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Romantic phrases for girlfriend
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We all have a unique and different way of living love in our lives, but we have in common the desire to share beautiful romantic love text messages to our partner.

We are here to help you and that is why we have prepared some sweet romantic messages to download and send to the love of your life. Use them with total freedom.Download I miss you Whatsapp love text messages

Best love messages &
images thinking about you

:: “Our souls merge into one when our lips meet in a sweet and deep kiss.”

:: “I would be able to wait for you even for the rest of my life only if I had the promise of being with you for all eternity.”

:: “I’ve been in love with you all my life, I’ve always been looking for you until I finally found you. I am the happiest man on earth. ”

:: “With you I knew what love is, before I had only found illusions.”

:: “You came to fill that emptiness that was inside my heart, to fill my days of joy and to show me that love exists.”Cute love quotes & sayings straight from the heart

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:: “Looking at you is my favorite pastime, because there is nothing I like more than contemplating you and daydreaming about the future that awaits us, my love. I adore you”.

:: “I think the love we feel for each other is worthy of a movie script, because all the trials we have been through have made us unique and invincible. I love you so much”.

:: “You are the most amazing thing that ever happened to me and the love I feel for you multiplies with every passing second. I hope you always want to be with me. Xoxo!”.

:: “Looking at you is a privilege and I only hope to always be worthy of your love and tenderness. I adore you”.Deep love quotes to express how you really feel

Sweet and touching I love you
text messages for girlfriend

:: “Just when I had lost all hope in love you came into my life as a response sent from heaven. I love you my angel!”

:: “All my life I felt a void inside my heart and that emptiness has motivated me to look for you until I did, now I feel complete thanks to your love.”

:: “I want this love to continue like this for the rest of our lives and to be an inexhaustible source of adventure, happiness and passion.”

:: “Just thinking about you I shudder completely and that is because I am in love with you as I never had been before.”

:: “Although we have been together for a short time, I can realize that you are that person that I have been waiting for so long. You are the love of my life!”Pure love messages & romantic quotes

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:: “I can promise you that every new day I will love you much more than the previous one and that I will strive even more to make you very happy.”

:: “You rescued me right at the moment I was falling into an abyss, you are a ray of light that shines for me in the midst of darkness, you are my true love.”

:: “Thank you for giving me back hope, for showing me that love exists and that you are the light of my life.”

:: “Sometimes I find it hard to understand how everything happened, but what matters is that I love you with all my strength and all I want is to be with you for the rest of my life.”Find best sweet & romantic text messages with images for girlfriend

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:: “My world did not know what happiness was until you came into my life, you entered my heart and took out all the love that was in it.”

:: “Let us love forever as the first time, let’s give wings to our love and let it take us to distant worlds.”

:: “My heart was full of wounds and distrusted everything, but with you, it had no fear, it was able to heal completely and now it’s full of joy and love.”

:: “Even if the whole world turns against us, I will fight for our love and our happiness because that is our destiny, to be together and to love each other as we have never done.”Romantic phrases you should say to your love

Best platonic love messages

:: “I wish my hand could take yours at any moment, I wish I could steal a kiss from you and that you would answer me with a smile. I wish I could be yours and you could be mine”.

:: “It kills me to know that we are not together, that you do not know who I am or how I feel about you. You are what I long for most in this life and yet I cannot muster up the courage to declare my love for you”.

:: “Dare to take my hand, to allow me to show you how happy we could be together. I love you”.

:: “Here we are, once again, you in front of me, me with sweaty hands and my voice trembling, getting ready to declare my eternal love and the greatest affection there is”.

Long love messages
for girlfriend

:: “My beautiful wife every day I wake up next to you and reminded me the first day I met you and realized you were the right person for me, who would fill my heart with so much happiness and despite the time and step from that special moment, we are united and I know that ours will be eternal.

I just hope you never want to et away from me. I sent you all my love, my love. ”
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:: “I do not know how much I love you, you are the woman of my life, despite all the time that has passed I still love with the same intensity, it is so strong in me that drives me to defend, to help you and love you every day.

I am so glad I found you and you are by my side sharing every moment of my life. ”
Category : Long love messages for girlfriend

:: “My love, my love for you is so strong and will last an eternity.
You do not know how important you are in my life and the day we contracted nuptials and swear my love only to you, I have meet my word until today and I always will, because despite the difficulties anything or anyone can’t destroy this love we have. I adore you my wife. ”
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