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One of the most anticipated and celebrated date by lovers is Valentine’s Day. On this special day couples only want one thing, to be together and be happy living their love.
Before meeting with your partner on this Valentine’s Day, send a message with a romantic dedication to express your love. Below there is a list of the most beautiful SMS of love for Valentine’s Day.
All texts on this list have been inspired by love, the person you love will be very happy when she or he receives one of these messages.
Free list of wonderful messages for valentine’s day:
:: “I am happy to have someone like you in my life because you make that every day has a special meaning, I love you and you are all I want on this Valentine’s Day”.
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:: “You sent me an arrow directly to the heart from the first day that I saw you and from that moment my heart only have a place for you, I love you princess, I will take care of you to have a Happy Valentine’s Day”.
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:: “Today all couples celebrate Valentine’s Day but I celebrate every day you are part of me, no matter what, I am always going to love you”.
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:: “During the time we have been together some people have tried to separate us but they have never succeeded because our love is stronger than anything that can exist in this world, I want happiness on this Valentine last forever in us”.
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:: “When I kiss you I feel I’m in a cloud and I can touch the moon and stars with my hands, you are the man I love and I am extremely happy to celebrate this Valentine’s Day at your side”.
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:: “My desire to live a great love was fulfilled when I gave you my soul and you accepted me in your life, you end up with my moans and filled my life with beautiful moments, no matter what happens tomorrow, today I am very happy to love , Happy Valentine’s Day ”
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:: “When I feel your fingers between my fingers and your lips are close to mine I think I am living a dream but when I open my eyes and realize you are real I feel like I am the most fortunate man, thank you for your love , Happy Valentine’s Day”.
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:: “At first I struggled to accept my feelings but after meeting you everything was easier, I would give anything to stop time whenever I am with you so that our kisses and caresses are eternal, happy Valentine My Love”.
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:: “When our eyes met for the first time I realized that this was the love of my life, on this Valentine’s Day I just want you by my side to feel that my life has meaning”.
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We hope these Love SMS for Valentine’s Day have been to your liking. We wish a happy day of love to all couples. Remember to dedicate some words and express all your love through there.
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