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Lovely Christmas greeting cards for whatsapp and Facebook

Searching for best Christmas text messages ? There is no other holiday celebrated throughout the year that dresses the world with the most beautiful decorations and the most colorful illuminations and fills people’s hearts with such good feelings as Christmas time does.

It is not a mystery that Christmas fills our lives with joy and beautiful feelings in our hearts, we also feel a huge desire to share them and this will be much easier to do through the phrases you will find below.

Choose the phrases you like the most and share them through the social networks with all your contacts so you can wish them a Merry Christmas.

Top Christmas greeting cards & wishes for Facebook friends

– “It is important to share gifts with our loved ones, but it is also important to celebrate the birth of the child Jesus and receive him in our hearts. Merry Christmas!”
Category: Merry Christmas Wishes

– “I wish this Christmas not only brings you beautiful gifts, but also gives you many moments of happiness and the love of your family. Happy Holidays!”
Category: Merry Christmas Wishes

– “I want to share with you this Christmas greeting, with all my affection, to wish you Happy Holidays in the company of your family. God bless you!”
Category: Merry Christmas Wishes

– “You are a person with a heart full of kindness, that is why you deserve to celebrate a Merry Christmas with your whole life. Happy Holidays!”
Category: Merry Christmas Wishes

– “Let your heart be filled with hope this Christmas and give your friends and family the best you have in it. I wish a lot of happiness!
Category: Merry Christmas Wishes

What do you write in a Christmas card to someone you love?

– “Christmas revives our hopes and illusions; let it be an unforgettable feast in which peace and love abound. Happy Holidays!”
Category: Merry Christmas greetings

– “There are many people who are alone this Christmas and a nice detail on your part can become the greatest gift for them. Enjoy Happy Holidays! “
Category: Merry Christmas greetings

– “I want to tell you, all those who are going through difficult times during this holidays, that God is with you and will never forsake you. Have a Merry Christmas! “
Category: Merry Christmas greetings

– “I wish this Christmas Eve to be truly memorable and that everyone should join together in a symbolic fraternal embrace.”
Category: Merry Christmas greetings

What can I write in my boyfriends Christmas card?

– “A white Christmas is not only one celebrated in places where snow falls, but also one in which the most pure and noble feelings are made present. Happy Holidays!”
Category: Merry Christmas wordings

– “As I do not have much money I will give a big hug to each and every one of my friends and relatives to wish them a Merry Christmas.”
Category: Merry Christmas wordings

– “During Christmas the birth of the baby Jesus is celebrated, so let us make space in our homes and in our hearts for him. Merry Christmas to all! “
Category: Merry Christmas wordings

– “Let us open our hearts to forgiveness and let us reconcile with all those people with whom we are displeased, only then we will have a Merry Christmas.”
Category: Merry Christmas wordings

Gifts are not the only things you can share this Christmas, you can also show all your love and affection to your friends and family. We will see each other again with many more original and innovative phrases. See you next time!

Sweet romantic wishes
for Christmas

Every time we think about Christmas our mind is filled with many memories of those beautiful moments that we share with our loved ones singing carols, sharing the Christmas dinner and celebrating in middle of much happiness the birth of the baby Jesus.

This Christmas you must make sure to share your best feelings with all your family and friends, which is why we have prepared this section with some congratulatory phrases for you.

Get ready to share your best wishes with all your loved ones through the phrases you will find right away.

Find sweet christmas wishes for Instagram

-“What a pleasant moment we share during Christmas because enjoying the company of our loved ones and receiving their love is something that has no comparison. Happy Holidays!”
Category: Instagram Merry Christmas Wishes

– “Christmas has a very special spirit that becomes present in our hearts only if we make room for it and let hope and illusions become part of our lives.”
Category: Instagram Merry Christmas Wishes

– “There are many gifts that you can give in this Christmas and that are not bought with money, but they are very valuable as a hug, a kiss, an “ I love you”, a handshake and your forgiveness.”
Category: Instagram Merry Christmas Wishes

– “Let’s prepare to celebrate one of the most beautiful Christmas we have ever had, so let us open our hearts and share all the feelings that we find inside.”
Category: Instagram Merry Christmas Wishes

– “My friends, it is an honor to greet you in this Christmas and wish you the best feelings to be present in your hearts. I wish you a lot of happiness!”
Category: Instagram Merry Christmas Wishes

Download best heartfelt Christmas greetings

– “Only in the company of our families we can find that warmth of home that brings us so many beautiful memories and awakes so many joys in our hearts. Happy Holidays!”
Category: Whatsapp Christmas texts messages

– “I dedicate this cordial greeting to all the people with whom I share a beautiful friendship. May peace be the best gift you receive in your hearts at this Christmas. “
Category: Whatsapp Christmas texts messages

– “How beautiful it is that Christmas has arrived because it is a very special date in which we all twin together remembering the birth of the Child Jesus.”
Category: Whatsapp Christmas texts messages

– “Thousands of congratulations to all on this Christmas and receive abundant blessings. I send you a very strong hug. “
Category: Whatsapp Christmas texts messages

– ” Every day is beautiful, but this one is so much more because we remember the birth of the child God and our hearts overflow with gratitude. “
Category: Whatsapp Christmas texts messages

Find best Christmas messages to share

– ” What a greatest happiness I feel when I know that I will be able to meet again with all of you very soon, my dear family. I wish you a Merry Christmas.”
Category: Merry Christmas phrases

– ” The most beautiful memories are made present when we celebrate Christmas in the company of our loved ones and the best of all is that this Christmas Eve will become a precious memory. “
Category: Merry Christmas phrases

– ” I wish you a Merry Christmas to all those who visit my profile and can see this message. May God pour out abundant blessings in their lives! “
Category: Merry Christmas phrases

The social networks are par excellence the perfect way to share your Christmas greetings, so choose the phrases that you like and in this way you can have a nice detail with your family and friends.

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