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Nursing is a profession that is in high demand around the world and Dubai is emerging as an attractive destination for labor for foreign nurses.
Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates and has a lot of wealth due to oil, however the local health professionals are there are not enough and therefore requires nurses. In this article we will tell you all about jobs for professional nurses in this Arab country, among other things, we discuss the requirements you must meet and the advantages it brings the work in this nation.
Advantages of working in Dubai
If you work as a nurse in this nation as well as receiving excellent remuneration, it will be making good progress in your career. Dubai, being a rich country has health first level care centers, with the most modern infrastructure and latest technology equipment.
Also you will work alongside the best professionals in the medical field who have extensive experience. Within Dubai hospitals more worldwide fame, we find the American Hospital Dubai, an institution that has specialized departments in each and every one of the specialties that currently exist in medicine.
Such is the reputation of this hospital that even Hollywood stars and famous athletes go to him for diagnosis and treatment.
In Dubai, being one of the world’s richest nations, the remuneration to these profession practitioners is one of the highest in the world.
This means a nurse practitioner can earn about 25 Euros per hour, counting employment benefits apart if the nurses show professionalism in their work, their employment contract can be extended for another year to receive an increase of 30%.
Another fact to note is that each hospital has housing complexes that are unique to their workers, so no additional costs are incurred for housing, including transport and food also borne by health centers.
There are a number of requirements you must meet if you want to work in Dubai, among them we can mention the following:
Visa: Dubai grants work visas for a term of one year, which is the same time as stipulated in the labor contract with the health institution. If you want to extend your work visa by one more year, you also have to renew your contract.
Language: It is essential that nursing professionals who want to work in Dubai speak and write in English at advanced level, as it is the official language for medical staff to hospitals made. Yet once you have got a contract you must take a course in Arabic.
Professional Title: To apply for a work place is essential to have completed studies and additionally nurses have a minimum work experience of one year. The only exceptions to the rule are those professionals who have studied in colleges or universities with existing agreements with medical situations in Dubai.
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