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Best sweet love
anniversary wishes

Heartfelt happy anniversary messages with images
A special date to celebrate is undoubtedly when another year of loving relationship arrives, for this, we offer you beautiful anniversary phrases to dedicate to your partner.

In this opportunity you will find sweet anniversary texts to share with the love of your life and thus get more involved in your relationship.
Next, you will find short and emotional anniversary SMS to send to the person that you chose as a life partner.

What to write in an anniversary card to girlfriend

:: “My love, thank you for this time by your side, I have felt the most beloved and respected man, in you I have found the woman I wanted for a lifetime. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “I woke up eager to hug you and tell you that this day is special to give you much more love, so that tomorrow we will be closer together. I love you, honey”.
:: “Thank you for your great charisma, which is why I fell in love with you. I love you so much; I want to celebrate many years by your side”.
:: “Happy Anniversary, May in this date we could approach as a couple, partners and friends, so that we can do positive things for our relationship. I hug you tight”.
:: “Knowing you was the best thing that happened to me, a reliable example is that today we have a beautiful and lasting relationship. Happy Anniversary”.Cute anniversary pictures to download

Best ‘I love you’ anniversary quotes for Him & Her

:: “My heart beats fast for you. You are the love of my life, just as I am for you. Happy Anniversary my love”.
:: “I love you so much my life, in all this time you have won my heart and I your precious love. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “You are and will be the most important thing in my life, together we have managed to be happy because we love each other. Happy Anniversary my heart”.
:: “Good morning, my life, receive this little memory as a sign of our love. I have not lived before this deep feeling that I have for you. I love you. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “With only two words that came out of your lips , you dazzled me. With an”.I love you” our love began to never stop. Congratulations on this anniversary”.

Deep anniversary love quotes for WhatsApp

:: “I love you so much that my heart would not be the same if I didn’t have you, what would happen to me without you ?. We will share a beautiful anniversary with love and happiness”.
:: “Love when it is true overcomes many adversities. Today I feel happy to be the winner of your heart. Happy Anniversary my life”.
:: “I feel very happy to have met you, I love you as I have never done before. You are the love of my life. Happy Anniversary, I adore you”.
:: “Above all that can happen in life, it is our love. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to love you. Happy Anniversary my treasure”.
:: “You are and will be the man I most love in the world. Happy Anniversary sweetheart, may God bless us”.Download messages of happy anniversary my love

Romantic anniversary phrases that melt hearts

:: “Happy Anniversary, may all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled over time. Receive my deepest greetings”.
:: “Let’s celebrate our anniversary in a big way. May life give us joyful moments and moments that we can overcome with love and unity. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “Our marriage has been the beginning of a precious life. Thank you for giving me your best. I love you. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “Let’s remember each and every one of our anecdotes on this anniversary, where we will celebrate until dawn. Congratulations, my love”.
:: “My life, I have no words to tell you how happy your love and your company make me. Without knowing it, you returned the light to my days. I love you”.
:: “God bless your union with another year of celebration. Congratulations, you are a great couple and an example of true love”.
We end this article with beautiful anniversary phrases to give your partner the day you remember the beginning of your relationship.
We invite you to browse our website, where you will find delicate anniversary dedications to express your love to that person who fills your days of happiness.Anniversary sentences and images for instagragram

anniversary messages for Her

When there is true love, age does not matter in a couple, as well as relationship time, any union must be celebrated with beautiful anniversary messages to dedicate to the loved one.
May the joy of love always be present in your heart, celebrating every year your partner compliments with beautiful anniversary phrases to send to whom you love.
Here you will find beautiful anniversary poems for your better half on your anniversary, so you can celebrate together with much love. Read them carefully, we hope you like them.

