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Sample letter for customer relations :

Thanks to the appearing of the tools in the internet like the e-mail, facebook, twitter between others, the distance between the business man and the client is now shorter than ever before.

Today it is totally possible to inform the clients about the offered promotions, discounts and benefits through the internet. However, even on these days, there is no more efficient way to communicate something than the letters to say thanks from the companies to their client for their patronage.

On these modern times which are suffering some kind of metamorphosis like the globalization and the economical crisis, the companies find really necessary the fact of designing marketing strategies to keep their clients happy. To accomplish this, there is not better option than say thanks for their preference or patronage through a nice letter of thanks.

A letter to say thanks is actually a commercial letter kind which has as principal objective the improvement of the relationship between the company and the client. To do that, the letter to say thanks which will be sent to the clients must express the gratitude from the business man to the people who prefer these products.

The letter to say thanks must be written clean and clear. However, it can also be used to inform about some benefits awarded to the client, and by the way the company can ask for some advice or improvement the client would like to add to the current good service.

Every commercial letter which will be sent to the client must be written with a computer and printed on white paper with the name of the company on it. Its content must be formal, for that reason the first greeting or the ending must be like this: “Dear Mr”. or “appreciated Sir”. and “sincerely”.

The people who are going to take to responsibility of writing the commercial letter to thank the client must keep in mind that it has to be a clear and impeccable development, in other words, the letter must not contain orthographic mistakes, because this can possibly affect the image of the company in front of the client.

It is highly recommendable to be really creative to write this kind of letter, to do this, it is better to make a previous research about the client. Likewise it is very important to consider and respect some writing rules like: type and size of the words, the color of the text (it must be black) and the separated paragraphs.

According to some expert people, the letter to say thanks to the clients must be really and strictly short; however the experience has shown us that the most efficient letters are those used not only to say thanks but to let the client to know about the offered promotions, discounts and benefits because it is about a V.I.P client.

This actually means that the letters to say thanks have become one of the most principal elements in the process of the creation of the corporation’s image, because with these kinds of documents,  the clients to get involved with the activities of the company and this generates loyalty and a great productivity.

Next, we will offer you a good example of a letter to say thanks to the clients for their contributions and patronage: 

(Here goes the city), January 22nd, 2010

Mr. Robert Redford
General Manager

Hyper Markets Santa Maria

(Here goes the city again) 

Dear Mr. Redford:

It is a total pleasure to say hi and at the same time we can be able to communicate you through this letter about our thanks for your patronage and preference with our Agro- products. We also want to express to you our commitment to keep offering an excellent service so that way our commercial relationship initiated since 2008 will be even stronger than now.

Likewise we would like to take the chance to ask you for some advices of improvement you would like to change or add to our current service of agro-products sells. We will be absolutely thankful if you send us an e-mail with your innovating ideas to: agrícola-sugerencias@divinoniñ, you will obtain an answer as soon as we check the new message.

Without anything else to add, we shall say good bye, but before that we want to repeat it again, we have a commitment with clients like you, so our service and personal care will be reflex in our acts to offer the best day after day. 


Michael Holmes
General Manager
Agro- Corporation “Divino Nino”

Image: Michal Marcol /

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