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If you are lucky enough to have a wonderful girlfriend who cares about you every day and gives you the best of herself, then you will want to send beautiful love phrases to her.

Every day you must strengthen the relationship that unites you with that wonderful woman, so this time we bring you tender love messages to surprise your girlfriend.Sweet and touching I love you Whatsapp text messages

I adore you platonic
Whatsapp text messages

:: “I would like you to come a little closer so you can listen to my heart, feel how it beats just for you and for the desire it has to have you close to it. Give me a chance to make you happy”.

:: “I have already suffered for love and that is why I realize that with you everything would be different, because you are a person with a pure heart and full of love to give”.

:: “I live daydreaming, imagining the day when you will see me with the same longing eyes with which I look at you. I love you and I want to shout it to the whole world”.

:: “I want to thank you, because you have woken me up and you do not know how much I would like to go out with you, I have wanted it for weeks and I am finally ready to ask. Would you?”.Pure love messages & romantic quotes

Sweet and touching I love you
text messages for girlfriend

:: “Your heart is a box of surprises full of love, tenderness and courage that make you a truly wonderful woman. Every day I fall more in love with you! ”
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:: “I love the determination with which you fight to fulfill your dreams, that’s why I will be by your side giving you my support because I want to see you happy and succeeding in life. I love you!”
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:: “When our paths met we began the most beautiful stage of our lives, now together hand in hand we are heading towards the realization of our dreams.”
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:: “Every day I asked God to allow me to find the woman of my life, that’s why when I met you I saw you as an angel who came down from heaven with the answer to my prayers. I love you!”
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Beautiful love text messages
to send by Messenger

:: “I would like to have as much trust in me as you have. I really thank you for believing in me and supporting me with all your love. ”
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:: “Every day I can find an infinite love in your heart and in your company the greatest of happiness. Loving you is a wonderful experience! ”
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:: “You reign in my heart with a lot of love and tenderness, you also take care of it like a treasure and that shows me the sincerity of your feelings. You fascinate me, my life! ”
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:: “Being by your side and experiencing so much happiness through our love is for me like a dream that has come true, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”
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Romantic messages
for your loved one

:: “You are the greatest woman I have had the happiness to know, that’s why you won all my heart and you will have my love every day of our life.”
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:: “In the entire universe there is no one like you, you are a unique woman and that is why my fortune to have your love is incomparable. I adore you honey!”
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:: “I must tell you that you have saved my life, that the magic of your love gave me back my hopes and helped me to believe again in my dreams. Thank you my heaven!”
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:: “You are an angel who came into my life and with a kiss ignited the greatest love in the depths of my heart. I promise that I will love you forever! ”
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Pure love messages &
romantic quotes

:: “Not only do I feel a deep and sincere love for you, I also admire you very much because you are a fighting woman who does not give up until her dreams are fulfilled.”
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:: “You have become the central part of my life and my heart overflows with the beautiful feelings that you have managed to awaken in me. Thank you for changing my world! ”
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:: “You have always walked a path full of light and now that I have the happiness to walk it by your side I feel happier and more fortunate than ever. Thanks for such a beautiful blessing in my life!”
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:: “Your delicacy and tenderness move me, your strength and courage fill me with admiration, you are the most perfect woman I know and my love will be yours for eternity.”
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Romantic letter to my girlfriend
on her birthday

Is your girlfriend’s birthday closer? Do you have something in mind for her? When a girl celebrates her birthday, she wants all her loved ones to share this happy moment with her.

On her birthday, she will receive a lot of present and salutes from their friends and family; she will smile for all photos and be enthusiastic and happy but if her boyfriend don’t show up in this important day, her happiness will be incomplete.

Don’t you know what to give her? Have you given her a lot of presents that you don’t know what else to give? There are some presents that don’t cost anything but they have a big value for the ones who get. Send a romantic letter to your girlfriend on her birthday.

When reading this letter, she‘ll know your love is the best gift ever. Here you’ll find a pair of samples so you’ll have a clear idea of how to write a letter for this special occasion.

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Sample love letter n° 1

To: Mary

My love:

I write this letter to wish you a happy birthday. In a day like this you came to this world to bring happiness to a lot people. I want you to know this is a very special day for me too because I like when you are happy, I love to see you smiling and to look at your eyes full of happiness.

Since I’m with you my life seems a beautiful dream, your love changed everything inside me. Today is your birthday and I want to give you my life, it’s the only thing I have because my heart is yours since the day we met.

Happy birthday princess, all the love I feel for you is in this letter, this words had been written while I was thinking in you, the most important person in my world.

The man who loves you,

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Sample love letter n° 2

To: Te owner of my heart


I wrote this letter because I want you to know I’m happy for your birthday. Today is a special day in your life and it brings happiness to my soul.

My love for you is bigger and stronger every day and you should know that you’re the most wonderful person in my life, your heart and mine were made to be happy together.

Maybe I’m a fool for not giving you a present but it happened because I can’t concentrate in anything when you’re in my mind. Accept this letter as a gift of love.

I wish you a happy birthday my love, you are all I want and need in my life. You’re the prettiest girl my eyes have seen in this world and I’m lucky to be part of your life. Keep this love letter in a safe place; it’s the symbol of the love between us.

I love you


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