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Beautiful anniversary
messages for my boyfriend

download sweet anniversary messagesBeing in love makes us experience many beautiful emotions for our loved one and as days pass our love grows stronger, increasing every day, improving and perfecting.
This way when we started dating approaches all we want is to say special words that contain all the love we feel for each of the moments we spent together.
For this reason we have created a list of phrases to celebrate the tender couple relationship. Dedicate one of these messages to the one you love.

Happy anniversary wishes, messages and quotes for & couples :

:: “Honey since you came into my life I things differently, you inspire me every day to be better and fight for what I want, being with you is special. I love you. Thanks for everything. Congratulations”.
Category : Happy anniversary wishes
:: “I had no idea you could love like this, thanks to you I understand that there is nothing that can stop this beautiful feeling that aroused in me, today we celebrate our first anniversary and being united. I didn’t think it was possible to feel so much love”.
Category : Happy anniversary wishes
:: “If I was ever asked me to choose a special person to spend my life with, I would surely choose you for me because I know you’re the guy. Many congratulations. I love you very much”.
Category : Happy anniversary wishes
:: “Love of my life, on this day we are celebrating another year of being together. When we met we could not imagine that we would become lovers. You’re the person I always dreamed about.
I am very happy for every moment we enjoy together. Happy Anniversary”.
Category : Happy anniversary wishes

:: “You are the man of my dreams, the one that makes my life happy, and makes difficult times easier to bear. We started out as friends and now we are a happy couple. Congratulations dear”.
Category : Happy anniversary wishes

Best heartfelt happy anniversary text messages :

:: “May the Holy Virgin enlighten us in our lives and bless our beautiful love today as we celebrate one year and allow us to be together forever. Many kisses”.
Category : Anniversary text messages
:: “My darling we’re celebrating that we meet more than one year relationship and I feel as if everything had started yesterday, let’s continue loving each other like as if it were the first day”.
Category : Anniversary text messages
:: “I love you as much as I did at the beginning of our love story. Happy anniversary, sweetheart”.
Category : Anniversary text messages
:: “I would choose to be with you all over again. Every day you show me that it’s worth loving you, by your side I feel like the luckiest girl on earth.
We have so many common goals that I cannot imagine my future without you by my side. Let’s celebrate that we’ve been together one more year. Happy Anniversary”.
Category : Anniversary text messages
:: “Today we celebrate the anniversary of our beautiful relationship and I’m excited to think that we’re getting married soon, and we will turn from bride and groom to husband and wife. How I love you my love”.
Category : Anniversary text messages
:: “We have many things in common, and we now have a very happy and friendly relationship. On this date we celebrate one more month and so I want to make you know you male my life happy and every moment is unforgettable. Congratulations for our anniversary”.
Category : Anniversary text messages
:: “Congratulations honey. Thanks for making my life happy with each one of your details, beside you I found true love. I love you very much”.
Category : Anniversary text messages
:: “Celebrating our first anniversary together makes me very happy, it’s been a year we’ve been dating and I love you more intensely every day. Congratulations”.
Category : Anniversary text messages
We hope you’ve liked these beautiful phrases for a couple’s anniversary and so you decide to use any of them on your own anniversary.

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