Happy anniversary greetings to celebrate your love

:: “We will always be together holding our hands darling, even though we would have difficult times I will not let our love be broken. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “We’ve been through so many disagreements and misunderstandings, but we had always solved them with love, it is what keeps us together until today. Happy Anniversary baby”.
:: “Let’s celebrate our fourth anniversary, my love, we are so happy because we both feel to be complemented by the other. I love you very much. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “My dear, today I want to give you a huge kiss and a deep hug wishing you a Happy Anniversary. I feel the most blessed woman in the world, thanks for being just as you are. I love you”.
:: “Receive these beautiful red roses, but none more beautiful than you my life. I adore you and I want to give you many kisses and all my love”.Download beautiful anniversary messages

Find best wedding anniversary wishes for messenger

:: “After the first year of being united, I can express that it has been the most wonderful year of my entire existence. I love you and wish an excellent anniversary for both of us”.
:: “Thank you, my dear, for giving me the most precious years of my life, your love, patience, tolerance, affection and everything that you give me simply makes me fall in love with you even more. Congratulations”.
:: “Today we celebrate another year of being together, I wish to tell you from the heart that you are the most important person in my life. We will share a great anniversary with much love”.
:: “We believe in ourselves that is why our relationship has great results. We love each other a lot honey, let’s celebrate our anniversary in a big way. Congratulations”.
:: “When simplicity and education are your main values, you can build a wonderful relationship and that is what happened with us. Happy Anniversary my love”.

Download happy anniversary greetings for boyfriend

::”.I started looking for someone to love me as I am, it was a bit complicated, but finally destiny made me meet you and now I’m very happy, I adore you”
:: “I love everything about you, when you look at me or we talk, everything is pink next to you. Thanks for so much my life. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “Thank you for being part of my family, now our relationship is very strong and I’m so happy for that, you are the most beautiful in the universe and I feel in love with you. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “Thank you for being with me over the years. You have always supported me in everything and I appreciate that a lot, I love you. Happy Anniversary”.
:: “You are the love of my life, I will always remember you, even more today that we are celebrating another anniversary of our wedding. I love you a lot. Happy Anniversary my heart”.Sweet anniversary text messages

Happy anniversary quotes to celebrate love

:: “Fate had prepared for us the life we ​​are sharing today, so I thank God for so many blessings. Congratulations my great love”.
:: “I could never forget you my heart, so many years spent by my side filling you with my love, as well as you giving me the most delicate and beautiful of you. I wish a Happy Anniversary to both of us”.
:: “Many blessings for our first anniversary. I love you very much and today I promise to make you very happy, let’s continue sharing the same path in life”.
:: “You are the love of my life because I feel that your company, your expressions, caresses, kisses, words, and your unconditional support, fill my soul and give light to my life. Happy Anniversary my heart”.
:: “Since you are in my life everything is wonderful, now we have a year together and I feel I could be with you for a thousand of years, I love you.”.

Happy anniversary quotes,wishes & messages with images

:: “I feel so happy to spent a year with you, your love is something good for me and it’s the only thing I need to be totally happy”
:: “I say thank you for giving me your love during all this time, the hours pass faster when I’m with you and seems an illusion that now we have a year of happy relationship”
:: “The happiness I feel for our first year of relationship is something I can’t express with words, I just want to be with you to demonstrate my love with actions”
:: “Days pass really fast when I’m with you, you’re the only one who makes me feel the happiest girl in the world, I love you and I wish we could make real our dreams of being happy”
:: “The first time I saw you something inside me told me you were the right man for my life, thanks for exist and for all the time we’re together”

Best happy anniversary messages and wishes

:: “It seems that it was yesterday when I met you because my feelings for you haven’t changed since that day, I still love you with all my soul”
:: “Every minute I spend with you is like dreaming awake, I love you and I’m the happiest woman because we have one more year of engagement, I love you”
:: “Give me a reason why you love me and I’ll give you a thousand of reasons why I love you, now you’re part of my life and I want you to know this year with you was the best in my life”
:: “I will always love you, we have a year together and now our love is stronger than before, I’m sure it will last forever”
:: “I thought the time wasn’t important when it’s about love but I was wrong, we have a year of relationship and I want to continue with this love more and more time”
We leave the most delicate anniversary poems to send to the love of your life on the day of your anniversary. We hope you like them and share them on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.
Remember that you can also download short and loving anniversary SMS to share with your partner and thus express the true feelings you have towards him or her. Come back soon for more phrases.Sweet messenger anniversary texts messages

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