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For sure you have gotten to know someone who dazzles you completely and enters so strongly into your mind that you cannot stop thinking about that person for a single moment.
Because of that, on the next few lines we offer you some very original texts that will help you reach that persons heart for sure.
Check the following texts and send the one you like most to that special person you like so much. You will see that he or she will love the message.

Download free love phrases:

:: “You found me with a broken heart, but you stood by my side and helped me heal it completely, now my heart beats again all thanks to you. I love you as I had never loved anyone before”.
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:: “Since I first saw you for the first time, something changed inside me because a profound feeling was born in my heart and ever since I cannot stop thinking about or wanting to be by your side”.
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:: “For some time I have had beautiful feelings for you, but I have not told you yet fearing that you would reject me. Now I realize that if I want to be happy with you, I must be honest and tell you how much I love you”.
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:: “Every time I see you I feel like as if time started going by in slow motion and I you are more beautiful than any other woman that exists on this planet. I am madly in love with you”.
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:: “My heart bears the scars of bad experiences in love, but you are a man different from others because you know how to make me feel safe by giving me your pure and true love. I love you as I never imagined I could love a man”.
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:: “I do not know how you will react when you receive this message, but I cannot keep my feelings silent any more. My heart is crying, asking me to tell you how much I love and my greatest desire is to have a chance to win your love”.
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:: “Sadness has been a part of my life and I saw love as something that would come after many years, but you surprised me and showed me that to love, you simply need to have will. You have earned my love completely”.
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:: “Maybe at some point you have been inconvenienced because I kept looking deeply into your eyes, but what actually happens is that I have fallen in love with you because you are a completely different woman from all others and in your heart there are only beautiful feelings”.
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:: “Loneliness was my partner and I did nothing but dream of the day in which I would be happy next to a wonderful woman, and then you appeared in my life and my heart immediately realized that you were perfect for me. I love you with every fiber of my being”.
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:: “My heart is very stubborn and although you told me that you do not feel the same way about me, it is still infatuated with you and it will never give up”.
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Most likely you dream of living a beautiful relationship next to the person you love so much, but for this to happen you must open your heart and express your feelings in a sincere way. Come back soon, we have many more free texts for you.

New free love texts

No matter how much experience we have in love, this cute little feeling will never fail to surprise us and move the depths of our soul. Enjoy love once it comes into your life and dare to declare your feelings to the person who has gotten to the bottom of your heart by using any of the romantic texts we offer you on the lines below.

Download free cute love phrases:

:: “My lonely heart was sad and empty until you came into my life and just like the sun at dawn, you illuminated me with the light of your love. I want you to give me the chance to be happy by your side you”.
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:: “I still do not cease to be amazed to see that you are such a different woman from all others, a beautiful girl with a golden heart because you have the most beautiful feelings. I am completely in love with you”.
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:: “All the suffering and the pain in my heart completely disappeared in the moment in which I saw that beautiful sparkle in your eyes and you smiled to me so mischievously. I love you and I always will”.
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:: “Time takes care of healing the wounds of the heart, but in this case I had extra help and thanks to you I can feel happy again and I am supremely in love with the most wonderful man of all, you”.
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:: “Every morning I wake up with a big smile on my face and as soon as I think of your love I feel like jumping up from my bed and go running to see you. I love you with all my heart”.
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:: “Pessimism no longer has a place in my mind, now I only have positive thoughts because my heart is enjoying a new illusion thanks to the cute love you offer me every day. My beautiful princess, you are the love of my life”.
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:: “I was afraid of ruining the friendship there is between us by telling you that I am in love with you, but now I see that you feel the same way I do, it was the best thing I could have done. I love you and I am very happy with you”.
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:: “By your side everything is happiness, joy and love. Thank you for coming into my life when I needed you most, thank you for rescuing me from sadness and pain and taking me to a world full of joy. I love you with all my soul”.
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:: “I am not a man of many words, but I want to tell you that I feel the greatest love I have ever experienced in my heart for you and you are responsible for all the happiness in my life. You are my one and only love”.
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Enjoy love and do not forget to have nice details with your partner so that you enjoy endless moments of happiness by her side. We hope to see you again on our website. Until next time.

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