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A romantic gesture without a particular reason will always move the heart of your partner.

Write something to her and let her know how important she is in your life, and you will see how her love for you grows even more.

Use one of the love texts we offer you on the lines below and you will see she will love it!Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp.#LoveQuotes,#LoveQuotesForLovers

Best “I love you quotes”.
for Her

:: “First of all, I wanted to thank you for loving me without expecting anything in return. I know that your love is real, and I hope you know that mine is too”.

:: “It was wonderful when I opened the doors of my heart and gave our love a chance because then, the best time of my life began. Thank you, sweetie!”.

:: “I will be grateful for the love that you give me every day without ceasing, because I realize how privileged I am to be with you”.

:: “With these words I want to send you a kiss that will make you sigh, my life. I thank you for everything, I love you”.

:: “It feels really wonderful to share my days by your side, because you are everything I always dreamed of and more. thank you!”.

Short platonic love quotes

:: “You are my platonic love, the constant thought at every moment of the day and the reason for my night dreams”.

:: “I did not believe in love until you came into my life; I know that, if you give me a chance, we could build a beautiful love story, you and me”.

:: “How fortunate I am to have met you, because I never want you to go away. You are the only one who has my heart, and my happiness is inexorably linked to you”.

:: “Although the time we share is brief, my mind can’t help but focus on you. You are the only one in my thoughts, and no one else fills my heart like you do”.

:: “My platonic love, I need to tell you that you are my reason for smiling. Could we be more than friends? I want to explore what we have together”.

Thank you for your love quotes

:: “Even after all these years together, I still have things to thank you for, because I wouldn’t be who I am if it was not for you. I love you”.

:: “When things are not going so well, I know that with just one look you already know what I am thinking. Thank you for your love, you do not know how good it makes me feel”.

:: “I will always be by your side, even if it rains or thunders, because that is what love is like when it is true. Thank you for loving me the way you do”.

:: “I have no doubt that you will always support me no matter how my plan may be, and that is why I love you so much. thank you!”.

:: “Loving you is my favorite sport. Thank you for being the best boyfriend ever”.

I am deeply in love with you text messages.#LoveQuotes,#LoveQuotesForLovers

Quotes :
“I am sorry my love”.

:: “I failed you and I know it will be difficult to regain your love. Forgive me and I promise you this will never happen again”.

:: “This has been a very hard lesson to learn, as I feel so much pain and sorrow in my heart I understand how you felt. I ask you to forgive me!”.

:: “Maybe you won’t trust me again, but even so my feelings towards you are sincere, I love you and I will do whatever it takes so you can forgive me”.

:: “I could not bear to see you in the eyes right now because the feeling of guilt is terrible, so I am sending you this message asking for forgiveness in the name of our love”.

:: “The leaves fall from the trees and the seasons change, but I am still convinced that I love you. Please forgive me”.

You are the only one I want love messages.#LoveQuotes,#LoveQuotesForLovers

Original love quotes
for cards

:: “You make me feel in the clouds, throughout the day I do nothing but think of you and dream of the beautiful moments that await us. You bring my heart so happy with love for you!”.

:: “Those days of loneliness and sadness seem part of a distant past that will never return, I only find happiness with you and your love is my great fortune”.

:: “I want you to come for me because this distance is killing me and I do not think I can stand it for much longer, my love”.

:: “I love you and I promise that I will always prove it to you, no matter what happens you will always be the most important thing for me, my highest priority in life”.

:: “Our love far exceeds what I have always dreamed of, It’s because at your side I find a joy that has no barriers, it is like having wings to fly”.

Eternal love quotes

:: “I love you eternally is my sentence and I am the happiest in the world to fulfill it to the letter”.

:: “You are my whole life and, since you came, I knew I wanted to be with you for the rest of my days”.

:: “I am lost in the blue of your eyes, those eyes that make me fall in love every day in a deep and inexorable way”.

:: “Those eternal nights of love and laughter were just a prelude to a full and fulfilling life. I love you madly”.

:: “I never thought I would have a chance with a girl like you and I’m surprised you chose me. I love you more than you can imagine”.best tender love thoughts & messages for Girlfriend.#LovePhrases

Sweet love quotes

:: “I express what I feel for you in many ways and the most beautiful thing is that I will always find a way to tell you that I love you”.

:: “If I had the joy of having you by my side, until the last of my days, I would feel completely happy and totally fulfilled”.

:: “You are everything for me and if your happiness depends on me, I will never do anything to erase the smile that always made me fall in love with you”.

:: “Because you are so beautiful you will always be my inspiration to love you for being the person who deserves all my feelings”.

:: “I always write you love messages because if I do not see you it’s when I need you most to know how much I love you”.

Unconditional love quotes

:: “I fall in love with you every day, it is as if the love I have for you knows no limits, because it never stops growing”.

