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Happy Birthday texts
original Happy Birthday phrases

Birthdays are when we can devote all our positive energy to a person, especially if he/she is special in our lives. We have prepared these beautiful birthday words to share.
We know that sharing details is something very special for you, that is why you cannot miss the opportunity to give cute birthday phrases to your loved ones. We sincerely hope you like some of these phrases.
You have a whole range of alternatives that you can choose to surprise a loved one. Do not forget to download new birthday messages. Come back soon to our website.

Share nice Happy Birthday messages:

:: “Happy Birthday, my heart, it’s nice to share a day like today by your side, thank you for inspiring me and for making me part of your celebration, I promise not to disappoint you. You are a truly amazing woman. I adore you”.
Category: Happy Birthday thoughts
:: “The day I expected so much arrived, your birthday. A day like today, a few years ago, life witnessed the birth of a princess, of the woman of my life, and of whom I feel more and more proud every day. Congratulations! Today I promise to surprise you”.
Category: Happy Birthday thoughts
:: “Congratulations on your birthday, dear friend! I hope you receive this day as you please, and that all dreams are fulfilled. You are a fighter, and I know that you will be working for each goal you draw. I love you”.
Category: Happy Birthday thoughts
:: “Happy Birthday! Thank you for being my best friend since you were children, you are my perfect accomplice of thousands of adventures. Many trips, and things that we have lived together, I wish you all the happiness of the universe. See you later”.
Category: Happy Birthday thoughts

Beautiful Happy Birthday phrases:

:: “And today your birthday finally arrived, I hope you liked the gift that I thought for you, and that you enjoy it. We cannot see each other today, but soon we will be together. I love you a lot. Enjoy this day very much”.
Category: Happy Birthday texts
:: “Happy Birthday Dad! Thank you for being my superhero, the man who is a true example in my life. Thanks for the desire to fly that you give me every day. You are a great Father, and I am very proud of you. I love you”.
Category: Happy Birthday texts
:: “Happy birthday Mom! You are an incredible woman, someone I would like to follow in her footsteps, because you have given us hard-to-forget principles. You laid the foundations of our lives. Thanks a lot. Today we will celebrate in a very special way”.
Category: Happy Birthday texts
:: “Dear sister, today on your birthday I want to express you these words full of love. You are my best friend and a great sister. Thank you, for so much complicity. You are my role model”.
Category: Happy Birthday texts
Did you like these beautiful birthday words to download? We hope so; we have prepared them thinking about you, about how important it is to give details to the people who add to your life.
Thank you very much for trusting us in these special occasions. Do not forget to give nice birthday messages for a loved one. We will meet on a next occasion.

Cute Happy Birthday thoughts

How nice it is to receive a detail on your birthday! Just as you like the details on the day you celebrate your birthday, it would be excellent to do the same with others. We have created these cute birthday messages to surprise.
We have thought about you and what this special day represents, in such a way that these beautiful birthday thoughts came up to download, because we know that it is important for you and we want the honored person to start his or her day in a special way. 
What better way to make this special day with these beautiful birthday messages? We are very happy to share these occasions with you. We promise to continue creating details with a lot of love.

The best Happy Birthday phrases:

:: “A year ago we were gathered to celebrate your birthday, in the blink of an eye, this year finished. Thank you for sharing the day to day with me, I promise that we will continue growing as a couple. Congratulations!”.
Category: Happy Birthday messages
:: “You are a wonderful man, someone so sensitive to life, who makes, without a doubt, a better world. You are my everything, the perfect revolution to my days of calm. Happy Birthday!”.
Category: Happy Birthday messages
:: “Dear son, today is your birthday, and as your Father, I can say that there is nothing that fills me with more pride than seeing you so fulfilled. I know that you still have many dreams to fulfill, but you are a good man. You will do it. I love you, Congratulations!”
Category: Happy Birthday messages
:: “Dear daughter, on this special day, I want to send you words full of pride and love. You are the light of my eyes, mine and your Father’s. I want you to know that I not only celebrate your birthday but the day I became a Mother and I knew the most wonderful love”.
Category: Happy Birthday messages

Download cute Happy Birthday messages:

:: “Brother, you are the best friend I could have. We have spent so many things together, that imagining a future without you is impossible. I propose to be more united in this year. Happy Birthday!”.
Category: Happy Birthday phrases
:: “Dear aunt, today is your birthday, and I want to send you a huge hug. You are my second Mother, my best friend, with you I can count on the good and the bad, and it makes me very happy to have you in my life. Happy Birthday!”.
Category: Happy Birthday phrases
:: “Granny, you are my little angel on this earth, and today on your birthday, I want to remind you how much I love you, that my life is perfect by your side. Thank you for all your teachings, Happy Birthday”.
Category: Happy Birthday phrases
It is so nice to give a detail like this! We sincerely hope that these beautiful birthday phrases to share have been of your total pleasure and that we are soon meeting to celebrate a new occasion.
Remember that you should not give away beautiful birthday thoughts for a loved one. We know that it is a detail that we all like to receive. Share them through social networks.

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