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Anniversary love texts
for WhatsApp
Happy anniversary greetings to celebrate your love

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A date as special as an anniversary should be well planned in advance. So, it would be good to have beautiful words on hand to wish your girlfriend a Happy Anniversary.
Surely you have already thought about a beautiful gift with which to surprise your girl, but you must accompany it with tender love messages for anniversary to make it much more special.
Your girlfriend will be very excited when you surprised her by sending original romantic anniversary messages. Use any of the ideas we bring you this time.

Heartfelt happy anniversary messages with images

:: “This is a perfect opportunity to thank you for being part of my life, for being by my side and for loving me with all your heart. Today I wish you a very Happy Anniversary!”.
:: “As big and as beautiful as the sea is our love. Thank you for accepting me as an adventure partner in this life. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “A love at first sight made our souls become twins and inseparable and this will be only the first year of many that will come. I wish a lot of happiness for us!”
:: “My love, this day taught me many things and perhaps the most important one is that our love is made to last for our whole life. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “My heart lives grateful to you because for a year you have kept it healthy and happy and I am also grateful for your unconditional love. Happy First Anniversary!”.Download happy anniversary greetings for boyfriend

Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’ anniversary

:: “It was a year ago when we understood that happiness is to love each other, since then our love story became real. Happy Anniversary, my life!”.
:: “When we started our relationship this day looked distant, but today it has arrived; it’s our anniversary and with all my love I wish you many congratulations”.
:: “What a beautiful day we have, perfect to celebrate another year of our love. I wish you congratulations and I promise to love you for all my life”.
:: “A year has passed and I still want to discover new ways to tell you that I love you. Happy Anniversary, my beautiful princess!”.
:: “This will be a new year to continue building this beautiful relationship that so many precious memories leave us. Honey, have a Happy Anniversary!”.

Download best anniversary wishes for couples

:: “Not a day goes by when I don’t remember that special moment in which you accepted to be my girlfriend because since then my happiness is complete. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “The magic of your love healed the wounds of my heart and gave me back my faith and joy, that’s why I have thousands of reasons to love you more every day. Congratulations on our anniversary!”.
:: “24 hours a day you are present in my heart and in my mind, you are my half, love of my life and on the day of our anniversary I declare you my eternal love. Congratulations!”
:: “For twelve months I was waiting for this moment to come to tell you: Happy Anniversary my great and only love! I love you more each day!”
:: “Even if the distance gets between us, our love remains in our hearts and will make us feel more together than ever. Happy Anniversary, my queen!”.Happy anniversary quotes,wishes & messages with images

Best ‘I love you’ quotes about soulmates for Him & Her

:: “During this year you have not only won my heart, but also my whole mind and being. I am completely yours and will be forever. Congratulations on our anniversary!”.
:: “Today marks a year since the day in which we made the most important decision of our lives, loving each other with all our strength forever. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “In this world there are millions of people and finding each other and falling in love is proof that our love was written in destiny. I wish you a lot of happiness!”
:: “The moment I like to remember the most is when you agreed to be my girlfriend because everything changed in our lives. My love, congratulations on our anniversary!”.
:: “Today that we are celebrating another year together I choose you again as my companion in the way of life to love you forever. Happy Anniversary!”

Romantic anniversary phrases that melt hearts

:: “During this year I have learned to know you more and to understand you better, but above all to love you with all my heart. Congratulations on our first anniversary!”.
:: “Our love has matured a lot since it all started and now we are going to celebrate that its first year of existence. Congratulations, my love!”.
:: “Today our hearts are celebrating because another year of this beautiful story is celebrated. My love, thanks for making my life better!
With these beautiful love verses to congratulate your girlfriend for the anniversary you will be the best boyfriend in the world.
Come back when you want to dedicate some beautiful love words to your girl, remember that you do not need special occasions to send them, any moment will be perfect.Best sweet love anniversary wishes

Happy anniversary greetings
to celebrate your love

Of all the special dates that lovers celebrate, none compares to their anniversary, so on its arrival it is inevitable to dedicate beautiful congratulation words.
Love, gratitude and enthusiasm is what fills our heart and that of our partner by celebrating another year of relationship, so don’t forget to share romantic anniversary messages.
Make the first gift with which you surprise your girlfriend, on this day, be beautiful happy anniversary phrases, then you will find some great ideas that will surely be to your liking.

