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Kissing a boyfriend in a special night is romantic for all girls. A boyfriend gives happiness and love to his fiancé.
When girls fall in love, they open they heart and are sincere with their feelings. We girls are happy when our boyfriends invite us to the movies, to go shopping, to a restaurant or to a special place in a holiday.
Now that a New Year is closer maybe you wonder what to say to your boyfriend. Well, maybe you’ll think this useful.
In this article, you’ll find a list of New Year’s wishes for boyfriend. Send these wishes as SMS to your boyfriend. When he gets the text, he will be happy to know that you think about him in this special holiday.

Download best New Year messages for my BF :

:: “There are many things I don’t have yet for this New Year but fortunately I have your love”
Category :new year quotes
:: “My love, you’re the man of my life, I love you with all my heart and that’s why I wish you a happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “When you read this New Year message my heart will be beating for you, you’re very important for me and I wish you a happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “I want you to be with me at midnight, I want to hold your hand and to renew our pledge of love, happy New Year my handsome man”
Category :new year quotes
:: “Let’s be together in this New Year and I’ll show you how much I love you, a New Year begins for our us and I just want to be with you, happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “This wonderful year is almost over and I hope the new year will be better; I really love you and it’s all that matters to me, happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “You’re the best that happened to me in this year. If we continue together I’m sure we’ll be happier in the New Year, I wish you a happy New Year my love”
Category :new year quotes
:: “Since you are in my life all moments have been fantastic, I love you and I wish the best for you, happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “We shouldn’t waste any minute in this New Year, we should love to each other since the first day and our love will be stronger, I do love you and I wish we could have a happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “Being with you makes me a happy woman and being with you the first day of the New Year is something I can’t explain with words, Happy New Year”
Category :new year quotes
:: “Since you’re my boyfriend my life is not the same, everyday is more beautiful than the one before and I bet our love will become bigger than this world, Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart”
Category :new year quotes
:: “Happy New Year, you’re the man any girl will want to have and I say thank you to be part of my life, I love you”
Category :new year quotes
We hope these New Year’s wishes for boyfriend will express your feelings for the man you love. We wish you luck for you and him for this New Year.

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