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Don’t wait your friends get in trouble to offer them your help. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings if they‘re important for you. Spend every day with the people we love is a gift of life and you’ll be happy for that.

In social networks like facebook, it’s common to see quotes and phrases on our friends’ walls. Do you want to post something original and sweet on your friends’ facebook walls? If so, stop searching.

In this article we’ll show you the best support quotes for facebook. Your friends will like it so much that they’ll do the same to other friends.

Free list of support phrases:

– “When you feel lonely, remember me, I’ll always be ready to help you because I appreciate you and I love you”
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– “Even if you’re far from me, we’ll be together because you’re inside me; you’re someone special in my life”
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– “Don’t think the end of a love is the end of the world, stand up now, life goes on and everybody wants you happy again”
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– “You’re somebody special because everything you do for me come from your heart, this world would be better if we’ll all do the same”
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– “The luckiest man around this world will be the one who love you because there’s only one like you in this universe”
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– “Every time I think about you I start to remember those good moments we lived in the past, only you are able to make my heart happy”
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– “I write this message for the person who taught me that it’s more important the way I am than the way I look, this message is for you”
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– “I’ve died a hundred of times but thanks to your support I get back, I love you my friend, you’re my life guard!”
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– “I’m in mood because I see you and suddenly I’m happy, never change your mind my friend, I love the way you are”
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– “I love you with your errors and virtues and I won’t change any detail on you because you’re perfect, I tell you this because you deserve it”
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– “We all think you’re the funniest of the group because you always make us laugh even in the saddest moments, we love you”
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– “We couldn’t see very often to each other because of work and distance but I send you all my love in this message, I wish every word get in your heart and fill it of happiness, I’m sure your life will be full of good moments”
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We hope you liked these support quotes for facebook. Remember, we are in this world for a short time, let’s make happy and give love to the people who love us too.


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