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Life is beautiful but not perfect and love isn’t the exception. Not all love relationships have a happy end and not all the ones who fall in love are corresponded. You can win and lose when it’s about love. People start dating and then fall in love because they are happy with each other.

However, love doesn’t last forever in most of the couples. Some couples end their relationship because of and infidelity and others because they realize they’re not made for each other. Do you want to express your sadness for the end of your love relationship?

In this article we’ll show you some sad love quotes for facebook. Use these quotes to update your status or post them on the wall of a friend who broke up with his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

Free list of sad love quotes for facebook:

– “I love you with all my heart but it wasn’t enough, get out of my life and don’t call me again because I want to forget what happened between us”
Category :sad love messages

– “When we break up with somebody our hearts breaks in two pieces, time will heal all our wounds”
Category :sad love messages

– “It’s hard to accept this love between us didn’t work, I was wrong when I thought you were the love of my life”
Category :sad love messages

– “It wasn’t fair for both to live in a lie, I loved you and I tried everything to save our love but we can’t be together anymore”
Category :sad love messages

– “If you didn’t love me, you should have been honest with me. Cheat on me was the worst things you did to me”
Category :sad love messages

– “If you loved me, you will respect my decision; don’t talk to me anymore because our love is over”
Category :sad love messages

– “When I felt in love with you I thought it was real love, I never imagine myself crying and suffering because of your lies, Good bye forever”
Category :sad love messages

– “Once somebody broke my heart and when I met you, I fell in love again; now you’re breaking up with me and I know is the end of love for the rest of my life”
Category :sad love messages

– “I thought I know you and I was the only one in your life but I realized everything is false, don’t say you love me and stay out from me forever”
Category :sad love messages

– “Today I’m sad because you’ll go away from me and my heart will be alone again, I know it’s the end of our love”
Category :sad love messages

– “I can’t change the way I am, I’m really sorry but I don’t want this to last longer, I don’t love you anymore”
Category :sad love messages

– “Everything was perfect until you broke our promise; I don’t blame you but don’t try to talk to me again”
Category :sad love messages

– “Instead of throwing my heart to the dustbin, you’d have left it where you found it”
Category :sad love messages

We hope these sad love quotes for facebook will help you to express and relieve those deep feelings inside you.


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