, but it will never die.”

:: “Our love is the exchange of looks, moments of emotion, empathy, caresses, sighs. I love you much more than yesterday.

:: ” “We can now be separated by thousands of kilometers, but our desire and thoughts can’t be separated.”

:: “My life is magical, wonderful, formidable because I have your love that is like the air I breathe.”

:: “Wherever I go it always comes to mind to have you by my side. I miss you“.romantic WhatsApp status that saying I love You

Pure love messages & romantic quotes

:: “I’m sorry love, but I can’t take this mania out of thinking of you every moment.”

:: “You are my angel, my sweet half, the only one I want to be with night and day.”

:: “No one can destroy our love because it is a pure and spontaneous emotion that recognizes in us the desire to share it with each other.”

Let your partner feel conquered again by one of these romantic phrases.Download sweet I miss you quotes for Whatsapp

Nice love messages for a
lasting relationship

For couples, time is something vital as it helps them know each other better and realize if the relationship works or not. Before some difficulties the only thing that will keep them together will be the affection they have towards each other.

When the two can manage and overcome the difficulties they encounter, romance may continue for a long. If you have entered a level in which you know that the relationship will remain steady for a long time, then let your boyfriend know that.

Up next we offer you a list of love messages for a long lasting relationship. Send them as text messages or through Whatsapp and he will feel happy for the stability of the relationship.

Best romantic WhatsApp messages for boyfriend

– “All these years together have shown me that you are a wonderful man, I am glad to have by my side such an honest person. I love you so much and I have never felt so sure of my feelings. “

– “We had the opportunity to meet and we will never separate. I thank you for all the love you offer me, by your side I feel the rest of the world disappears, I want to stay with you forever. “

– “At the beginning we had to solve difficulties and deal with those opposed to our relationship, but now that we have overcome that, I realize that what we have is genuine love. I love you my love. “

– “With you I have learned that love is a beautiful feeling that arises spontaneously between two people, and that feeling developed between you and me.

Now that years have passed I can tell you that I am really happy with you. Nothing and nobody can separate us my love. “

Download best love messages with pictures for girlfriend

– “Before I met you I wanted to know nothing about love, but you came along and showed me that love is a beautiful feeling, and now more than ever I know that you are an honest guy, who gives me his love without any concern and that you only want to see me happy. I love you like I never imagined. “

– “One of my biggest illusions was to feel that our relationship was stable, and now I feel that we are in a better time. We have already overcome great obstacles, so all we have left is to enjoy our love. “

– “Years have passed so quickly, but they have witnessed our beautiful love story, every time I feel more and more in love with you. I love you more than my very own life. “

– “Every moment with you is special, no matter the problems I have, with you by my side I feel like I am in the clouds, I am very lucky to be your girlfriend.

– “Before I met you I thought I was happy, but once I met you I also knew true happiness. Everything around you is wonderful, my life with you makes sense and so I would like to share it with you until we grow old together. “

We are sure you liked some of these love messages for a long lasting relationship. When your boyfriend reads one of these phrases he will want to share his life with you.Download best Whatsapp romantic messages for Her

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