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When we have a boyfriend, we accept we’re falling in love and our feelings are true. Spend time with him is good for the relationship and it could help to improve it, too.

We learn new things when we argue with him and our celebrations together will be special and last forever in our memories. Men and women never stop learning, in special when it’s about love.

The days we pass with our boyfriend are opportunities to know new things about him and it’ll help for a more meaningful relationship. Are you looking for ideas to celebrate a new anniversary with your boyfriend?

In this article you’ll see a list of phrases to say thanks to your boyfriend for a year of relationship. One of these phrases will make your boyfriend feel so happy and loved than ever.

Dowload thank you my love texts & quotes for anniversary :

– “Since you are in my life everything is wonderful, now we have a year together and I feel I could be with you for a thousand of years, I love you…”
Category :Thank you my love anniversary messages

– “I feel so happy to spent a year with you, your love is something good for me and it’s the only thing I need to be totally happy”
Category :Thank you my love anniversary messages

download beautiful anniversary messages for boyfriend, picture anniversary messages for boyfriend
– “I say thank you for giving me your love during all this time, the hours pass faster when I’m with you and seems an illusion that now we have a year of happy relationship”

Category :Thank you my love anniversary messages

– “The happiness I feel for our first year of relationship is something I can’t express with words, I just want to be with you to demonstrate my love with actions”
Category :Thank you my love anniversary messages

sweet anniversary sms for boyfriend, sending text anniversary for boyfriend
– “Days pass really fast when I’m with you, you’re the only one who makes me feel the happiest girl in the world, I love you and I wish we could make real our dreams of being happy”

Category :Thank you my love anniversary messages


Best messages to say thank you to boyfriend for anniversary :

– “The first time I saw you something inside me told me you were the right man for my life, thanks for exist and for all the time we’re together”
Category : Happy anniversary wishes

– “It seems that it was yesterday when I met you because my feelings for you haven’t changed since that day, I still love you with all my soul
Category : Happy anniversary wishes

happy anniversary texts for boyfriend,happy anniversary messages for boyfriend– “Every minute I spend with you is like dreaming awake, I love you and I’m the happiest woman because we have one more year of engagement, I love you”
Category : Happy anniversary wishes

– “Give me a reason why you love me and I’ll give you a thousand of reasons why I love you, now you’re part of my life and I want you to know this year with you was the best in my life
Category : Happy anniversary wishes

– “I will always love you, we have a year together and now our love is stronger than before, I’m sure it will last forever”
Category : Happy anniversary wishes

download messages of anniversary, beautiful messages of anniversary– “I thought the time wasn’t important when it’s about love but I was wrong, we have a year of relationship and I want to continue with this love more and more time
Category : Happy anniversary wishes

We hope you liked these phrases to say thanks to a boyfriend for a year of relationship. Enjoy your love and you’ll be happy.

download messages of anniversary, anniversary phrases & wordings

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