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Wedding texts for my ex

Should I congratulate my ex on her marriage?.#WeddingWishesForEx,#WeddingGreetingsForEx
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We meet someone, we fall in love, we become a couple, we get married and we live happily ever after. That is how we always portrayed the relationships as a couple, but sometimes, something happens along the way and we fail to make all of this happen, for example, we break up with our partner due to different problems that do not know the best way to solve occur.

But, after all, we get to know someone else and then begin the story once again. However, in our lives and in our memory we accumulate memories, past histories, experiences and people who are part of who come to form a part of what we are and what we will be.

Part of this past comes to mind when we hear that our former partner is about to get married. Upon hearing the news, we have many ways of reacting, thinking and doing.

The more mature and stable thing to do is to send the couple a congratulatory message, letting him know that we wish him well in this adventure that he is about to embark in.

There is no need to make trouble, what happened in the past should remain there, since it makes no sense to recover past brawls. The best thing to do is to take positive action and, who knows, maybe later you can retrieve that relationship as a kind of friendship. On the next few lines we offer you several options that you can use to send him your congratulations.

Wedding texts for my ex

:: “Dear friend, we have experienced many things, some very nice ones, other very bad ones. Nevertheless, I would like that on this day you are very blessed really, I really hope so”.
Category: Nice wedding texts for your ex partner

:: “You are getting married today and I want you to know that I only want good things for you, hopefully we can still be friends, because I think our friendship is very important. May you have a great time”.
Category: Nice wedding texts for your ex partner

:: “After all we have been through, we both took our own path and began a life of our own. I think we are doing better like this, but that does not mean I am not happy about the news of your wedding, I know you will be fine and I hope you does. I wish nothing but success in your new life”.
Category: Nice wedding texts for your ex partner

:: “Right now we are quite distanced and I think we both know the reasons why, but I still want to tell you that have left all grudges aside and today I want to focus on you, on how nice all the things you are living right now are. I wish you well and may you find all the happiness you seek”.
Category: Nice wedding texts for your ex partner

:: “We make choices, some good, some not so much. Despite all, what we decided brought us here, where we are now. I am very well and I know that you are well too, I am so happy about your wedding, it is an event that has a spectacular magic and I hope that you are incredibly happy on that day”.
Category: Nice wedding texts for your ex partner

Wedding wishes for ex girlfriend

:: “There is not a more beautiful event for a couple than the day they say ” yes ” to one another in the house of the Lord. I remember you and smile, because after all, our relationship also had positive things that made me who I am today. May you do well, I wish you nothing but success”.
Category: Wedding wishes for ex girlfriend

:: “I hope everything goes great for you today, may your life goes well and may you achieve everything you have ever longed for and that together we would have simply never made it. But now we are both on our own and so it is better like this. Many congratulations”.
Category: Wedding wishes for ex girlfriend

:: “I never thought you would get married, good for you. I treasure those days in which we lived together, they were good and taught us many things. Hopefully you will do well and you will achieve all of your dreams. I wish you much success in your life”.
Category: Wedding wishes for ex girlfriend

:: “I will never forget this night, know that for sure. I always remember the day I married you with much love, it was definitely one of the best of my life. But hey, I hope it goes super for you”.
Category: Wedding wishes for ex girlfriend

::”I hope that everything goes without a hitch, I could not wish you otherwise because, despite everything, I appreciate all you taught me. Best of luck.
Category: Wedding wishes for ex girlfriend

The examples above are models of messages that you can use to devote words of congratulations, good wishes and success to your former partner. It is not good for you to keep grudges, so use this as a way to leave the past behind and move on.

Come back anytime, we will soon bring you more news, messages, phrases and thousands of tips for you.

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