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Cute Merry Christmas love Whatsapp messages
Searching for Merry Christmas love messages ? . Christmas has arrived, the perfect time to show your deepest feelings to the person you love and there is no better way to do it than through romantic Merry Christmas phrases.

We are here to help you write beautiful Christmas love messages, so you can share them with your girlfriend and make her feel incredibly happy and fall in love with you even more.

Be sure to choose among the cute Merry Christmas dedications for your girlfriend that you will find below those that are a faithful representation of your feelings.

Best Merry Christmas love
messages & wishes

:: “With the gift of your love this Christmas becomes even more special and makes me feel much happier. My dear, I wish you Happy Holidays!”

:: “Christmas Eve will always be a very special moment and now it will be much more because I will be with you celebrating. I love you.”

:: “Love can be felt everywhere, but especially in our hearts that beat excitedly with the arrival of Christmas. Happy Holidays!”

:: “For a long time I dreamed of being with you this Christmas and now it will become a reality. I love you honey!”

:: “Christmas Eve will be the perfect time to tell you everything you mean to me and how much I love you. I wish you a very happy Christmas!”Merry Christmas greeting cards for Facebook

Merry Christmas love messages
for Whatsapp

:: “It’s so curious, last Christmas I asked Santa Claus to send me the most beautiful, tender and intelligent girl in the world to be my girlfriend and now you’re by my side. Happy Holidays my love!”

:: “Thank you for all the precious things you have done for me throughout this year. With all my love I wish you a Merry Christmas!”

:: “You are the most wonderful woman in this world and with your love you can make even the stars shine brighter this Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays!”

:: “I’m dying to take you in my arms, to wish you a Merry Christmas and to kiss you with all my love.”

:: “Christmas is to share with the people we love the most, that’s why I want you to be with me to enjoy a Happy Christmas Eve.”

:: “I feel so proud and happy to have a girlfriend as amazing as you by my side. I wish you a beautiful Christmas!”Best romantic Christmas messages for Girlfriend

Find romantic Merry Christmas
love messages

:: “What gift do I want for this Christmas? I definitely want you with me every day of our lives to love you.”

:: “Christmas is the perfect time to give you my love, make you smile and conquer your heart even more. Happy Holidays, sweetie!”

:: “I’ve been thinking about how to spend Christmas with you for a long time, but now I know that all we need is to be together, sharing our love. Happy Christmas Eve!”

:: “Your love comforts my heart and makes this Christmas Eve the happiest of all. Merry Christmas, honey!”

:: “I want this Christmas to bring new hopes to your life and many more joys to our relationship. Let’s celebrate these holidays forever!”Get Merry Christmas quotes for Whatsapp & FB

Sweet romantic Merry Christmas
love messages

:: “Get ready to live the most romantic of all Christmas you have had because I have prepared a very special night for you. Congratulations!”

:: “The greatest of all blessings is your company and your smile is the source of my happiness. I wish you a Merry Christmas!”

:: “It feels wonderful to celebrate Christmas Eve feeling loved by you, I think I am the luckiest man in the world. I wish you a wonderful Christmas!”

:: “My love for you is pure, true and eternal, it will be yours every day of my life. Merry Christmas my princess!”

:: “I want to make you happy forever, I want to find new ways to love you and make you smile. I wish you a beautiful Christmas Eve!”

Find sweet Christmas wishes
for Girlfriend

:: “Give me many smiles and kisses, and stay by my side to make this one the happiest of all my Christmases. I love you with all my heart!”

:: “You are a wonderful person who shines in my life like the sun at noon. It will be wonderful to share a Merry Christmas with you.”

:: “I wish that when celebrating Christmas many blessings fall on you and that every day is full of opportunities to share our love. Congratulations, my Queen!”

:: “You are so much better than the woman of my dreams, you are everything I was looking for in a woman combined with everything I need. With all my love I wish you a Merry Christmas!”

