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Love messages for 25th
wedding anniversary

download best love anniversary phrases for my wifeEvery day we see sad cases of separation of couples and we realize that today marriages are fragile and short termed. That is why it is so admirable and inspiring to see when a marriage comes to turning 25 years of marriage and celebrated its silver jubilee.
So if you know a marriage that will celebrate its 25 years, the best you can do is to send them a friendly greeting through a congratulatory message.
Here we bring you a list of many love messages to congratulate a couple who will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.

Sweet 25 wedding anniversary messages:

:: “Your marriage is a perfect love story that everyone would like to live, so I wish you well in your silver wedding, much success and happiness
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:: “The path that has led you both to meet these 25 years of marriage has not been easy, but the rewards have been great, so I know your love is forever, many congratulations on your silver wedding”.
Category :25th anniversary messages
:: “It is so inspiring to see a couple who has been faithful to their vows and celebrating 25 years of happiness and good times, congratulations and enjoy many more wonderful years”.
Category :25th anniversary messages
:: “Definitely the best step they could take in their lives was marriage and a proof of that is the 25 years of a wonderful love, congratulations on your anniversary”.
Category :25th anniversary messages
:: “We, your lifelong friends, enjoyed seeing the happiness in your marriage and all the achievements that have been achieved in these 25 years, so we extend our congratulations and wishes to live many more years of happiness”.
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Best wedding anniversary wishes:

:: “It is so wonderful to see the wonderful story of love between you both, all started off as a fairy tale but it came true and today marks the 25th anniversary since you can be seen as in love as the first day, many congratulations”.
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:: “Only true love can make it possible for a marriage to reach the 25th anniversary and celebrate its silver anniversary and this is the case, so I send my congratulations and best wishes in this celebration”.
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:: “A marriage with strong bases such as yours, can handle all the problems that couples today live. The dream to celebrate your silver wedding anniversary is today a reality. Congratulations on your day and many more years of happiness”.
Category :25th anniversary wishes
:: “Your marriage is an example to us all and an ideal to be achieved. Many congratulations on your 25 years of marriage, today is a great day to celebrate your love”.
Category :25th anniversary wishes
:: “It is so beautiful to see how your love remains as strong and alive as the day of their wedding as 25 years ago, so today celebrating its silver jubilee. Many congratulations to you both”.
Category :25th anniversary wishes
These thoughts will please any couple who receive them. Send them and they will be very grateful with you for having a nice touch.

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Send your originals 25th anniversary messages, and will be published, others friends will thank you .

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