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Sweet anniversary
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Best happy anniversary messages and wishes
Searching for Heartfelt happy anniversary messages ? When love comes to your life, there is no better way to remember it than to celebrate the anniversary, today we will offer you beautiful anniversary dedications to offer to your partner.
In this article you will find beautiful & romantic anniversary phrases to dedicate to your sweetheart on such a special day of romantic celebration.
Hopefully with a little imagination you can dazzle your partner as you did years ago and offer sweet anniversary thoughts to renew your feelings.

What to write in an anniversary card to girlfriend

:: “You accompany me everywhere with your memories, my love. We celebrate one more year of our union and I love living all the moments that until today has united us to infinity. I adore you !”.
:: “So much time by your side and it seemed to me as if we have just met because there is always something new in our lives. Happy Anniversary my love”.
:: “What I most desire from the depths of my soul is to love you, take care of you, and accompany you with happiness and conviction until the end of my days because you are my favorite person whom I love and respect”.
:: “Each lived experience has taught me to know you more, with your defects and virtues, with which you look more beautiful . I love you exactly as you are
:: “I have a permanent illusion in my soul, which has always kept that light of pure love to dedicate to you in times when you need more of my love. Happy Anniversary. I adore you”.

Find anniversary love pretty phrases downloadSweet and cute things to say to your girlfriend

:: “You knew that every day that passes I love you more, I do not know what would become of me without you, I am in love with you from the day I met you. Happy Anniversary, darling, I adore you”.
:: “I get the impression that I have known you since always, and we have only been together for a year, that indicates that we are very compatible and that we are the one for the other. Happy Day sweetie”.

:: “When I least thought about it, I realized that I was by your side, loving you and expressing how beautiful you are when you are by my side. I love you and wish you a Happy Anniversary”.

:: “If someone asked me what is the best thing that has happened to me in life, I would say without a doubt, having known you, because with you I knew love and the most beautiful things in life. Happy Anniversary darling”.
:: “Thank you from my heart my love, for being that person who is always attentive to me, who occupies an important place in my life, who I find when I turn to ask for something. Happy Day sweetheart”.
:: “The best wishes of love for our relationship, I would not know how to live without your love. Thank God for keeping us together. I love you”.

Sweet anniversary facebook wordings Heartfelt happy anniversary messages with images

:: “In this first year of relationship, I thank God for having met you, for giving us the opportunity to create on path together in life. Congratulations, sweetheart, on our Anniversary”.
:: “Your love imbues me with life, I take care of it and I keep it in a chest to keep it always for me, because you are my eternal treasure that I will carry until God calls me to his side. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “Today, I want to dedicate the most sublime verse to my eternal and unique love in my life. Since you came to conquer me, you filled me with your tenderness and beauty. I love you darling”.
:: “I want to confess that I really want to spend the rest of my days with you, love you openly and scream if it is possible that my love for you is the most beautiful thing that life has given me. Congratulations sweetheart”.
:: “Happy Anniversary my love, today I want to give you a great day, that you would remember forever because for me our love is what I appreciate most in this world”.

Download messages of happy anniversary my loveDownload best anniversary wishes for couples

:: “I hope that we always love each other as deeply as we have been able to do since we met. Our love has no conditions. Happy Anniversary darling”.
:: “I will not find anyone as special as you because we are made for each other, so today we are going to celebrate as we deserve with much love and happiness”.
:: “Thank you sweetheart for being so loving and respectful with me, May God gives us strength and wisdom for our love”.
Love is so beautiful that it deserves to be celebrated in all possible occasions. We leave you beautiful anniversary verses to express your love.
We end with beautiful anniversary messages to dedicate to your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, in this celebration so awaited by both. Many blessings to all.

Happy anniversary greetings
to celebrate your love

Love letters are probably the most romantic means of communication there is. When we write a love letter, we are expressing with letters the feelings in our heart.
A love letter can be long or short, but what matters is that it expresses our love for the one we are in love with.
Some couples send each other love letters when they first meet, and keep doing so when they are in a relationship to keep romance alive.
Do you want to write a love letter to your loved one for your first anniversary, but do not know how? In this article there are two model love letters for your first anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend.
You can use these letters to let your better half how happy you are for the time you both have been together.

Anniversary sentences and images for instagragramFirst anniversary love letter sample n° 1 :

To: the love of my life
I write this letter to you because today is our first anniversary. I want you to know that since you came into my life everything has been better. I never thought I could love someone like I love you. Every day we are together is a gift from life.
Every time I kiss you I touch heaven. I want us to renew our love commitment today so we are happy forever.
The time our relationship has lasted proves we are meant for each other, and the only thing that could keep me away from you is death.
You are the apple of my eye, the air that I need. I know you love me too and that makes me immensely happy. Let us celebrate this day our way: loving each other and being happy together.
I love you.

Download beautiful anniversary messages
First anniversary love letter sample n° 2 :

My love:
Today is a very special day that is engraved in my memory because it is the day we started our relationship.
Meeting you is the best thing that has happened to me. From the start of our relationship you have proved you are the love I always waited for. Your smile is enough to cheer my days. Your company is the best recipe against loneliness.
I cannot imagine my life without you: I think I would not care about anything because you make me want to be better.
My heart and soul belong to you. When I am with you nothing else matters and there is only you and I. Nothing in the world compares to our love because there is no one else like you on earth.
Happy anniversary, love of my life. Let us make a pledge to love each other until our last day. I love you now and forever.
We hope you liked these model letters for your first anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. Remember: love can last forever.
Best happy anniversary messages for wife

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