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break up phrases

Download break up phrases for lovers.#BreakUpPhrases

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It is difficult to leave behind those things on which we depend, but that harm us. We must have the courage to send messages to end a relationship that has no future.

There are many reasons that lead you to make this decision, but you should not be afraid. By sending your partner sincere words to end their relationship, you are taking an important step.

Have no doubt that a great future awaits you and that love will smile at you again, it is time to choose one of the following original phrases to end your relationship.breakup texts that will help you end any type of relationship.#BreakUpPhrases

How do you write a painful breakup text?

:: “I am sorry that we have reached this point, but we cannot continue like this. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for everything we shared”.

:: “It is very difficult to make a decision like this, but it is for the good of both of us. It is time to say goodbye, but not before thanking you for this time you were by my side. Good luck”.

:: “It pains me to think that this story cannot continue, but it would be a great mistake to insist with something that goes nowhere”.

:: “We were a happy couple, but that is part of the past. I wish you well and I am sorry for making this decision”.

:: “The beginning of our relationship was beautiful, but the end is inevitable; love is over and it’s time to accept it”.breakup messages for boyfriend.#BreakUpPhrases

Ending relationship messages

:: “We could go on together and fool ourselves, but deep down we know that there is nothing that unites us anymore. It’s time to say goodbye”.

:: “I appreciate you, you are a good person, but I feel that our lives go in different directions and forcing our relationship will only hurt us”.

:: “Although it hurts us, it is necessary to admit that this relationship has come to an end and accept this reality. I wish you the best and I thank you for everything.”.

:: “I prefer to keep the good memories we had instead of continuing to fight for a love that long ago faded away”.the best way to end a casual relationship.#BreakUpPhrases

Breakup messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

:: “You inspired me to be better, but you expect more from me and I’m not living up to your expectations, that’s why I feel that the best thing is for our relationship to finish”.

:: “I don’t want to be an obstacle for you to chase your dreams, we have different ways of seeing life and that’s not a bad thing. Take care of yourself and thank you for the love you gave me!”.

:: “You marked a before and after in my life and I thank you, but it is not enough to continue this relationship. Good luck”.

:: “We both try in every possible way, but we are incompatible and it is best to make the decision to end our relationship”.what to say to end a relationship.#BreakUpPhrases

Breakup texts to end the relationship

:: “I cannot deny that we had very nice moments, but we are doing ourselves a lot of damage and we cannot continue together. It’s goodbye time!”.

:: “Let’s leave everything as it is, keep good memories and continue our lives without hurting ourselves. I wish you luck and I apologize for not being what you expected”.

:: “It took me a lot of courage to tell you that our relationship cannot continue and understand that it is the best for both of us. Thanks for everything”.

:: “Neither of us would have wanted this to happen, but unfortunately we cannot continue to hurt each other. Our relationship is over”.breaking up by text message.#BreakUpPhrases

Lovers break up quotes

:: “I would like to write you an extensive letter, but I am afraid that my words will hurt you. I just want you to know that we will not continue together; it is a decision that is not going back”.

:: “Excuse me for having made this decision, but both you and I deserve to be happy and the end of this relationship is inevitable”.

:: “I had two options: To stay with you without being happy or to move away and leave you free, I chose the second one because I feel that you deserve someone who loves you as I couldn’t”.

:: “Let us leave things as they are and do not continue hurting ourselves, in this way perhaps we can keep our friendship instead of remaining as enemies. All is over”.

:: “I am very sorry that our relationship has to end, but we cannot get used to hurting ourselves. You have the right to be happy and so do I, but each one on his own path”.how to break up with someone.#BreakUpPhrases

Phrases to break up
with someone you love

:: “Johnny, I don’t have the courage to tell it to you personally but I cannot continue this charade anymore. It’s been some time that I don’t have any feelings for you, I don’t love you anymore and there are no buts or anything that is worth.

It’s very hard because we’ve spent unforgettable moments together but I’d be lying if we continue like this. I don’t want to receive any your calls”.

:: “I’ve done everything possible and I’ve given it a lot of thought but there is no escape, it’s not possible to continue with this relationship, you and I share nothing in common, we are so opposite we end up fighting all the time.

I can’t imagine a life like this, I’m sorry for ending things this way, through this message, but I don’t want to see you or know anything more about you. I hope you understand what I feel and you understand”.worst ways to break up with someone.#BreakUpPhrases

Letters to end your relationship

:: “Dear Carlos, our relationship is fairly new and still we’ve learned so much. We’ve moved on so quickly I’ve realized that I feel no love for you, I just feel sympathy and if we have a good time it’s because we have some things in common.

I want to end this relationship because I will not lie to pretend to stay together when only you love me. You must find someone else and I know that will not be difficult since you’re a good person. I wish you well and write to me so I hear from you”.

:: “I talked to you but apparently you didn’t take what I said seriously, so I’ll put it in writing for you to understand at once. Dear, I do not want to continue in this relationship, I’m so tired that you don’t pay attention, that you put your job and friends first and just spend the little time you have left with me.

Your face tells me that you love me but your attitude tells me that’s not true, you’ve really disappointed me. So do not complicate things further and accepts reality, my decision is firm and I will not change it, so don’t insist”.

We hope this list of phrases to end a relationship contains what you need to finish one and for all with that person you no longer wish to be with.

It is possible that after sending these original texts to end your relationship you have mixed feelings, but time will eventually prove you right. You will see that soon you will visit us to download beautiful love thoughts.nice way to breakup with someone.#BreakUpPhrases

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