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Best birthday texts

cute examples of beautiful birthday messages
Looking for best birthday greetings ? Saying hello to someone special was never easier than with these beautiful birthday wishes to share. We hope you feel identified with more than one, and it would be what you want to convey.
There is nothing better than greeting a loved one with these cute birthday phrases. We hope that they are to your liking and remember that it is always good to give a detail like this to someone special.
For our part, you know that you can always count on us for special occasions like this one. Do not stop downloading nice birthday quotes. We will be meeting soon.

Send best happy birthday greetings by Messenger

:: “Happy Birthday, dear Mom! Today is such a special day because we celebrate one more year of your birth. You are a wonderful woman, your whole family is very proud of you. Today we will celebrate as we should”.
Category: Facebook birthday wishes
:: “Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man on the face of the earth! Dear Dad, it’s nice to be able to celebrate this day religiously every year. I know it’s a habit that will be perpetual. I want to take this opportunity to tell you that I love you very much. Let’s celebrate!”.
Category: Facebook birthday wishes
:: “Today is a special day, because on a day like this an incredible man was born, someone I can call “my husband”. Thank you for being such a wonderful man with me, you deserve happiness forever”.
Category: Facebook birthday wishes
:: “A day like today a few years ago, a beautiful, intelligent girl was born, who is capable of transforming darkness into the most luminous space. My dear daughter, you know that I love you with all my heart; I want your happiness, always”.
Category: Facebook birthday wishes

Find best Whatsapp happy birthday wishes

:: “Happy Birthday, dear son! To think that a few years ago, you were at this time in my womb, and today you are a great man. I am extremely proud to be your Mother and the great man you have become”.
Category: Birthday phrases
:: “You know well, that my love for you grows every day. Today, on your birthday, I want to send you the most fraternal greeting, all the feeling that can fit in my heart through these lines. You are an incredible woman. I love you so much. Happy Birthday!”.
Category: Birthday phrases
:: “Dear friend, today is your birthday, and I wanted to take the opportunity to send you the strongest hug you can receive. You’re like my sister, and I want to ask life to conspire so you would always smile, you deserve it”.
Category: Birthday phrases
:: “Friend of the soul, it’s nice to be able to count on you every day. I want you to know, that you are the brother I never had, I can tell you everything and you know well that you can count on me in good times and in bad times. Happy Birthday!”.
Category: Birthday phrases
Did you like the new birthday messages to give? We hope that you have felt identified with more than one of them. We have prepared them with a lot of love for this special occasion.
We make your chances like ours, which is why you can find beautiful birthday phrases to surprise. Have a nice celebration with the honored, and we’ll be seeing another time.

Cute birthday thoughts

How nice it is to receive a nice detail like this on your birthday! That is why we have created these cute birthday messages to offer to your friends. We hope you like them. Share them freely.
It is very nice to offer a cute detail such a nice message to your friends on their birthday. Do not stop transmitting your best wishes through these great birthday phrases to share.
We have created with all the love of the universe, beautiful birthday thoughts to download. You know that, you can count on us whenever you like, we will always be happy to accompany you on special occasions.

Download sweet text messages for birthdays

:: “Happy Birthday, dear Grandma! You are the light of my eyes, I thank life to have been able to grow by your side, and know that I can count on you, because apart from my Grandmother, you were always my best friend. Thank you for so many wonderful moments”.
Category: Whatsapp birthday messages
:: “It’s nice to know that, in this ungrateful world, there are people like you. Life wanted us to be best friends, but today, I can say that we are sisters. I celebrate your birthday, because I also know that this friendship will last forever”.
Category: Whatsapp birthday messages
:: “In this increasingly hostile world, it is rare to find so much beauty gathered in one person. This wonderful person is celebrating his birthday today. I want to send you a big hug; you are worth a lot to me. I love you”.
Category: Whatsapp birthday messages
:: “It is so nice to be able to celebrate each birthday by your side, my daughter. Thank you for being a lovely daughter. I love you, darling, Happy Birthday!”.
Category: Whatsapp birthday messages

Download Facebook happy birthday messages, wishes and greetings

:: “Every year, on this special day, I ask God, from the depths of my heart, to continue granting the desires you put out along with the candles. Thank you for being such a wonderful son, your Father and I love you with all our soul. Happy Birthday, son! ”
Category: Birthday greetings
:: “Thanks to life, for allowing me to be part of your celebration every year. You are like a daughter to me, you are the light of my eyes, and you know that my life makes more sense since you are in it. Happy Birthday, my princess! ”
Category: Birthday greetings
:: “Dear friend, it is important for me, that you know how much I love you. You are the madness that my days of calm need, and the joy that my heart looks for in dark days. Happy Birthday! You are the best friend life could give me. Do not forget that I love you a lot”.
Category: Birthday greetings
:: “Dear friend, you are a true little brother to me. Thank you for so much joy, every time you arrive, you fill our spaces with your stories. Without a doubt, your arrival was a true blessing for the family. Happy Birthday!”
Category: Birthday greetings
What did you think about the cute birthday words to surprise, that we have prepared for you? We hope that they have been of your total pleasure and that we will meet soon to celebrate another occasion.
These words have been specially created for you to greet someone special on his/her birthday. Do not forget to share beautiful birthday thoughts; it’s a nice detail on your part. Until next time!

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