Live this time as the most special of the year and fill your girl with joy by sharing tender Christmas love texts.

By the way, don’t forget to also send your friends nice Merry Christmas geetings, come back soon to our website.Happy Merry Christmas status for Whatsapp wishes

I love you babe Christmas text
for Girlfriend

The time you share with your girlfriend will be the most important thing on these dates as well as the beautiful Christmas dedications that you send her.

Make your girlfriend remember these holidays forever as the happiest of her life, so start by sharing cute romantic Christmas messages with her.

It will not be necessary for you to write wonderful Merry Christmas phrases, we have already done this for you and now it is just a matter of choosing those that seem tender to you.

Find romantic messages
for Her at Christmas

:: “With you the Christmas lights shine much more strongly and my heart is comforted with your love. Thank you for being so wonderful, I wish you a Merry Christmas! ”

:: “From the bottom of my heart I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and also thank you for changing my life with the power of your love.”

:: “Happiness and hope is what you bring me with your love every day. I wish you a beautiful, unforgettable and very happy Christmas. ”

:: “Congratulations on this Christmas Eve! May the joy of this day be reflected in our daily lives and may the love between us be multiplied.”Short Merry Christmas wishes to friends and family on Whatsapp

Get romantic Merry Christmas
status for Whatsapp

:: “I am very fortunate to be able to be with you enjoying all the magic that Christmas brings us. I wish you many congratulations! ”

:: “The gifts no longer seem so important to me at these holidays because I have everything I have always wanted and it is your love. Merry Christmas!”

:: “I wish that your dreams become reality during this Christmas and that our love is present during each day of our lives.”

:: “With you, Christmas acquired a really wonderful meaning in my life, now this is my favorite time of the year. Congratulations my love!”

Heartfelt Christmas love quotes

:: “This Christmas Eve is full of magic for us and will be the perfect setting for our love to fill us with happiness. Have a nice Christmas, my life!”

:: “I want to thank you for everything you mean in my life, for giving me all your love and for making me happy. I wish you a beautiful Christmas! ”

:: “This Christmas Eve greeting goes to you with all my love because you are the most important person in my life. Merry Christmas!”

:: “I want to take advantage of the spirit of Christmas that is felt everywhere to tell you that you are the most important person in my life and that I love you with all my soul. Congratulations!”

Merry Christmas wishes and short Christmas messages

:: “The whole world is celebrating this beautiful time giving peace and love to others, and we will also put our grain of sand. Merry Christmas my life! ”

:: “I would exchange any gift I could receive to enjoy your love throughout each day and every moment. Merry Christmas, princess! ”

:: “Thank you for being by my side in every difficult and happy moment that life has brought me. My love, I wish you a Merry Christmas! ”

:: “I feel very blessed since you came to my life, you are like an angel that God sent me and now together we will celebrate the first of many Christmases. I love you more every day!”

:: “We are soul mates who feel incomparable happiness together celebrating Christmas. I send you a huge kiss and my best wishes on this Holiday. ”Wishing you a Merry Christmas darling Whatsapp messages

Original Merry Christmas
love messages & quotes

:: “Your beautiful words move my heart and make me fall in love with you even more. My dear, I wish you a beautiful and Merry Christmas! ”

:: “Being able to see your beautiful eyes shining with happiness and feel your heart overflow with joy is something that is priceless. Merry Christmas, love of my life! ”

:: “Sweetie, Merry Christmas! I feel that with you this celebration now makes more sense and I hope we share many more beautiful moments like this one.”

:: “Christmas is more beautiful with you by my side, it is an inexhaustible source of happiness and strength for our love. Happy Holidays, my beautiful princess!”

:: “My dear, let’s open our hearts to welcome the baby Jesus and thus strengthen our love and union. Merry Christmas!”

Your girlfriend will feel that her heart is filled with happiness with the beautiful Merry Christmas love messages that you will send her. Remember that your better half will always need tender romantic words from you.Find Christmas messages wishing you happiness and joy
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