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best words before a kiss,kissing a girlBest tips to kiss a beautiful girls :

The kiss, just like the cuddles and the hugs, it actually is a way to express the love, attraction or even desires for another person. A single kiss may transmit many emotions at the same time like sweetness, tenderness or passion. Sadly, there is nobody who will teach us how to kiss; kissing is something we learn by ourselves, maybe watching some movies or series on TV, and later with the experience. Well, for that reason, on this essay we will give you some good advices about how and when to kiss a beautiful woman.

Now, the most important advice we must keep in mind when we are about to kiss a woman is that it is completely necessary that we really want to do it and we must try to do it like it would be the last time we kiss her. All right, with that topic already covered, you better take note or keep in your memory the following advices and tips:

– You must not push the moment of the kiss. Many men want to kiss a woman but they do not wait for the right moment, this actually causes the woman to feel under pressure and also she will not enjoy the kiss fully. Remember that a good kiss at the right time may conquer a girl immediately. For that reason, it is very important being patient and smooth, even more if we are talking about the first kiss with her.

– You must keep close to her. It is highly recommendable that before the kissing part, the man do certain movements to keep close to her, maybe whispering something to her hear and feeling her arm, and or shoulder so close to you. Also you may try to touch her heir but slowly or maybe you can put your hands on her hips. Those details will make the girl to feel more comfortable with the man.

– You must tell nice words to her. Do not forget, before the kissing part, you must say some nice and romantic words to your date. And while you are kissing her you absolutely must say how much you are enjoying that moment.

– The traditional kiss. If it is the first time you are going to kiss the girl you really like on your first date, then it is highly recommendable to use the traditional kiss, this is simply about the contact with both lips together at the same time, really basic.

– The suction kiss. After certain time, maybe during the same date, you can give your girl a suction kiss, this kind of kiss can be done by taking her lower lip between your lips so that way you can perform a suction movement.

– The kiss with tongue. (Also called the French kiss). This kiss is highly recommendable when the relationship is a little more consolidated and the members of the couple really like each other. This kiss can be done by touching the lips of the girl with your tongue and a little time after your tongue must go inside her mouth and touch her tongue. The eyes of both must keep closed so the romanticism will be even better.

– The most romantic kisses must use the tongue. To do this, it is better to start putting the tip of your tongue inside the mouth of the beloved girl, if you feel that she likes it then you can go farther, you can even bite and rub her lips softly. According to the erotic books the lower lip of the women is like one of the 7 G points on every woman’s body and it actually can cause a lot of pleasure.

– The last kiss. When you finish kissing a woman it is very important to give her a cute kiss on the neck or her forehead. This will mean that the person you are kissing is really important for you. Besides you must know that the cute and nice kisses can really turn on a woman and you can reach a higher level with her. If you know what I mean.

Finally, we must say that when a girl does not want to be kissed, she will absolutely tell it to you and the man should respect that kind of personal decision. It is really sad and pathetic when a man tries to force the situation and he ends up being rejected by the girl. Also it is not recommendable to ask the girl if he can kiss her, unless he knows she wants a kiss from him no matter what and the answer will be a “yes”, otherwise the man will look like a dumb.

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