:: “No matter what happens or how hard life gets, as long as we are together everything will be alright. I love you without limits or conditions”.

:: “I know you know as well as I do that our love is unconditional and that there is no obstacle we cannot overcome as long as we are together”.

:: “When I close my eyes it is your face that I see vividly, as beautiful as ever. You are everything I love the most and will always love”.

:: “I would have to erase my memory for me to forget you, and I do not think that would even work. I love you, my love, unconditionally”.

True love quotes

:: “I am always amazed and delighted by your generosity, because you are someone with a pure soul whom I truly love”.

:: “My main concern is that you are well and that you are happy, my love, because if you are well, everything is well. I love you”.

:: “I am the only direction I want to follow and the true love I have been waiting for so long”.

:: “The details you have with me fascinate me, your kisses make me fall in love and I simply adore everything about you, because you are my true love”.

:: “I love you so immensely and overwhelmingly, my dear, because you have managed to teach me what true love means”.Find best sweet & romantic text messages with images for girlfriend.#LovePhrases

Love quotes about kisses

:: “I feel you close to me, there is an electric current that goes through my whole body and by inertia I get closer to you to kiss you”.

:: “I don’t know where you were hiding, but now that I’ve found you, I won’t let you go. Your kisses have changed my life”.

:: “I’m sure that your kisses are magical and have the power to make me feel like the happiest man in the world”.

:: “I start counting the hours, minutes and seconds until I get home and kiss you again”.

:: “I want you to know: There is no evil that a kiss from you can’t cure, because in your lips you have the tastiest honey I have ever tasted”.

Deep love quotes

:: “If our love were a well, it would be the deepest ever created, I’m sure. I love you very much, my life”.

:: “My heart has widened to make room for the deep love I feel for you. You are the air I breathe”.

:: “How good it feels to have found a person with whom I can show myself as I am, someone I can love deeply and sincerely”.

:: “It is strange how we went from being two strangers to becoming each other’s better half. I love you deeply”.

:: “I am so beautiful to love and to be loved in the same measure, with a love as deep as the one you and I have for each other”.

Love quotes for wife

:: “I believe that there is nothing that can separate us, because loves like ours can fight against everything and everyone”.

:: “I would like to write a love novel in which you and I are the protagonists of the purest love of all. I love you immensely”.

:: “I miss you from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep, so come back as soon as possible, my love, I do not know how to live without you”.

:: “My heart is dying to give you all the love in the world, because it only beats for you. I love you and I always will”.

:: “I am seduced by your smile, your look, everything about you, because you are perfect for me. I love you, my wife”.
Find I will adore you forever sweet mobile messages.#LoveQuotes,#LoveQuotesForLovers

Sorry love quotes

:: “Let’s put aside everything that is not working and concentrate on what’s right. I love you and I want us to always be together”.

:: “Life without you is meaningless, so I want us to stop fighting and get back together, please. I love you”.

:: “If we learn to forgive, we will have surpassed the vast majority of people who do not know how to get out of a crossroads. I love you and I am so sorry”.

:: “I know that with all the love that you and I have for each other, nothing should be impossible when it comes to forgiveness”.

:: “I am over my anger and now I just long to hold your hand, baby. How about forgiving each other?”.

I miss you love quotes

:: “Blessed is the ground you walk on and blessed are you, my love. I do not even know how to explain to you how much I miss you”.

:: “Without you neither the food tastes the same, nor the colors are so intense, nor my laughter so sincere. I miss you too much”.

:: “I know that it will be enough for you to come back for me to be happy again, because missing you so much is making a hole in my heart”.

:: “All the love songs remind me how much I miss you and how much I miss you”.

:: “Tell me something, love, do you miss me like I miss you? Because I feel like I am going to faint if we stay apart”.

Short and touching
love letters

:: “You can not feel happiness if we don’t have love. Despite having everything I needed someone by my side. Today you’re part of my life I feel that everything has improved and now I am completely happy. I love you so much, honey.”.

:: “When I met you, you made a feeling get a hold on me that I never imagined. Thanks for accepting my sincere affection, I’ve never felt this way about another person.

By your side I’m so happy I do not even remember the problems. Since I saw you I knew that we were born for each other”.

:: “When you are with me you are the center of my universe. My eyes enjoy your beauty, my fingers enjoy touching your beautiful face, your voice is music to my ears, and your kisses are so sweet to make me fall even more in love with you”.

These cute romantic messages for boyfriend/girlfriend are what you needed to remind them that your heart does nothing but beat for him/her.

Use as many as you want and remember that they are free of charge. We hope to see you back here with much more free and original content.Best 'I love you' messages for Him & Her.#LoveQuotes,#LoveQuotesForLovers

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