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The death of a loved one makes us sad inevitably. We all know that someday we have to die but accepting the death of somebody who is part of our lives is hard. When a relative or a friend passes away, we feel that nothing will be the same.

The death of a loved one causes a depression that could last weeks, months or years. What can I tell to a friend who recently lost someone?

Well, in this article you’ll find a list of mourning quotes for a friend. These mourning quotes will make feel better to your friends.

Free list of mourning phrases for a friend:

– “I give you all my support in this moment of your life, you have to be strong to overcome this, just remember he/she is taking care of you from heaven”
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– “My condolences friend, he /she will always live in your heart”
Category : mourning messages

– “People who died don’t get away from us forever; they just took over from us”
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– “There are people who suffer because of a disease and they find relief in death, I’m sure you understand this and you’ll overcome this hard moment”
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– “Sometimes the death of a loved one seems to get dark our lives but if we think that person is with God, we can find peace”
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– “The end of everyone is decided by God, if you believe in him you’ll understand what happened and you’ll have strength to carry on with your life”
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– “I know you’re affected because she died and you don’t want to do anything in this moment. If you want to feel better, remember that you always told her that she was important for you”
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– “He is not longer in this world and the only place where you’ll find him it’s in people’s hearts, people who loved him like you did”
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– “Stop feeling sad, nobody lives in this world forever. God took her because she accomplished her mission on earth and now she is in heaven”
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– “Today is a sad day in your life, cry if it helps you to relief your pain and count with me for everything you need”
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– “People who left this world watch us from heaven and guide to happiness, my condolences dear friend”
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– “While he was in this world, you made him happy, there’s nothing you have to feel sorry about, time will help you to accept it”
Category : mourning messages

– “You have to understand that sooner or later we’ll all die, the destiny wanted to separate you but the love between you will never die, I’m really sorry”
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We hope these mourning quotes for a friend will help you to express your condolences.


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