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Christmas is a celebration of love and friendship in everywhere. Families get together for having dinner, groups of friends and couples go out for fun and people share and exchange gifts in their workplaces.

Christmas is a wonderful celebration and everybody is part of that. Many companies organize meetings to improve the social relationships between their workers.

Generally, it’s the boss or manager who organizes the Christmas meeting. At the end of the meeting, all employees say good bye wishing to each other Merry Christmas.

What can you do if you were absent to the Christmas meeting? Well, you can send a Christmas letter.
In this article we’ll show you 2 samples of Christmas letter for a boss. Send this letter by email and wish your boss Merry Christmas.

Sample n° 1 of a Christmas letter for my boss:

Dear Mr. Sheen

I’m glad to write this letter to you in a special occasion like this. I hope you and your family spend a nice and happy time sharing things together in this Christmas Eve.

The reason I decided to send this letter to you is because I didn’t go the Christmas meeting organized by the company. I had some personal issues that impeded me to assist to the Christmas meeting. However, I couldn’t let this date to pass without wishing you and all the people you love Merry Christmas.

I say good bye to you and I wish the Christmas spirit get in your house and in all the houses of every family around the world.
Jessica Matheran

Sample n° 2 of a Christmas letter for my boss:

Dear Mrs. Cooper

I send this letter to wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas. I know many people and I want to give them my best wishes for Christmas Eve but I wanted to start with you because during the time I’ve been working in this company I realized that you’re an excellent professional and a person too.
Also, I want to tell you this Christmas is the perfect occasion for employers and employees to get closer, to learn more about each other and to become friends.

I finish this letter wishing you the best for this Christmas Eve. God bless you and all your family
Martin L Stewart

In both Christmas letter samples, the employees wish the best for their bosses and their loved ones. We wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope you have a wonderful time with your friends and family.

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