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Cute new baby congratulations

How do you say congratulations when someone has a baby
How do you congratulate a new born baby? ,What do you write in a baby book? ,How do you congratulate someone on a new baby boy?, How do you say congratulations when someone has a baby?.

The most of us have a family member or friends passing through this especial moment and if they are now mothers or fathers, then we cannot be indifferent with their happiness.

The arrival of a new son means the beginning of a new time in the life of any person and this event must be received with happiness and the best wishes.

A very good way to share the happiness with those who are now parents for the first, second or even third time is actually expressing some words to congratulate them for the beautiful family they have built together.

Here you will find some greetings for the parents of a newborn baby, because this kind of event must be something unforgettable.

New baby girl wishes, quotes and
congratulation messages

:: Congratulations! The baby is beautiful. What a precious gift from the life. Good luck, because since now you will be able to sleep comfortably. A big kiss for the new Baby.

:: Many congratulations, my dear friend. God bless the new little angel and I hope your house is full of happiness.

:: Congratulations for the new member of the family. That baby is really beautiful. God bless you.

:: Congratulations for the new Mom. Many successful times awaits you on this new time in your life. A really enormous kiss for you and for the baby.

New baby congratulations wishes and quotes for grandparents

How do you wish someone
blessed a baby girl?

:: Congratulations for the arrival of (here goes the name of the new baby); I know you must be really happy, I have heard that is painful. I will go by really soon, I promise.

:: Congratulations for the beautiful new parents. I hope everything goes well on this new time in your life. I wish you two the best from my heart.

:: Many congratulations for the both of you. Your new baby is completely beautiful, I swear.

:: Successful times on this new stage in your life. I am completely sure you will be a really good Mom.

What do you write in a card
for a coworker baby?

:: Many congratulations in this new time in your life, now you will be like well-trained mommy and daddy. A really hard work awaits you but remember that with much love everything is possible.

:: Congratulations may friend. I bet your baby is totally beautiful. I hope I meet her very soon.

:: Congratulations!!! The little baby is beautiful; she is exactly like the mom. Kisses for the ladies.

:: Your baby is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!!

Best messages to write in a baby book

Wishes for new born baby &
new baby messages to write

:: The baby is totally beautiful; she is like a little creampuff. Many congratulations. Take good care of her.

:: Congratulations guys, you just have received the most beautiful gift ever. Please take special care of him.

:: Congratulations, the baby girl is absolutely gorgeous. I hope to have a little time off to come by and see her with my own eyes.

:: My little niece is beautiful… I already love her a lot. God bless you.

How do you congratulate a coworker on a new baby email?

What to write in a card
for grandparents to be?

:: A new baby is like an unrepeatable miracle. Congratulations for both of you. Take care of that baby please.

:: Many congratulations for the both of you. This actually the best gift given by God ever. I send you a lot of love and kisses from the distance.

:: Congratulations my dear friend, I wish you the best.

:: Congratulations. God bless you with this gift. It is actually the best.

 What do you say to new grandparents?

:: My friend, what a happy moment. I am so really happy for you. I am happy your baby is good and healthy. I wish you the best of the world.

:: Congratulations niece. Being a mother is really the best gift God can possibly give us. A big kiss for the parents for the first time.

:: Thousands of blesses for the new family. I am really happy for the both of you.

:: Congratulations for the new little angel at home. It is a God’s bless on your life. Many congratulations for you and for your boyfriend, i wish the best of the world for the new family.

Baby congratulations cards: what to write in a baby card

What do you write on a birth card
for your grandchild?

:: Congratulations for the new baby, I know he will give you a lot of happy moments together. God bless you.

:: Cousin, what a pretty nephew. We will see you to know him personally very soon. Greetings.

:: I wish the best for you on this new time as a beautiful family. I know everything is going to be fine. Regards from your best friend.

:: Congratulations, I am pretty sure this baby will fill the empty hole in your heart.

New baby wishes: congratulations card messages

Perfect new baby wishes
to congratulate the parents

:: Congratulations for the new couple of young parents. I hope you two enjoy of this new and wonderful experience of being parents for the first time. Happiness and love.

:: Twins!!! Congratulations for the really big surprise. The happiness came on a double package. Congratulations again, much love.

:: Congratulations!!! I am totally sure that little baby will make all your dreams come true. God bless all of you.

New baby girl wishes
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