Cute,romantic & long Love anniversary messages for Her

:: “Today we celebrate another year as partners and my heart explodes with happiness. I adore you and wish that we continue together to infinity!”.
:: “My love, congratulations on our first anniversary. They have been the greatest 365 days of my life and I have no doubt that you are my soul mate”.
:: “I am excited because today is our anniversary. Thank you for being the boyfriend I always wanted to have. I adore you my king”.
:: “I love you darling, and I feel grateful to life because a year ago you came to give me countless joys. Happy Anniversary!”
:: “If the first 365 days by your side have been so great, then surely what awaits us ahead will be wonderful. My love, congratulations on our anniversary!”.Find anniversary love pretty phrases download

Find best wedding anniversary wishes for messenger

:: “In these twelve months of dating we have learned to know each other better and now we love each other very much. Congratulations and may our love live forever!”.
:: “Happy Anniversary darling! I love you like nobody else and keep in mind that I will always be there to be your friend, boyfriend and adventure partner”.
:: “What a great joy it is to celebrate another year together. You are the one who has taught me a new way of loving: with total dedication and freedom”.
:: “Happy Anniversary sweetheart! Time passes with apparent normality, but you make each day a new adventure to enjoy together”.
:: “I love you, my girlfriend, and I feel that I fade into your arms and touch the sky with your kisses. Happy Anniversary and May they be many more!”.

What to write in an anniversary card to girlfriend

:: “By celebrating our anniversary I want to promise you that I will love you even with my last breath of life. I wish you congratulations today and forever!”.
:: “With your love my world is complete and my happiness is assured because I am happy when you are with me. Happy Anniversary, my love!”.
:: “Happy Anniversary! Some people understand us, others don’t, but that doesn’t matter, the really important thing is what we feel in our hearts. I love you forever!”
:: “This connection between our hearts is getting bigger every day, so there will be no barrier that can stop us. Happy Anniversary, my dear!”.
:: “I promise that I will love you for the rest of my days and that even for eternity I will continue to love you. Today is our first year together, Happy Anniversary!”.Anniversary phrases & wordings

Sweet and cute things to say to your girlfriend for anniversary

:: “I will forever be grateful to you for the beautiful moments we have lived together and for all those that will come. Congratulations, my beautiful princess!”.
:: “For a long time I dreamed about you and that’s why when I saw you I could recognize you immediately. Today with my heart full of love and gratitude I wish you a Happy Anniversary”.
:: “Today we celebrate another year of loving each other and I want to say thank you for giving me the best twelve months of my life. Happy Anniversary, queen of my heart!”.
:: “Every day our love grows and becomes stronger to the point where I cannot contemplate my life without you. With all my love I wish you a very Happy Anniversary!”.
:: “I wish you many congratulations because today our love celebrates another year of existence and I have the complete assurance that many more await us. I love you my king!”

Download happy anniversary greetings for boyfriend

:: “For years I looked for happiness everywhere until I could find it in your heart, since then a year has passed and with joy I wish you many congratulations on our anniversary”.
:: “With your virtues and with your defects you are perfect for me and I would not dare to change anything. My love, we will celebrate a Happy Anniversary!”.
:: “Happy Anniversary, my life! God put you in my way and I will take care that you would always want to stay by my side”.
:: “You are the cutest gift I have received and you represent much more than I always dreamed. I adore you and wish you a Happy Anniversary!”.
Your girlfriend will melt for you with these beautiful anniversary congratulation texts and she will fall in love with you much more when you continue to dedicate beautiful romantic words to send to your girl. Until next time!”.Download beautiful anniversary messages

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